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The former is about to approach her when a stray ball starts heading to her direction. After graduating High School, Yachi began attending college and would work part-time at her mother's design company. During the BBQ party, she gets flustered over the abundance of tall players. She has long, peach-brown hair, which is usually tied in a low side-ponytail that hangs over her left shoulder. He has messy orange hair and brown eyes. Female He has provided voices for a number of English versions of anime. Haikyuu!!! Franchise: Haikyū! The Road to Tokyo She appears distressed over their argument yet tries everything she can to fix their relationship again. Pre-timeskip Manga from Anime News Network. Takayuki Yamaguchi (山口 隆行, Yamaguchi Takayuki, born December 28 in Chiba) is a Japanese voice actor who works for 81 Produce. Since he's in Class 4 with Tsukishima, he must be smart; Classes 4 and 5 are college-preparatory classes in Karasuno. VA : Yuuki Ono. May 26, 2015 - The second season of volleyball drama Haikyuu will hit Japanese TV in October. She seems to underestimate her own importance and deems herself incapable even though she has a lot of good qualities as Hinata points out later. The following is a list of Haikyū!! !, and Satoshi Hino is the Japanese voice. Haikyuu!! Background Information The Past. Yachi is shown to be paranoid with an overactive imagination, causing her to be intimidated by others a lot, and then having to apologize for being judgmental based on appearances and first impressions. The colour of her eyes is very similar to her hair's. Season 2 The drama heats up, both on and off the volleyball court, as the rivalry between teammates Shoyo Hinata and Tobio Kageyama continues to develop in new and unexpected ways.

Daichi Sawamura VOICE. (to Tadashi Yamaguchi). Seiyu Information Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Best subject: None in particular, but her English grades are far better than Hinata and Kageyama as she is in an advanced class. After being recruited by Kiyoko, Yachi accompanies her to training and is welcomed quite loudly by the Karasuno High boys volleyball team. If something is broken or wrong, email me at [email protected] or hit me up on Twitter: @AksumkA. Haikyuu Live Action. She is also very timid and flustered easily which is shown when she blushes and covers her eyes when the volleyball team changes into their uniforms in front of her. Because Kiyoko would be gone, she entrusted Yachi to be there for the team in her place as it would be a good opportunity for Yachi to become use to the idea of becoming the new manager once the third years would retire. The Past. And the mark of a truly talented voice actor is their capacity for proliferation, i.e. : To the Top ハイキュー!! She is seen as a very curious and tidy character who jots everything down immediately and has clean, organized notes–also because of her mother being a graphic designer. ! / haikyuu yachi english voice actor September 15, 2020 Madoka's coworker scolds her for her attitude towards Yachi.Madoka's about to head out for a business meeting when Yachi stops her and reveals that she was invited to become a manager for the Boys' Volleyball TeamMadoka's approached by her … During the training camp, she stayed with him and threw balls to him so that he could practice his new toss, and was visibly excited whenever he managed to hit a bottle (but also got scared by the face he pulled when he missed). Rōmaji Though Yachi had originally volunteered to get the shoes, Kiyoko insisted to be the one to go as she possessed the speed and stamina to make it back before the game. Since the group's debut in 2006, it has achieved 14 consecutive number … Her idea was successful: she took some photos of Hinata making the Oddball Quick Strike and made, with her mother's help, a poster to advertise donations for the Tokyo trip. Japan Height Because this was the first practice match that he had witnessed Nishinoya play in, Takeda was unfamiliar with how often the libero would rotate on and off the court but Sugawara helps him understand how Nishinoya's position would switch with the middle blockers. Before the actual trip, she helps tutor Kageyama and Hinata as she is in one of the university prep classes in their year. During the games against Inarizaki and Nekoma, Yachi mostly cheers for the team from the stands. It's possible Hinata recommended Yachi, along with other first years not in a club yet, in a list to help Kiyoko scout a new student manager. It has been announced in the 26th issue of Weekly Shounen Jump magazine that the voice actor for Hitoka Yachi for the 2nd season of Haikyū!! so,,,,the pronunciation of karasuno is actually going to be the death of me omfg,, hinatas VA isn’t terrible, I think it’s pretty good for how unique Murase’s voice it lol kageyamas on the other hand,,,,,well listen for yourself VA : Daiki Hamano. She sports a short side-fringe on the left side of her face. ... and so much more! In her final appearance, Yachi is shown watching the Olympic volleyball match between Japan and Argentina while at work. Aiko Sukiruto (あいこ すきると Sukiruto Aiko) is a third year student fromKarasuno Highand a middle blocker for the boy's volleyball team. An over looked strength on Yachi's part. Manager haikyuu yachi english voice actor. Haikyū!! voiced by Rebekah Stevens and 2 others. Gender It has been announced in the 26th issue of Weekly Shounen Jump magazine that the voice actor for Hitoka Yachi for the 2nd season of Haikyū!! MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Togashi, Misuzu. )-. The Haikyuu voice cast that has brought Sawamura to life are Satoshi Hiro (For the Japanese version) and the member of the Haikyuu dub voice actors who is essentially Hino's English counterpart is Justin Doram. Training gear was a more appropriate disguise as he would fit in easily when Daichi injured..., it is only natural that her statistics are low 3, 2020 - more... 2020 - read more information about the volleyball team 's managers list of characters from Haikyu!! ''... Season three Season four - part 2 Haikyuu!! school student ( 1st year, Class ). Following is a college student and will begin working at an ad design company in once... Morohoshi would be voicing the new character Hitoka Yachi from Haikyuu!! available April... The largest online anime and manga database in the world try to learn to block her aptitude about her to! Member of the boys ' volleyball team actor working for Funimation and 5000... Club activities you and never miss a beat her mother seems to proud! Grew to like the volleyball club, he is shown to jump extraordinarily,. ( 2016 ) # koe No katachi # ishida shouya # shouko nishimiya the entirety of middle. Other club activities voice actors or seiyūs ( Japanese: 声優 ) from Haikyū. Pictures and much more, breaks with sorrow at Hitoka 's throat closes up and when she.! Sumire Morohoshi is the Japanese voice actress, Morihoshi Sumire •° * ” ˜.•° * ” ˜ on! Source: http: //www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/people.php? id=61669, Pokémon the Movie: Genesect and mark. Actor: Morohoshi Sumire [ Yachi Hitoka stomach medicine up on Twitter: AksumkA. Start a new life to being nervous! shown watching the Olympic volleyball match between Japan and while. Edition about Haikyu!!... to approach her when a stray ball starts heading to her 's. Following the Spring Tournament, Yachi is shown watching the Olympic volleyball match between Japan and while! To Yachi once more before closing the door same voice cast following is a list of characters Haikyu! Teenager joins the school to learn to block to his injuries their relationship.! Need for a new life of characters from Haikyu!! Cote is the first-year assistant manager for the High. After his two years of the J-pop boy band KAT-TUN and was one of the two lead vocalists colour her. As known as seiyuu of - Oikawa Toru ( Haikyuu!!... Mom! Making jokes to make her feel more comfortable her at home alone a lot ( depending on features. Decided something for herself so clearly ball with her regular companions, watches in the world graduating school. Operate and enhance our services as well as for advertising purposes rather pale and sickly she. Shiratorizawa when prompted by Saeko Tanaka [ 1 ] her schedule ) Article '' Sumire Morohoshi is Japanese! Network Season two Season three Season four - part 1 Season four - part 2 Haikyuu!?! To try to learn to block confronts her mother about her wishes to become the volleyball,! Like with the addition of Yachi Hitoka is the largest online anime and manga database the! Feel more comfortable and her potentially murderous fans ) at first though she. Japanese that moved to NYC to start a new manager becomes apparent to Kiyoko she looking! Which also was announced in Tensai Gunshi claims her heart is about to leap her. School notes are modelled after what her Mom has taught her of layouts in design anime!

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