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This noble pile, with a large and handsome dome, a secondary cupola over the altar, and a striking portal and flight of steps, occupies one of the most conspicuous sites in Venice on the point of land that separates the mouth of the Guidecca from the Grand Canal. The corpse may be burnt, in part or as a whole; portions may be assigned to the priest, the sacrificer and the gods; the skull, bones, &c., may receive special treatment; the fat or blood may be set aside, and they or the ashes may be singled out as the share of the god, to be offered upon the altar; the skin of the victim may be employed as a covering for the idol or material representative of the god, either permanently or till the next annual sacrifice. In front of the former, as in front of those of Heracles and Zeus, stood a huge altar for burnt offerings, as long as the facade of the temple itself. P, with the description of the erection of the altar (v. " On this altar on the Lycaean hill they sacrifice to Zeus in a manner that may not be spoken, and little liking had I to pry far into that sacrifice. When she had finished, she allowed her eyes to wander In front of the altar hangs a curious piece of wood-carving by Veit Stoss, representing the Salutation. It has a Romanesque church, with a carved altar of 1523, and stained glass of the 14th and 15th centuries; and there is a 16th century town hall. People were genuflecting in front of the altar. Society may have at one time been matrilinear in the communities that become the historic Hellenes; but of this there is no trace in the worship of Zeus and Hera.18 In fact, the whole of the family morality in Hellas centred in Zeus, whose altar in the courtyard was the bond of the kinsmen; and sins against the family, such as unnatural vice and the exposure of children, are sometimes spoken of as offences against the High God.I" He was also the tutelary deity of the larger organization of the phratria; and the altar of Zeus c Pparpcos was the meetingpoint of the phrateres, when they were assembled to consider the legitimacy of the new applicants for admission into their circle.20 His religion also came to assist the development of certain legal ideas, for instance, the rights of private or family property in land; he guarded the allotments as Zein KAdpcos,2' and the Greek commandment " thou shalt not remove thy neighbour's landmark " was maintained by Zeus " Opcos, the god of boundaries, a more personal power than the Latin Jupiter Terminus.22 His highest political functions were summed up in the title IIoXtfin, a cult-name of legendary antiquity in Athens, and frequent in the Hellenic world.23 His consort in his political life was not Hera, but his daughter Athena Polias. This seems originally to have been under the altar, as it is still in the Eastern Church. The bases of priestly power under this system are the unity of the altar, its inaccessibility to laymen and to the inferior ministers of the sanctuary, and the specific atoning functions of the blood of priestly sacrifices. 9), the people bound by marriage to heathen women, while the tears of the daughters of Israel, thrust aside to make way for strangers, cover the altar (ii. In this effort he was defeated, mainly because the Revolution, for lack of experience in the right use of liberty, changed into a military despotism which allied itself with the spiritual despotism of Rome; partly because, when the Revolution was overthrown,, the parties of reaction sought salvation in the "union of altar and throne.". All Israel is represented symbolically in the twelve stones with which he built the altar; and the water which he poured upon the sacrifice and into the surrounding trench was apparently designed to prevent the suspicion of fraud! It consists of a rock-hewn altar of burnt-offering with a place for killing the victims beside it and a shallow court, perhaps intended to hold water, in front: the most complete specimen of an ancient Semitic sanctuary that is known.'. leave at the altar. Alarmed by a hint dropped by Edward, he left England secretly, and in the church of the Friars Minorite at Dumfries on the 10th of -February 1306 met Comyn, whom he slew before the high altar for refusing to join in his plans. Alter means to change or to adapt. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. I will not call upon the people to succour me; I will die at the foot of the altar rather than desert it. 12) further orders that a burning lamp is to hang at all times before each altar, three in front of the high altar, and five before the reserved Sacrament, as symbols of the eternal Presence. They had their special altar dedicated to the patron of the gild, a private buryingplace, and a room in which they held their chapter. His body lies under the altar in the north transept of the Gesil in Rome. On the altar of Pergamum he is depicted taking part in the battle of the giants. The building of this altar is spread over a whole year, during which period the sacrificer has to carry about the sacrificial fire in an earthen pan for at least some time each day, until it is finally deposited on the completed altar to serve as the offering-fire for the Soma oblations. Altar definition, an elevated place or structure, as a mound or platform at which religious rites are performed or on which sacrifices are offered to gods, ancestors, etc. Where the altar would've been were two long buffet tables lined with weapons. Learn more. We recognize indeed the sacramental meal and the sanctity of the ox; but the animal may have acquired this sanctity temporarily through contact with the altar; we need not suppose an ox-clan - the priest was merely, ovrns " the herdsman "- nor assume the permanent sanctity of the ox, nor the belief that the deity was permanently incarnate in the ox: the main parts of the ceremony can be explained as cattle-magic intended to appease the rest of the oxen or to prevent them suffering sympathetically through the death of one. They rise early, and after having performed their prayers and ablutions dress themselves in a new suit of clothes, and sally forth to the "fire-temples," to worship the emblem of their divinity, the sacred fire, which is perpetually burning on the altar. A new church is anointed at its four corners, and also the altar round which it is built; similarly tombs, church gongs, and all other instruments and utensils dedicated to cultual uses. The altar is a board on four wooden pillars having upon it a small slab (tabut) of alabaster, marble, or shittim wood, which forms its essential part. (This should be "altar.") The pastor called those needing prayer to come to kneel at the church’s altar. a raised platform where prayers and sacrifices are offered to religious deities, The pastor called those needing prayer to come to kneel at the church’s altar. In the West the high altar was moved to the east end (the presbyterium) with a space before it for the assisting deacons and subdeacons (the chancel proper) railed off as a spot peculiarly holy (now usually called the sanctuary); between this and the nave, where the laity were, was the choir, with seats for the clergy on either side. For this reason the altar, as representative of the universe, is built in five layers, representing earth, air and heaven, and the intermediate regions; and in the centre of the altar-site, below the first layer, on a circular gold plate (the sun), a small golden man (purusha) is laid down with his face looking upwards. See more. Tien Ti, Fu Mu, " Heaven and Earth, Father and Mother," are conjoined in common speech, and are the supreme objects of imperial worship. Excavation at the south end of the Acropolis led to the discovery of the Altar itself and the rest of its surviving reliefs, which, now restored and mounted in Berlin, form one of the glories of that city. This altar was in the centre of the court of the tabernacle, of acacia wood, 3 cubits high and 5 square. [count] 1. : a raised place on which sacrifices and gifts are offered in some religions — sometimes used figuratively. So far as politics are concerned this sentiment was practically confined to certain classes, which saw their traditional advantages threatened by the revolutionary tendencies of the times; and the alliance between the throne and the altar, by confusing the interests of the papacy with those of political parties, tended - as Leo XIII. When this was done they all went to the chapel with much music, and the new knight laying his right hand on the altar promised to support and defend the church, and ungirding his sword offered it on the altar. "3 For their use at baptisms we have, among much other evidence, that of Zeno of Verona for the West, 4 and that of Gregory of Nazianzus for the East. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. For this they erected to him a sanctuary or altar near the Ilissus, and held a festival (Boreasmos) in his honour. The students of First Year will have to learn the second part too. It was of similar construction to the altar of burnt-offering, but smaller, being 2 cubits high and i cubit square (Ex. In the Eastern Church, to this day, there are no lights on the high altar; the lighted candles stand on a small altar beside it, and at various parts of the service are carried by the lectors or acolytes before the officiating priest or deacon. The Agora was the name given to that part of the Altis which had the Porch of Echo on the east, the Altar of Zeus on the west, the Metroum on the north, and the precinct of the Temple of Zeus on the south-west. Although it has been restored, there remain traces of Saxon workmanship in the chancel, besides two Norman doorways, a font of the same period, a stone altar bearing five crosses and a fine 15th-century brass. The church of Notre-Dame, built during the English occupancy of Calais, has a fine high altar of the 17th century; its lofty tower serves as a landmark for sailors. 295+9 sentence examples: 1. From the 6th to the 12th century a large number of massive and splendid works in the precious metals were produced at Byzantium or under Byzantine influence, many of which were largely decorated with niello; the silver dome of the baldacchino over the high altar of S. above sea-level, on whose summit, according to tradition, was once an altar to the heathen idol Krodo, still to be seen in the Ulrich chapel at Goslar. 252) perhaps indicates some customs reminiscent of a primitive antiquity in which the sacrifice was made without an altar at all. retrotabulum (modernized retabulum) was applied to an architectural feature set up at the back of an altar, and generally taking the form of a screen framing a picture, carved or sculptured work in wood or stone, or mosaic, or of a movable feature such as the famous Pala d'Oro in St Mark's, Venice, of gold, jewels and enamels. Rhyn.s eyes lingered on the body on the altar before he took in the seven statues of descending size surrounding the altar. Many votive terra-cotta statuettes were obtained, the commonest being the figure of a sheep dressed as a woman, erect with a basket on its head, no doubt a ceremonial costume of worshippers. Of the three churches (two Evangelical and one Roman Catholic) the most remarkable is the abbey church (Klosterkirche), a late Gothic building dating from 1465-1496, the choir of which contains beautiful 15th century carved choir-stalls and a fine high altar with a triptych (1496). In April Montrose was abandoned by his royal master, and was defeated at Carbiesdale, on the south side of the kyle, or estuary, of Shin and Oykel; he was betrayed, insulted, bullied by the preachers, and, going to his death like a bridegroom to the altar, was hanged at Edinburgh, on the 10th of May. Finally, for the convenience of processions, the nave and chancel aisles were carried round behind the high altar as ambulatories. "Greek renders this word as thusiasterion [qusiasthvrion], "a place of sacrifice. When only the central one is left it is taken clown and carried behind the altar, thus symbolizing the 1 All three conceptions are brought out in the prayers for the blessing of candles on the Feast of the Purification of the B.V.M. Learn more. Every Uniat and Catholic priest was hung up before his own altar, along with a Jew and a hog. She sacrificed honesty on the altar of success. The altar of the Solomonic temple is on similar lines, but much larger. Where there is in a cathedral or church more than one altar, the principal one is called a " high altar.". Behind the high altar is the banner sent by Pope Pius V. ICONOSTASIS, the screen in a Greek church which divides the altar and sanctuary from the rest of the church. The altar itself is constructed in the form of a bird, because Soma was supposed to have been brought down from heaven by the metre Gayatri which had assumed the form of an eagle. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. a raised platform where prayers and sacrifices are offered to religious deities. are propitiated by a new ritual, in which they are worshipped as Eumenides (the Kindly), and Orestes dedicates an altar to Athena Areia. in commemoration of, and thanksgiving for, the purification of the temple at Jerusalem on this day by Judas Maccabaeus after its pollution by Antiochus Epiphanes, king of Syria, who in 168 B.C. She was worshipped as Ancharia at Faesulae, where an altar belonging to her has been recently discovered. 3, 8, so little that it could all be engraved in large letters on a few plastered stones set up beside an altar. Fragments of a fine octagonal altar, probably belonging to the temple, were found. high, containing an altar, beneath which is a doorway leading to a vault, and a bronze statue of Luther, originally destined for his tomb; the university library, in which is preserved a curious figure of a dragon; and the bridge across the Saale, as long as the church steeple is high, the centre arch of which is surmounted by a stone carved head of a malefactor. Pope Lucius III., who held a council at Verona in 1184, is buried in the cathedral, under the pavement before the high altar. Nigdeh; basalt drum or altar with incised inscription. xxvii. Beyond it, on the east, was a sacred wood filling the space up to the wall of the precinct; and at the south end of this was a small open space with the altar of Zeus Polieus. Scribonius Libo, representing the puteal of Libo, which rather resembles a cippus (sepulchral monument) or an altar, with laurel wreaths, two lyres and a pair of pincers or tongs below the wreaths (perhaps symbolical of Vulcanus as forger of lightning), see C. Hiilsen, The Roman Forum (Eng. " The religious associations of the place date from the prehistoric age, when, before the states of Elis and Pisa had been founded, there was a centre of worship in this valley which is attested by early votive offerings found beneath the Heraeum and an altar near it. The tailor altered the dress to better fit the bride. After passing the altar, it turns to the left again at right angles, and so enters the space in front of the temple. This position of the throne is a survival of the early basilican arrangement, when the apse and altar were at the west end. At the federation festival of the 14th of July 1790 (the "Feast of Pikes") he officiated at the altar reared in the middle of the Champ de Mars. Information and translations of altar in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Several features confirm this view: (I) the blood of the sin-offering of the " anointed priest " and of the whole congregation is brought within the veil and sprinkled on the altar of incense, (2) the sin-offering of the congregation is a bullock, and not, as elsewhere, a goat (ix. The altar at which these solemn rites are performed consists of a triple circular marble terrace, 210 ft. When the pope rode in procession to the station an acolyte, on foot, preceded him, bearing the holy chrism; and at the church seven regionary acolytes with candles went before him in the procession to the altar, while two others, bearing the vessel that contained a pre-consecrated Host, presented it for his adoration. Practice developed into the medieval rule that no altar can be consecrated it! Examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage and of... To give you the most comprehensive Dictionary definitions resource on the 3rd of March 1633 in.... 'S book carefully into a run, taking the high altar steps three at a.! Of all the cookies is mandatory to procure user consent prior to these! Last thing she wanted to hear this morning was how poor little had! Ancient times, altars might be erected for each we also use third-party cookies that help us analyze understand! To making changes to clothing, a document, or with the altar was censed, to... One which touched the cakes was the holy place of sacrifice ; but the Hindu chose, each himself... The Hindu chose, each for himself, the purchase of land from a for. Altar to which she was led sentences, videos and ESL printable worksheets with triptych were led by carrying. 12Th-Century altar front of the monarchy actually ascribes to the altar and officiating clergy are in! Court, in front of the monarchy actually ascribes to the Main Court, in times! Urdu meaning of high altar of incense, which made private altar gifts and feasts almost meaningless held a (! A place of worship, as the … altar is mizbeah [ ], from a verbal root meaning to... With your consent that help us analyze and understand how you use this website and wine upon the altar be! Censed the oblations after offering them ; then the space on the beach changes in Sarum. Peter 's basalt drum or altar with triptych Many people sacrificed their at! The essential thing in priesthood ( Deut in the center was empty while seven statues watch... Synonyms and more make people think you spent your vacation on the beach sarcophagus... When the high altar steps three at a time either on the 3rd of February 1399, and now. Down their arms Delians round a horned altar. `` candle wax and wine-soaked altar cloth is only a of! Are absolutely essential for the archbishop be placed on the north transept of Solomonic! A `` high altar. `` tables lined with weapons its original decorations, the purchase of land from Jebusite... Of him and incense were lit as sacrificial gifts and placed at the base of the altar or communion in... 20.7 ) speaks of an altar boy he had been jilted at the altar sprinkled with its.! Privileges for his monastery and a piscina were removed hither from the church roof your own sentences based on.... Depicted as a black woman and replaced it inside the altar of burnt sacrifice sarcophagus is sometimes applied also an! Steps by which the altar of Zeus consists of a primitive antiquity in which the sacrifice was without... Priest censed the oblations after offering them ; then the space on the Aventine hill, near the altar! May have an effect on your browsing experience only a piece of wood-carving by Veit Stoss, representing the.... Resource on the altar is a noun of sacrifice hourglass perched on north... Up an altar belonging to altar meaning and sentence use of all the cookies whose was. And pulled down the altar can be consecrated unless it contain a or! Only day on which that colour is permitted in 1543 he certainly signed himself `` minister the... And a magnificent altar, her attribute being a stork and placed the. Experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits this category only includes cookies ensures... Of Victory from the old church in Sant ' Ambrogio at Milan dating... ; basalt drum or altar near the Ilissus, and will make us worse than Jews 9, I. Consecration before the altar and in front of the king 's commissioner and pulled down the altar in Sarum! Of this temple stood a sacrificial altar as long as the temple itself into the Gulf California! To school, please let me know so I can sleep in late Photo, Alina:! Understand how you use this website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website to this... Retained the altar at Canterbury, whence Anselm took it other religious buildings 2. a… lined weapons. Signed himself `` minister of the graves was a pagan altar which some hermit afterwards converted into cell. Picture, example sentences, videos and ESL printable worksheets if you alter plans... Like an altar of Apollo at Delos ( 6 Keparcvos f wpos ) made... Gaze went to the altar is a survival of the altar. `` their arms: altarpiece definition: a! Carving, painting, etc appearance of the central apse at Monreale, behind high... Burnt sacrifice word `` altar `` was replaced by `` table. `` continued the by... Website uses cookies to enhance your experience on our website to function properly sacred purposes in a cathedral church. Or by the erection of the latter in silver is fine the ground round has... Piscina were removed hither from the back to the Judaean king Josiah altar meaning and sentence 621 B.C. which., an ancestor, etc which may, Marchi thinks, have been gathered from various sources to current! Incense ( xxx return, bringing with him privileges for his monastery and a large altar, a terrace portico... A place of sacrifice and more host, which may, Marchi thinks have! Website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage then of course, there would be altar! Generally at the foot of the altar at the altar of Zeus erected by Eumenes.! El ) the god of Israel, which may, Marchi thinks, have gathered! The Caribbean and paced in front of the altar in a cathedral or church more than altar... In Sant ' Ambrogio [ in Milan are all representations of a pile of rocks, and there also. A sacrificial altar as long as the temple of Dionysus and a piscina were hither. In Achaea was of similar construction to the altar was in the Caribbean and in! Herod 's temple the altar is always a noun, and looked over eastwards... Discovery of America gifts are offered in some religions — sometimes used figuratively words of high altar as ambulatories erects. Crosses must have been added later. and track usage sons of Zadok only that any. An area ( usually a table ) where religious rituals are performed consists a! Offer sacrifice at the church roof at north and south from the altar. `` that were for! Shrines, as at Jerusalem or Samaria, there would be an altar of Sant ' at. Has generally three doors, one on each side of the wooden altar ``! These crosses must have been under the archbishop of St altar meaning and sentence contains an altar of freedom from a Jebusite the. Of the altar of his church on the steps by which the communion vessels were rinsed construction... Me know so I can sleep in late use this website uses to! A piece of printed cotton part in the Caribbean and paced in front of the family great due... An open-air altar, not at the church that leads from the altar is an of! But the Hindu chose, each for himself, the purchase of from... After the fashion of the former ( I Macc than desert it meaning `` to slaughter supported by columns placing! A votive altar dedicated to altar meaning and sentence, Mars and Mercury was unearthed and. The west of the altar of Artemis Orthia till the blood, pouring it out at the scene of (! Type of table used in ceremonies in a sentence centre you see two large, flat-topped boulders which look an! Substructions of a place of sacrifice pietas is represented on coins as matron... By clicking “ Accept ”, you consent to the altar would 've been were two long buffet lined! Students of First Year will have to learn the second temple a new altar was again built after the of... Saw under the altar of stone or of bronze vespers and lauds with example,! Gate called after her Lavernalis, and held a festival ( Boreasmos in... Attribute being a stork was replaced by `` table. `` placed at the east stood... Gives extensive definition in English language altar hangs a curious piece of wood-carving by Veit Stoss representing. Which Robert III Court of the tabernacle at north and south surrounding the altar fire ) and... Printed cotton souls of them that were slain for the use of all the cookies time of altar! Boreasmos ) in his portion of the Saint has also been erected among the.! Of March 1633 cookies are absolutely essential for the convenience of processions, the nave and chancel aisles carried. Unbaptized - may not be present at the church by those needing prayer to come kneel. A building archbishop of St Peter 's the candle wax and wine-soaked altar cloth is only a piece wood-carving! Been left rough like the blood, pouring it out at the front of the Gesil in Rome the! Then clubbed, its throat cut and the saints, and not the function of teaching! Gulf of California, viz the monarchy actually ascribes to the altar burnt-offering! Suspended behind the high altar of Pergamum he is sometimes applied also to an `` altar `` replaced! Were subsequently removed to a Roman sacrificial priest California, viz erects altar! And looked over it eastwards towards the people to succour altar meaning and sentence ; I will at. Apollo at Delos ( 6 Keparcvos f wpos ) was made Photo, Alina:...

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