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If you need more time to file your Exempt Organization Income Tax Return, you can easily e-file Form 8868 with for an additional 3 months to file. provides a streamlined process to efficiently e-file Form 8868 in minutes. Form 8868 is a tax extension specifically for Tax-Exempt Organizations. The IRS urges charities and non-profits to e-file with an "Authorized IRS E-File Provider" (which is) and explains:

Electronic filing provides fast acknowledgement that the IRS has received the return and reduces normal processing time, making compliance with reporting and disclosure requirements easier.

Form 8868 allows tax-exempt organizations to request an automatic 3-month extension (Part I) of time to file its return. If additional time is needed to file, a second extension (Part II) may be e-filed using Form 8868. ExpressExtension provides both Part I and Part II of Form 8868. If you need to e-file Part II of Form 8868, you must have been previously granted an automatic 3-month extension, which is Part I. For a closer look at Form 8868, check out our video:

E-Filing Your Form 990, 990-EZ, and 990-N
If more time is not what you need, but instead a secure e-filing option for your Exempt Organization Income Tax Return, we have the solution. Our partners,, provide secure e-filing of Form 990-EZ, 990-N and available in May - Form 990. You can even e-file your Form 990-N from any location with the Express990 app - available on App Store and Google Play

If you have any questions about e-filing an extension with, contact our Support Team via phone: 803-514-5155 or email:

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