Avoid These Popular Tax Scams

You pay your taxes on time, you file them on time. Everything is done perfectly according to the regulations set in place by the government and IRS, so you can rest easy and wait for your return right? Wrong! Millions of innocent taxpayers fall subject to scams every year! Be sure to learn about popular scams, signs of fraud to look out for so you won’t give your money to the wrong person.

Tax Scams To Watch Out For

Watch out for people filing for returns under your social security number. Since the IRS only allocates one return per SSN things can get tricky if a criminal gets ahold of yours. Then when you go to file your return you’ll have to prove that you’re you, which can actually be tricky then go through a lengthy battle that lasts months in order to get your correct return and all of the paperwork sorted out.

Luckily the IRS is trying to stop this problem and will now flag returns if they list a different employer and different address than yours. This will hopefully cut down on the number of returns given to the wrong people.

Also, keep your SNN safe and secure, don’t share it with just anyone. Always ask why a person needs it, and make sure the business like a credit card company is legit.

Be aware of phishing email scams. It’s extremely popular for people to make fake IRS email’s with interesting subject messages like, “We Need This Information For Your Instant Return”. Then the emails prompt people for their SSN and personal information to steal it.

Sometimes the emails contain links to click on or attachments to download that are full of viruses and malware that could totally wreck your computer, so do not click them, no matter how official the email looks.

The IRS never contacts via email and especially never sends them something to click on or download. So, you don’t even have to open the email, just delete it.

TAP or the Tax Advocacy Panel is being used as a front for fake emails. Remember, TAP never will request money, and never will have access to your personal information.

Just when you think your phone is safe, you could get a phishing text message. Which is ridiculous, the IRS will never ask for your SSN via text.

Speaking of phones, fake ‘IRS representatives’ will call you and demand money. They’ll say that you owe a certain amount on your tax bill and claim that you’ll be arrested immediately if you don’t pay.

If This happens just hang up. The IRS will never demand money or claim that you owe money without sending you a paper bill first. They will also give you time to question or appeal the amount.

Also, IRS agents aren’t aggressive. They won’t come after you with threats. Other red flags to note are payment methods. Scammers ask for untraceable forms of payments like through gift cards, cash, wire transfers, or even Itunes cards.

You should also watch out for charities asking you for money. The charity could be totally fake. Contributions to charities are deductible, and it’s good to give so instead of avoiding charities all together use the Exempt Organizations Select Check Tool to see if the organization is legitimate or not.

Sometimes regular people pose as tax preparers to steal your information. They usually have inflated tax rates and credits, and often have your return go to their account. Now, why would your return go to their account?! To find a legitimate tax preparer ask for references and google reviews about the person. Also, use the Tax Return Preparer Directory to find a legitimate tax preparer near you.

Students, have you paid your Federal Student Tax yet? No, you haven’t? Good, it’s made up. It’s a huge scam that the cruel use to commit tax fraud!

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