Relaxing After Tax Season

In the spirit of Memorial day, the unofficial start to summer, we hope you have the day off to relax. While there are still a few tax deadlines due over the summer, you have faced the storm this tax season. You filed your return or extension by the deadline! We’re sorry if the process was stressful, but now you’ve earned some time to relax! If you find yourself so stressed out, that you don’t even know how to relax, we have some helpful tips for you.

How To Relax After Tax Season

Treat Yourself A Little

Is there a snack you’ve been avoiding? Well, it’s time to indulge with a little chocolate, cinnamon roll, or slice of pizza you’ve been denying. You deserve it. Just don't go overboard, this is a tax season reward, not an excuse to wreck your diet.

Maybe you like a nice glass of wine or bourbon? Well poor a glass and drink responsibly. Alcohol can have a calming effect that will take your mind off your tax time struggles for a while so you can relax and think about other things. Just remember not to drink too much, we’re sure you’re aware of the negative effects!

Do you deserve a new pair of shoes or a new piece of tech? Well isn’t right now a good time to make a fun purchase? Maybe you even have your tax returns, so splurging a little is even in your budget right now.

Slow Down

Tax season can make people get stuck in go go go mode! It’s time to take a moment to pause. Try going to a yoga class to connect with your inner Qi. As your body twists into various poses and your muscles stretch your tension and stress will be released.

If you don’t have time for yoga focus on your breath. Sit down and try to balance your breathing by inhaling for four seconds, holding for four seconds, and exhaling for four seconds. You’ll be surprised by how much better you feel after a few deep cleansing breaths.

Take a soak, either in the bath, pool, lake, or hot tub. You may be near the water for Memorial day so take a little bit of you time to relax and float. Let the water carry your troubles away. Just remember to use sunscreen if you’re outdoors.

Get Out

If you’ve been stuck in the office too long it’s time to get outside with some nature. Take a walk around your block to get your blood pumping and to bask in the sunshine. Looking at the trees and springtime blooms will help you clear your mind.

You could take nature to the next level by literally going out to get in it. That can be achieved by going for a hike. By going to the top of a peak and taking in the beautiful view you might have the same feeling of success that you did when you filed your return or extension on time.

Happy Memorial Day

Even though there are a few tax deadlines still to come, you made it through the main season! Congratulations, you’ve earned a break. Be sure to take some you time this Memorial day to relax and destress.

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