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Btec business level 3 unit 4 p4 Pages: 2 (387 words) BTEC Level 3 Extended National Diploma in Business Pages: 4 (961 words) Business Admin Level 2 Unit 1 Pages: 26 (6393 words) Business and Administration Level 2 NVQ - Unit 221 Pages: 7 (1696 words) Show all. Recruitment - Selection. the money is retained for reinvestment in the business. BTEC Level 3 National IT Student Book 1 K. Anderson, A. Jarvis. You can personalise what you see on TSR. this part of its work is now the responsibility of the FCA. BTEC Level 3 National Applied Science Student Book F. Annets, S. Foale. BTEC Business Level 3 Unit 2 Developing a Marketing Campaign If you are studying Unit 2 Developing a Marketing Campaign from BTEC Level 3 we provide you with detailed Guidance Notes.The notes are split into a table clearly stating each criteria, how to meet the criteria and a link to the relevant course notes document provided by the exam board Edexcel (Pearsons). January Level 3 BTEC exams Updated resources. BTEC Health And Social Care Level 3 Study Group 2020/2021 Btec unit 6 principles of management - jan 2021 Btec Business Unit All Notes for Pop Up Cinema BTEC Business Level 3 Study Group 2020/2021 How did you guys feel about the Unit 3 Business BTEC exam today? Share: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Linkedin Share on Google Share by email. they pay investors regular interest over a set period as long as the issuer is able to pay the interest. fixed or tracked mortgage rates can help make payments affordable. citizens advice- a charitable organisation providing personalised, free, confidential and impartial advice on a varety of finacial and non finacial issues. managment of a business- are responsible for planning, monitoring, controlling finacial side of the business, compliance- all businesses have a rresponsibility to comply with fiancial reporting requirements in accordance with laws and regulations. Find your group chat here >> start new discussion reply. The mind maps relate directly to the content of the knowledge organisers. also a function of money is store of value. notice may be given in order to withdraw the money. shares- issued by the comapny to shareholders who own the business, as investors in the business, shareholders may recieve a dividend. a fixed depsoit account pays a set amount of interset over a set period of time. payday loan- a short term loan, usually for small amounts, often people who need quick cash to pay bills a fee is charged. Similar Business resources: Cambridge Technicals Buisness Student Book Level 3 BTEC UNIT 1. there are also innovative fianace ISA, interest is earned from leding money to other people through peer to peer lending. another fiction of money is means of exhange. 3 Resources. Unit A. money has a value. it is a measure of the number of customers and its reputation, patents- a reconisable part of the business and have value, does not have to be repaid and has no interest payable, not avalible to a new business and many companies may not make suffcient prfoits, a quick way of raising cash. may have to be paid for even if not wanted, interest free overdraft up to a certain limit, if overdtaft exceeds limit interest can be high. advisers are volunters who may not be financial professionals. Author: Created by crodney09. the investment can be lost if the company underperformes. Can't find any interesting discussions? Training - Induction Training. 4.5 / 5 based on 26 ratings. You can find a mapped out collection of resources and worksheets for each section of the course HERE. Business; unit 3 revison; BTEC National; Edexcel; Created by: nikkileighnew; Created on: 15-01-18 09:40; functions of money. you cannot make withdrawals in this period. CTEC Level 3 Business unit 1: Revision booklet. It is brief BUT to the point. they are free to access, interactive, personalised to the needs of the customers. : BACS and fast payments (electronic payment from one bank to another), CHAPS- electronic payment from one bank to another, student account- aimed at learners in higher education to help them manage their finances, overdraft- a short term loan arranged with the bank to borrow money up to agreed amount when the balance of the account hits zero, perosnal loan- can be used to by expensive things such as household goods or car. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. individual savings accounts- allows saving without paying tax on the interest. Get Revising is one of the trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. Register Number: 04666380 (England and Wales), VAT No. legal tender is the national currenecy of a country. the value of the bonds and gilts can fall. allows you to buy your home and spread the costs out over a long period of time. cash ISAs are less risky as stocks and shares have the potential of financial lose and they also charge managment fees. Created: Mar 21, 2018. We're available through e-mail, live chat and Facebook. money is used to sell, buy or trade goods and services. Study notes. if you pay the minium amount shown ypu will pay intersest on the remaining amount. Study notes. Edit Content. consumercredit legalisation- the consumer credit act 1974 regulates credit card purchases and gives consumers protection when siging loan and hire purchases agreements it covers interest rates, credit limits, cooling off periods and access credit flies. 0.0 / 5. Supplementary notes regarding credit and grading of the BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Business To supplement: 1. BTEC Level 3 National in Applied Law Unit 3: Applying the Law Sample Assessment Materials (SAMs) For use with Extended Certificate in Applied Law First teaching from September 2017 Issue 3 . eg raw materials, semi variable costs- these are a combination of fixed costs and costs which become variable once a certain level of activity has been reached eg, phone line rental, FIXED COSTS + VARIABLE COSTS + SEMI VARIABLE COSTS, selling price per unit- amount paid by each customers for each item bought, sales in units- quantity of sales eg number of items sold, TOTAL SALES = NUMBER OF UNITS SOLD OR VALUE OF UNITS SOLD, QUANTITY OF GOODS X SELLING PRICE PER UNIT, contribution per unit = selling price - variable costs per unit, total contribution = contribution per unit x number of units, break even point = fixed costs/contribution per unit, margin of safety = sales - break even level of output, months to breakeven = breakeven units/units produced per month, total assets are equal to the fixed and current sales, liabilities are equal to the share capital, borrowings, other creditors and reserves, current assets and liabilities- those intended to be converted into cash and current liabilities those short term debts: current assets, net current assets and liabilities: subtract current liabilities from the current assets, current assets + fixed assets - current liabilities, assets-estimated salvage value/estimated useful life of asset, NET PROFIT BEFORE INTEREST AND TAX/ CAPITAL EMPLOYED X 100, (CURRENT ASSETS-INVENTORY/ CURRENT LIABILITIES, does this mean that all external assessments for btecs are cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic?? one function of money is a unit of account. internal accounting helps control the combating of fraud. The programme aims to provide students with an in depth understanding of the operations and structures of businesses and also to equip students with the skills required to succeed in employment or at university. depreciation- some assests such as machinery and office furniture lose their value overtime. it may take time to sell assets and sometimes the amount recieved may be lower than their actual value. UK's central bank- regulates and supervises banks, building societies, insurance companies, investment companies and credit unions. Rep:? you exchange money for an equivalent in goods and services. some consumers may not feel confident using the tools, an IVA is an agreement that an individual undertakes with their creditors to pay off all or part of their debts. Like. Print page. Personalise. an increase in intersest rates may affect the ability to pay back the loan. they may not be able to deal with complex financial problems. depreciation is used to show the fall in value in the businessses accounts. Start studying BTEC Business Level 3 - Unit 3 - Finance. MichaelCawdreyBusiness BTEC Level 3 Business Unit 8: Recruitment and Selection Process Full Unit … Share: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Linkedin Share on Google Share by email. straight line depreciation reduces the value of an asset by the same amount each year. 0.0 / 5. it also includes assets that can quickly be turned into cash. Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Business (1080 GLH) 601/7160/1. BTEC BUSINESS LEVEL 3- UNIT 6 -Principles of Management on CLOCKWISE LTD PowerPoint Presentation and Speaker notes This Distinction Presentation contains 6 slides has thorough DISTINCTION Level research on Clockwise Ltd. #1 Report Thread starter 1 year ago #1 Hi guys, as you know the … Options. This leaderboard is currently private. Study notes. satisfies the legal requirements for car owners to have insurance, three levels of cover third party, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive, provides protection against liability claims from other drivers, policy excesses can add to the costs in the event of a claim, home insurance covers the cost of repuilding or repairs due to fire, flooding or subidence etc, contents isurnace covers the loss or damge to personal posessions, additional security precautions can reduce preimums, only covers the costa of rebuilding the property not the market value, provides cover for delay, cancellation or curtailment of the trip, provides cover for loss of perosnal possessions while on the trip, provides cover for emergancy medical expenses, pay outs may not cover the full amount of the financial loss, high risk sporting activities usually require an additional premium, pre exisitng medical condtions are not covered, opt for lifetime cover for serious illnesses for addtional premiums, cover provided for personal injury or damge caused by the animal, some policies will limit the amount of cover of medical exepnses covered, covers some or all private medical costs with convinient treatment times, you can shppse tje types of illnesses and treatment you want to cover, medical condtions which arise during initial period of the policy may not be covered. AQA A-level Business 7132 - Paper 1 - 24th May 2019 Business A-Level - what do these AO numbers mean? debentures- a type of bond issued by large companies to raise money. i am confused. Get Revising is one of the trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. Register Number: 04666380 (England and Wales), VAT No. shares- give investors part ownership of a company, in return they get payments or dividens per share based on the performance and profits of the business. Save to favourites. trade paybles:debts that have been created as a result of purchasing products or services from other businesses (money owed by the business), capital income- money used to set a business up, it is a long term investment, loan- money lent to a business by an investor such as the bank. Download high school Business Studies Notes for form 1, 2, 3, and 4 in pdf and word. This resource is a revision note and informs students of exactly what they need to know for the BTEC Business Unit 3 exam. there are two types of ISA, a cash ISA a savings account where interest is paid tax free. Full course details › Changed to ‘disruptive (win-lose); integrative (win-win); lose-lose, compromise. Rules of combination for Edexcel BTEC Level 3 National qualifications (page 7) 2. Announcements Government announces GCSE and A-level students will receive teacher awarded grades this year >> Applying to uni? personal attitude- attitudes towards risk and rewards. Last updated 27th October 2019 . BTEC Level 3 National Engineering Student Book E. Cooke, R. Jones. large dividen returns may be subjected to tax. measuring performance- accountants measure how well the business is performing financially through its: gross profit and net profit, sales revenue, effeciemcy in collecting money owed to the business, expenditure and costs. there is a limit in the amount you may put in each year. officer of fair trading- until april 2014 the oft was responsible for protecting consumer interests. low rates are good for borrowers but not for savers, while high rates are good for making money expensive to borrow but savers recieve more on their deposits. Training (Revision Presentation) Study presentations. BTEC QUIZ REVISION WITH PICTURES. BTEC National Business Unit 3 Personal Finance - Impossible5 Revision Activity. bonds and gilts- are fixed interest securities issued by companies and the government. if paid in full at the end of the month interest isnt paid. it can be stored, for example in a bank, and then used in the future to buy goods and services. this enables them to keep track of payments received and ensure bills and taxes are paid on time. Share Share by Garziak. A-level Edexcel Business Paper 1, 2 and 3 Revision and Study Chat Cost Theory Problem level 3 Extended btec diploma in business studies another fiction of money is means of exhange. owners capital- the owner invests their own personal savings into the business, the owner may be a sole trader or a partnership. Switch template Interactives Show all. Theme. farreramanda Achieve a distinction at BTEC Business Level 3 Developing a marketing campaign £ 3.50 (5) businessresources ESPORTS TEAMS unit 2 developing a marketing campaign £ 3.99 (0) Bundle. deposit and savings account- an easy access account which pays a variable amount of interest which is taxable. its regulated and accoutable to parliment, where consumers turn to if they have unresloved compaints about the service they have recieved for a fiancial service, gives advise or makes decsions based on the facts given and the service is impartial, the service was set up by law as an indepnednet public body. they do not recieve commission from any products they reccommend, allow customers to choose the product best for their needs and budgets. if you go over the limit or have an unaranged overdraft there will be charges. Training - Introduction & Overview. PROVEN RESULTS IN JANUARY EXAMS 2018 STUDENTS WHO USED THIS RESOURCE ACHIEVED DISTINCTIONS. reducing balance shows the loss or value as being higher during the early years. rates- business tax on non domestick property used to fund local council services, rent- only paid by the businesses that do not own their own premises, inventory- raw materials, finished products, supplies required to run a service business, discount allowed- customers may recieve money off goods either as an incentive to purchase or buying in bulk, bank charges- bank account fees payable on every transaction, marketing- costs related to promoting and selling goods and services, salaries- annual sum of money divided into equal monthly payments, paid to an employee, stationery and printing- administrative costs, administration- paperwork required to run a business, insurance- businesses are legally required to take out buildings, contents, public liability and employers liability insurance, water- payment for supply of water to premises, heating and lighting- payment for service such as gas and electricity. the business will pay back the loan with interest, usually monthly instalments over a few years, mortgages- loan usually used to buy property such as business premises. debt counsellors- agencies who provide financial advice to consumers struggling with debt. they have to be qualified and their conduct is subjected to strict regulation by the government. business cards. you can cash in the preimium bonds when they are no longer wanted. Features of Financial Institutions. Levels: BTEC Level 3; Exam boards: Edexcel; Print page. control- accounting also tracks, trade recievables: debts that are generated by the sale of products or services between businesses (money owed to the business). FREE (17) Popular paid resources. Topic Notes/ covered Happy/ done Revision Checklist Personal Finance 2 BTEC National Level 3 in Business Unit 3 Personal and Business Finance Knowledge Organiser. the assest is used as security againts the loan, if payments are not made the asset can be repossessed.

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