Top 6 Blogs To Read Before The Exempt Organization May Tax Deadline

May 15th is the deadline for many nonprofit/tax exempt organizations to file their Exempt Organization Income Tax Return. If you need more time to file, I have the perfect solution - e-file Form 8868 to extend your deadline. makes e-filing Form 8868 quick and easy. Here are the top 6 blogs to check out before the May tax deadline.

1. Why E-file with
One of my favorite things to rave about when asked this question is how simple the e-filing process is. There are helpful prompts that tell you exactly what information goes where and you finish in no time. My favorite benefit of ExpressExtension is the customer support team. We are located in Rock Hill, SC and are always standing by to assist you with any question you may have. Your call, chat, or email is always answered. For more information, check out my blog - Form 8868 Tax Exempt Extension | Why E-file with ExpressExtension

2. How to e-file with
You will need to create an account with to e-file Form 8868. It only takes a second and you will enter the basic information about your business. For an in-depth look at how the e-filing process works in and all the information you will need to e-file, check out my blog - How To E-file Form 8868.

3. The who, what, when and where
For the who, what, when and where of Form 8868, head on over to my blog - Form 8868 Extension | The Who, What, When, Why, & How. It's all in there.

4. Is there a way to file on a mobile device?
There is an app for everything these days and tax extension filing is no exception. All you need to know is right in my blog - E-file Form 8868 No Matter Where You Are

5 & 6. What if I don't need an extension, I just need to e-file my Form 990-N or 990-EZ?
I have a solution for that too! Our partners at have everything you need to file your Form 990-N for free for the current tax year. You can also e-file your Form 990-EZ and the long Form 990 will be available very soon (like in a few days soon). Here are some great blogs to check out to know more:

If you have any questions when e-filing your Form 8868 with, don't hesitate to contact the Express Extension Support Team via phone: 803-514-5155 or email:

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