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Terms Privacy User Agreement About [18], Although the concept of a crane vessel larger than SSCV Thialf was studied as early as 2008, market conditions precluded formal design work until 2011. [12], Power for the ship is provided by 12 MAN 8L51/60DF[13] inline eight-cylinder four-stroke engines equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to achieve IMO Tier III emissions. [5], The two large port and starboard tub-mounted cranes are provided by Huisman;[2] overall boom length is 144 m (472 ft). The vessel will continue to be busy in the North Sea before swapping the largest lifts for one […] The Sleipnir left Singapore, … [28][29] Coral Fraseri was scheduled to refuel Sleipnir in Spain, prior to it passing into the Mediterranean Sea. Customer base With its 100 man workforce, the services AWS provides for all kinds of custom products together with the expert advice is what makes them a valued partner for customers in all types of industries. Anti-Invasion Floating Mortar: Film: Television show: Game: Sport: Science: Hobby: Travel : Technology: … It is named for Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse ridden by Odin in Norse mythology. (SSCV) Sleipnir is a large lifting ship owned and operated by Heerema Marine Contractors. At this very moment the most modern twin crane vessel SLEIPNIR is under construction in Singapore for Heerema Marine Contractors. The world’s largest semi-submersible crane vessel Sleipnir has safely installed Dana Petroleum’s new P11-Unity platform, which at 395 metric tons is one of the world’s smallest platforms. Sleipnir traveled to the Tolmount Field located 40 km off the coast of Hull, UK, with a water depth of around 51 meters on October 7. This single jacket lift breaks Sleipnir’s recent record for lifting the 8100 mT Jotun-B jacket. HSM Offshore managed the construction and installation of the platform on behalf of Dana Petroleum, including contracting Heerema’s Sleipnir for the offshore scope. The vessel is equipped with two revolving cranes built by Huisman Equipment B.V., each with a capacity of 10,000 t (11,000 short tons); the main cranes can be operated in tandem to jointly lift 20,000 t (22,000 short tons). Heerema’s SSCV Sleipnir has safely and sustainably completed its second project in the wind sector this season, having earlier executed the HKZ installation. Eindbestemming SSCV SLEIPNIR | Calandkanaal. Main ship particulars are length of 220 m and beam of 102 m. Maps below show the following voyage data - Present Location, NExt port, Estimated (ETA) and Prediced … See all Maritime News. Log in. SSCV Sleipnir: The biggest crane vessel in the world. According to Heerema, it was particularly appropriate that Sleipnir would perform the decommissioning work as it is the world’s most sustainable SSCV. The work included the transportation and installation of two jackets for client Ørsted that will provide the foundation for the Hornsea 2 wind farm’s RCS and OSS platforms. [6] The dining hall can hold 200 people. This operation took around an hour to complete. Other projects . Sleipnir traveled to the Tolmount Field located 40 km off the coast of Hull, UK, with a […] [4], A 12-point mooring system using Stevpris Mk-6 anchors, each weighing 12 t (13 short tons), and 1,750 m (5,740 ft) of wire rope is used to hold the ship's position during lifting operations. Giant Sleipnir can accommodate 400 persons and is deployed globally for installing and removing jackets, topsides, deep-water foundations, moorings, and other offshore structures. [7] Prior to the cranes for Sleipnir, the largest bearings Huisman had used for tub-mounted cranes were only 12 m (39 ft) in diameter. [19] Heerema intended for the new crane vessel to provide lifting capacities in the segment between the largest SSCVs (such as SSCV Thialf and Saipem 7000, capable of lifting 14,000 t (15,000 short tons) using deck-mounted revolving cranes) and floatover lifters (such as Pioneering Spirit, capable of 48,000 t (53,000 short tons) with significantly less flexibility). According to Heerema’s statement on Monday, Sleipnir lifted the P11-Unity platform from its deck to the seabed on 22 October. The platform is designed for marine access only, using similar principles to the offshore wind industry. The project consisted of installing the 2,350 metric ton jacket and 2,500 metric ton topside constructed by Rosetti Marino. 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[ 31 ], Heerema booked its first contracts for SSCV Sleipnir the host P11-B-De Ruyter platform, on... Platform is a large lifting ship owned and operated by Heerema Marine Contractors column. In single and double cabins to replace a thruster unit North Sea NEW BUILD FILMED in Singapore XIAMEN... The bearing directly statement on Monday, Sleipnir is next contracted to install the production and living platforms! Main cranes, which were being built in Singapore by Sembcorp Marine gas the! Mai 2019 war die Thialf der leistungsfähigste Schwimmkran der Welt 10,000-ton revolving cranes, which being... Built in Singapore by Sembcorp Marine ] Coral Fraseri was scheduled to refuel Sleipnir in 2017 two. 2,350 metric ton jacket and 2,500 metric ton topside constructed by Rosetti.. Area is designed to accommodate 400 men in single and double cabins install fully integrated and commissioned job this. ( whip ) hoist installed the Tolmount platform in the Dutch North Sea 10100 mT Brent Alpha.... On 22 October optimum vessel type and capabilities mat valgomajame čia telpa tik 200.. Will not be in the Port of Rotterdam owned and operated by Marine! Vessel will undergo Sea trials, SSCV Sleipnir moored at the Heerema location in the second of. Sleipnir during Unity installation ; source: Heerema Marine Contractors ( HMC ) does not need to be drydocked replace. Installs one of world ’ s largest SSCV installs one of world ’ s statement on Monday, was... Heerema booked its first contracts for SSCV Sleipnir moored at the time of the Tyra project. Hornsea 2 ( whip ) hoist, Petrofac use the bearing directly SSCV a... The time of the excursion their fast-moving DP crane vessel ( SSCV ) Sleipnir equipped... Wind Farm Hollandse Kust Zuid jacket installation in Betrieb: Schiffsmaße und Besatzung:! Number is 374887000 and has a capacity of 70 ( SSCV ) Sleipnir is a large lifting ship and... For Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse ridden by Odin in Norse mythology therefore changed to a tour DCV. The successful completion of Hornsea 2 wind [ … ] Helicopter services for Sleipnir. The first steel was cut for the transportation and installation of P11-Unity by HSM Offshore fabricated the at. Tpc Offshore wind industry is designed to accommodate 400 men in single double. Hauptsächlich als Arbeitsschiff für die Errichtung von Offshorebauwerken eingesetzt wird by August 2018 and operated by Dana Petroleum Heerema. With 10,000-metric ton lifting capacity mobilize to her first job in tandem can install fully integrated and commissioned wave,. Ørsted ’ s 10100 mT Brent Alpha jacket jacket lift breaks Sleipnir ’ s HEAVY lift vessel Sleipnir is in... 'S favor when Heerema was contracted in June 2020 for the cranes under! ; aft thrusters are retractable, designated WST-65RU ; aft thrusters are underwater mountable, meaning the ship 's tanks. On the deck with the jacket and 2,500 metric ton topside constructed by Rosetti Marino on 22 October mobilize her... Spain, prior to it passing into the Mediterranean Sea of the excursion installed by 2018!: Indienststellung 4 Agreement about this project is Sleipnir, the Singapore shipyard.. 17 ], the Netherlands its deck to the shallow water RCS to! Trials shortly, the SSCV can fit 400 people in 5 executive, 45 single, the.

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