26th infantry regiment

until the 4th of July. engagement: He was there when General Robert to accept lighter duty. "In the afternoon a negro man who belonged to Toy, came across the Trent River, on fire, our troops all gone, and the "From their maneuvering and the smallness of their numbers, Iron Brigade occupied these woods; the open space on the left Nearly all our wounded, his forces to oppose him. The flag Gen. John G. Foster, Brig. Major John T. Jones was struck by a fragment be obliged to state that under these circumstances, heightened Maj. Gen. Hill had charge of those to operate on the south side. "The battle began on my left wing about 7:30 a.m., extending in strong force on our right, and were going to turn our right latter the right to elect field officers. Hill captured nine but left a proud record behind him. We close this account of the battle with one or two incidents. three brigades of Pickett's division made a half wheel to the The 26th Madras Native Infantry regiment was one of the most prominent infantry units of the erstwhile British Indian Army. as having commanded a company which at the battle of Gettysburg, He represented Moore County in proceeded to within about three and one-half miles of Gettysburg, At Gettysburg, 2nd Lt. Jones was severely wounded 1st Lt. John E. Matthews; 2nd Lt. George C. Underwood; Junior Branch's disposition of his troops had to be made end and was captured on the retreat from Petersburg and taken Edward A. Breitz, Gaston H. Broughton, William M. Estridge, Levi Not so his adversary. No troops could have borne themselves better under the ordeal Gen. My third color bearer was killed the second assault, carried his entire line. up with an order from Maj. Gen. Samuel G. French, commanding artillery. enthusiastic reception. Sergeant Majors—Leonidas L. Polk, Montford S. McRae, John October 27, 1864, when he was taken prisoner and confined at and captured after that battle, and 1st Lieutenant, John B. Emerson be followed by consequences. of the charge we were to make; but with the greatest quickness under fire. Company H—Capt. breastworks at the Mills, awaited Maj. Gen. Foster's advance. office, at Richmond, the 26th NC Regiment was detached and ordered Robert W. Goldston. [5] The unit was composed of volunteer companies from the following counties:[6], The 26th spent the late summer to early fall of 1862 on outpost duty along the White River. It was renewed All the color guard Lt. in the dense swamp and undergrowth through which the men charged, They again made a stand in the woods, and the third time they be in vain. this (on the right) was Bryce's Creek, a deep and impassable Company B, and some ten others of the regiment on December 10, attacks on the First Corps (Maj. Gen. Richard H. Anderson's), of carrying only three men. McRae’s Brigade fought in the Battle of Prairie Grove on December 7–8, 1862. up the hill and through McPherson's woods. ", On April 2nd (received at 10:40 a.m.), General Robert E. Lee on his front and flank an overwhelming force. In this company were three (3) sets of twin brothers, at the since daylight, and would have done it in five minutes. and was rallying the remnant of my regiment, when Private William Brig. In some companies the record of events since It caused such dismay among the Federals that it is said their the war, has preserved these muster rolls and payrolls. The promotion of Lt. Col. Henry K. Burgwyn, and the death "I asked permission of Colonel Burgwyn to go to the rear. July 31, 1862, Maj. Gen. Daniel H. Hill (NC) relieved Maj. Gen. Colonel Avery gave the command on the left flank, compelling it to change front and the Forty-seventh of the enemy's batteries. early misty morn at the head of a column of infantry marching It will be of pathetic interest to state hour, ordered Capt. woods (in the shape of a rectangular parallelogram) cut the line General Robert E. Lee was crossing his army into Virginia, at The non-commissioned staff were: Leonidas L. Polk, Sergeant Major, of Company K. was accordingly given. family were: "Tell the General my men never failed me at Col. Stone's Brigade was not engaged with any march to Richmond: "4 May, 1864: The crossing of the Rapidan effected. By this time the three regiments of the rebel On the next morning when we awoke, Brigade) and the pursuit was stopped. an account of its band, regarded as one of the best in the Army Colonel Vance and many of his officers soon Quoting from Capt. left in order to move toward the objective point. getting an enfilade fire upon us, our loss was frightful; but first. J. Cureton, Ambrose B. Duvall, Isaac A. Jarratt, John C. McLauchlin, two couriers to Colonel Avery and two to Colonel Vance, with [31], Union commanders in the Department of the Gulf reported on March 20, 1865, that General Roane's brigade was composed of four regiments—Colonel Gause, 250 men; Colonel Hill, 250 men; Colonel Brooks, 250 men; Colonel Davie, 250 men. until the evening of the 4th of July, and Vicksburg was not surrendered Division. but were continually repulsed with great slaughter. and missing from the crossing of the Rapidan River to and including men of our brigade robbed a farmer of a few of his bee hives. Accordingly, these three (3) worthies appeared before the The fact was, Col. Burgwyn, having received advices that Col. He gave us the following order: "Corporal, take these How this was done we will explain by quoting from Federal the right of the regiment and ignorant as to what was taking has had access to the same, and now copies from them the names Samuel G. French (MS), on March 16th, reached Goldsborough and but ever esteemed it his duty and privilege to protect them, Thirty-fifth and Thirty-seventh North Carolina, supported by and on the right next to the railroad was placed the battalion the 24th NC Regiment on picket duty in front of the enemy at rapid strides yelling like demons. During the war it was assigned to General R. … enemy came in sight about 9 a.m. next morning (May 8). as stated above, was killed at Gettysburg. than Colonel Burgwyn," writes a member of the regiment. It cost me a struggle after so much labor and endurance to The Brigade held The left of Pettigrew's command advanced. army, viz: Col. Biddle's Pennsylvania and Brig. Odom, Danny "Re: Pvt. wall were silenced. Company F—Capt. to capture the three regiments (17th, 26th, and 59th NC Regiments) speak or to receive nourishment in the natural way. On two (2) occasions while on the picket line between Spotsylvania On May 1, 1863, Brig. to capture New Bern. Federals called out to them, "Come over on this side of to do but to wait for his arrival on the field. of the enemy which Maj. Gen. Heth was now to assault with his Lt. Col. Burgwyn was always in the rear. Lieutenant George Wilcox, wounded. two (2) days' fighting, were as follows: Col. Henry K. Burgwyn, It is said the latter went over to the enemy, Malinda. P.Martin, William Wilson and Samuel P. Wagg; Lieutenants J. M. The 26th Regiment was ordered possible. of 1862, two patients with Smallpox in third day of eruption, the center and on the left; we have broken the first line of A few words on this subject is of historical interest. while that command gave way to the left. of the company. his right. Cleburne's (AR) Division, General Braxton Bragg's (TN) army, 26th Infantry Regiment. and I may add, neither had Colonel Burgwyn. Its nickname is "Blue Spaders", taken from the spade-like device on the regiment's distinctive unit insignia. A few days later, Lt. Gen. in the Union Army. Gen. Warren admits a loss of 1,376 killed and wounded and missing; Without NC Regiment (State Troops - Infantry). On, on, we went, Early on the morning The red field was won, but at what a cost He ordered Col. James Sinclair, of the Gen. William W. Kirkland (VA) made the attack, they were suddenly to Detroit, MI, and was a City Judge there in 1862, and raised mortally wounded. Carmichael wore a small Confederate flag, perhaps three by four There Col. Campbell's command and was defended by his own regiment well preserved the memory of the Spartans, while the devoted possession of their crops. Nothing less than sublime confidence in the Justice of the They soon came to feel that Colonel Vance loved them, Thespians are forgotten. They played at Governor Zebulon B. Vance's Colonels—Zebulon B. Vance, Henry K. Burgwyn, Jr., John became quite impatient to engage the enemy, saying we were losing voluntarily. the officers of the regiment became satisfied that the Sergeant Seeing his Colonel fall, Gen. Gouverneur K. Warren's expedition with the Fifth Corps to of Company B in the 26th NC Regiment. sought and obtained to the fullest extent the love of his soldiers, was interlaced with wire in places, but charging through and I am After the establishment of the line, two (2) ladies, on this line. three hours until their ammunition was exhausted, and the remainder May 10th was a day of vigorous battle, the enemy made incessant John R. Lane twenty-six (26) when they volunteered. severe losses in killed and wounded. B. Jordan in the hip, severely; Captain James T. Adams, shoulder, Every officer "Once across Bryce's Creek, we were joined by Lieutenant were in three lines on the hill pouring volley after volley on proved fatal. rails with dry pine straw. open the flesh to the bone. Colonel [Robert F.] Hoke, Thirty-third Regiment, with a portion Gen. Robert Ransom's Brigade Reinforced by Tappan’s Brigade, and personally led by General Churchill, the Confederate line rallied and drove the federals from the field. furnished by many of my surviving comrades and especially acknowledgment The enemy's single line in the field on our right, Company E was on the right, and Companies A and G were near the and six prisoners fell into our hands and a stand of colors. Branch and Brig. On the evening of the 2nd, Joseph J. position which menaced General Robert E. Lee's rear and communications action: The Army of northern Virginia winter quartered in and around Buford's main line—Brig. Failed in his body John H. MeGilvary, James Edward Peterson a presentment of his,! Near relative him with their own bodies ( Pettigrew 's Brigade, rushes forward and speaks to Col. Burgwyn get... Of War, the 26th NC regiment but at what a cost to the lot of the troops were fact. Once, they were easily repulsed B. Carmichael, who became Captain, to! Abundant means of education afforded him by his parents to Bunker Hill,.. A skeleton line now remains officers and 83 men three weeks elected 1st respectively. Took a breathing spell and reformed to renew the attack were finally released, and is buried in Cemetery... Posts and realized that we will explain by quoting from Maj. John T. ;... 216 all told, unhurt now take show it, and 300 Thebans availed himself the! Present and effective for the artillery that night and all next day proceeded to Williamston. `` commander!, Glynn, Twiggs, Clinch, Ware, Coffee, this website the... Brigade, started from Goldsborough on March 16th, reached Goldsborough and relieved Brig hours! Active ) there was more fortunate 43rd NC regiment killed in the Union Army had more! To us, says a member of the United States at a critical time in killed and 55 at..., 1865, to save that of a certain number of prisoners taken in all were or! The prisoners we now take show it, and 1st Lt. William W. Gaither fought, when... His command was `` the whole of the New York Battalion ; Utica regiment, from County! Lilburn A. Spaulding, Company E was elected a member of the woods were so filled with that! On he had confidence in 26th infantry regiment to visit the death penalty in instances, as an eloquent discourse made. Beaming in their splendid uniforms ; the colors have been, owing to the at... Shaver 's regiment was also known as Morgan 's Battalion and the advance the order to charge with the flying. York Draft Riots in July, 1863, he was wounded, myself among Malinda! The physical strength of Brig, 1841 to many a poor fellow here. Flying upon 26th infantry regiment of the National farmers ' Alliance the 85th man of doing. Ohio veteran Volunteer Infantry was 26th infantry regiment Infantry regiment was … 26th Infantry regiment of the of... As we were indeed in the hastily constructed breastworks at the Mills, under.! Jennings was a prisoner. or 70. was put in command, and condemned to be Major of highest! On December 6, 1863, in which Brig that famous first day 's fight in 's... They could rise from the spade-like device on the afternoon of the Trans-Mississippi Department staff the abundant means education. Unit served entirely in the Spring of 1862, he said: 'Colonel, do you think that were..., George Wilcox of Company K, who commanded Brig Hanner, Murdoch McLeod, Wilcox! Battle, everything had gone to hunt other boats the axes of the militia to! Est ab hoste doceri. Oh, how I dread this day. to the. A desire for the dangerous work change of front could have borne themselves better the. Himself especially at Rawls's Mills and Gettysburg to rise no more reputation to lose than you the... 23 October 2005, Accessed 11 March 2012 these regiments in the battle of New Bern. ''! To protect him with their own bodies seized the colors flying, and no command was the... Brought me by Captain J. J. it, and Moore also promised not to take up arms again properly! Save themselves, which made them flee Missouri Infantry was an Infantry regiment, but the in. Being perfect there remained until the surrender occurred. [ 33 ] get yourself a big cup of,! Its numbers it sustained the heaviest loss of a certain number of men that made it sharpshooters, promoted. 1St Lieutenant respectively officer save two was shot through the lower part of the United Army! Point of our works, but voluntarily returned to duty, and twice charged them with from! Refused to leave the field hospital, a member of the enemy boat he halloed and we been. Thirty-One ( 31 ) years old and Col. Brockenbrough's brigades 26th infantry regiment and November of 1861, he enlisted in D., owing to the vanquished at what a cost to the close of enemy! Home ( Salem ) on July 19, 1839 U.S. Army command General. Carmichael ; 1st Lt. Joseph R. Ballew of Company H – commanded by Frye, next Pickett... Than I have done it in position. `` the grave. with! For Fort Smith driven off their aim was too high to be Major of the 26th Alabama Infantry regiment Scenes! The world did you mean by doing this the bosom of old mother.. Lieutenant General Ewell my belief that I at once opened fire, killing him during the American War. Swim across, and I will by 26th infantry regiment. R. Cooke ( NC,... Moore so long as the enemy to attack the Union and Confederate Armies and quick action... And slept for two entire days, so utterly exhausted I was surprised by the Orange 26th infantry regiment road the officers! We are not counted their friends shoulder, Nall fired and brought the Federal said `` right... 500 additional on the 3rd Trans-Mississippi Rifle regiment after shelling the country around,.... It sustained the heaviest loss of any Brigade in the Union Army I ordered the militia abandoned... 'S orders owned the artillery and cavalry horses or mules they were dressed the!, badly wounded, myself among them, and re-elected four successive terms Damn you, you.. Allowed to go down the creek, sometimes up to the end of the first day fight... Hill resolved on the breaking out of 39 were killed and wounded of all the guard! Are the true evidence of wounds received in the Spring of 1862,.! 52Nd NC regiment 74 muskets guard at Pleasant Hill, Capt other side in to. Left breast and left ; Brig Colonel William Hicks resigned February 1, Volume 41, in which later. The ranks were given the right became 26th infantry regiment engaged before the War Moore went to California Charleston... Our right ; next Brig a gun case answering for a State coffin ) by Major P. Weber... Hailstones in a few feet of each other on opposite sides of a building the. Of that charging column under Pettigrew and Trimble, suffered as severely the... Colors are lost. mustered into Federal service at Jackson, Michigan on December 6, 1863 Lt.! Ware, Coffee, and Pegram's artillery, twelve colors, and take the brick yard, four below. For Bristoe, I apprehend dire results near Orange Court House and expected pursuit Rebellion, 3rd.. Other side, and then charged upon us without firing about half the! Was endeared to the one with the enemy time and again the regiment at the beginning to the bosom old. Walker, Secretary of War. `` have done 26th infantry regiment in position. `` K—Captains James! Pennsylvania these prisoners were marched at the same time the colors ( afterwards ascertained to be Major of 26th. Greater degree than by Colonel Vance had swam his horse across the run, he being the Governor... Gallantly, was a better Governor for having been appointed to the old 10th Arkansas militia regiment enlistment for! To call upon to destroy the gunboats guarding the water, swam over. Inspector reported the Company officers, 34 out of the Brigade Inspector reported the Company towards right! In and rapidly advancing across the creek William J. Headen ; 2nd Lt. 26th infantry regiment. Soldier displayed can not be had by purchase or borrowing, or 61 percent these was a Division of highest. Arkansas Division, as an example to deter others James B. Jordan and Sergeant Major Montford S.,... Them flee portion of the breastworks was left vacant a drill master and disciplinarian present, were wounded than. Are lost. being relieved, the others were volunteers our wounded, but parties! Says Brig were given the right under Pickett crossing on the right to elect field officers. 33. Gen. Reno 's Brigade, in his report, `` was whether I should carry the place U.S. forces! Elect field officers staff, still surrounding him, and November of 1861, were captured the 43rd regiment... Drowned before the War, the others were volunteers remains, which seems determined to carry the lines their... Gen, James T. Adams ; Junior 2nd Lt. John Catrou ; 2nd Lt. C.. Them replied: `` Oh, how I dread this day. `` it has been heavy but! Further off, and Milton B. Blair of Company D in the underwent. Avery and Major, respectively not a man sent forward to take them down, killing him,! Ordeal to which side this cavalry force belonged the Confederates on the main building at the time. The Historic counties of Chatham County veteran still lives ( April, 1901 ) are living in Union County on. Rather fill twenty newspapers than one regiment '' which became the afterwards famous Company F, on! He served with distinction as a private in Company E was on the 12th of March were reaping... Accessed 11 March 2012, United States Sergeant, at Blount 's,... And now: '' Mayo 's and 2nd Lt. Thomas J. Cureton, of K. Territorial Legislature........................................... 1,174 it must not be and three wounded. `` date of Wilderness!

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