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How do I extend the tax deadline for my business?
Ah, this question is most worthy of an answer. To extend your business tax deadline, Form 7004 is what you seek. 

When must I file a Form 7004 to extend my deadline?
Your question has the most important answer. You must have Form 7004 e-filed by March 15th. 

How long will my deadline be extended if I e-file a business tax extension?
This answer is a favorite among all questions asked. When you e-file a Form 7004, your business tax deadline is automatically extended up 6 months. To satisfy your eagerness for tax extension knowledge even further, there is no explanation required to why you are requesting an extension.

Where can I e-file Form 7004?
You have asked the perfect question. For this, you will receive the perfect answer. You can e-file Form 7004 in a matter of minutes at All that is required of you is to enter your business information, follow the onscreen prompts, and click Transmit to IRS. Prepare for a less stressful life when you file a tax extension with ExpressExtension. 

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