Holiday Shopping Tips & Tricks

One of the biggest shopping days, Black Friday, is just around the corner! The ExpressExtension Team has been very excited for the Holiday Season to finally be here and they have recently been reminiscing about last year's holiday shopping blunders. Bryan remembers standing in line for hours in the cold, and Heather remembers the satisfaction of getting everything on her extremely organized list, so many memories. Through their experiences, the ExpressExtension Team has some great holiday shopping tips & tricks to help you out....

1. Research & Make A List
Whether you are planning to hit up many stores or just one, it is very important to make a detailed list of the items you want. If they will be gifts, a great tip is to put who will be getting it with the listed item. It will just help you actually see who you have purchased a gift for. 

When making your list, check the stores and see if the deals you are wanting will have a time limit. Sometimes stores will only offer certain items at a discounted price for only an hour or two. 

2. Plan Your Route
If you are only going to one store then this really wouldn't apply to you. But if you are going to hit up a few stores, it is a really good idea to plan what store you will go to first. You know how they say love is a battlefield, well my friend Black Friday is all out war, so you need to have a set game plan. And if you have the time to walk through the store a few days before to learn the lay out, it would really help you out. It might seem a bit excessive, but it will seriously save you some sanity knowing exactly where to go.

3. Pack For The Wait
The Black Friday Fun begins with waiting in line at midnight for those doors to open. Waiting in those lines is not a simple tasks, most of the time it is really cold, there is nowhere to sit, and you will be in need of some caffeinated refreshment. Pack a Line Survival Kit to keep your spirits up in the wee hours of the night. In your survival kit, include things like: extra gloves, extra scarf, a blanket, a water bottle ( you don't want to drink too much, there might not be a bathroom near by) some crackers and snacks, a packs of HotHands, and maybe an activity book if you don't want to use up all your phone battery playing games. These are just a few suggestions that you can pack in a bookbag to help you stay comfortable while waiting in line. 

4. Master A Few De-Stress Techniques
It's no secret that there are going to be some very aggressive shoppers out there. Don't let them stress you out and ruin the entire Black Friday experience for you. Shopping in a bad mood, is like being caught in the rain during the dead of winter - miserable. So it is a good idea to practice a few de-stress hacks to help you out. One of my favorite is counting backwards from 10. Simple yet very effective. The counting backwards makes me focus on the next number and calm my nerves. Another technique  is taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. Like the counting to 10, this technique makes you change your focus from the stress to the breathing and inturn calming you down. 

5. Plan Your Celebration Breakfast
After a long night of waiting in line and fighting aggressive shoppers you will very-much deserve some celebratory pancakes, or eggs n' bacon. Whatever your breakfast delights are, you should definitely plan some time to wind down from the evening's events. And as you enjoy your wonderful breakfest, it will be a great time to share a few stories with your friends and family. After a good breakfast, your bed should be the next stop. A good rest will re-energize you so you can possibly do some organizing for Cyber Monday Deals - just a suggestion. 

These are only a few tips and tricks to prepare you for Black Friday. What tips and tricks do you have to share for surviving this shopping holiday?

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