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Combining his own power with the maximum power of Goku's Super Saiyan 4 form would prove him to be one of the most powerful villains in the entirety of the Dragon Ball anime. The two sections of his head shoot off in different directions, rather than nearly straight up, as in the next two forms. Vegeta and Trunks, even in their advanced Super Saiyan forms, are unable to so much as scratch him. He can go 10x the speed of light at full speed. While he may seem mediocre at first glance, this Cell hides a deadly secret; an incredibly powerful transformation that is guaranteed to trigger when he falls to 0% health in his Perfect Form, essentially giving the ultimate android 2 Health Bars. Aside from the sprites, this couldn't be further from the truth. "Knowing that he was incapable of defeating Vegeta in a physical battle, Cell appealed to Vegeta's ego, stating that if he were in his Perfect body he would be a much better challenge. Cell charged the Android with Future Trunks (also in his Ascended Super Saiyan form) in hot pursuit, until Vegeta kicked Future Trunks out of the way. Cell merely toyed with Vegeta at the beginning, absorbing his attacks without any sign of damage; when he did strike back, the kick he delivered blew Vegeta away, smashing him into a rock formation. In this form, he is at his 2nd largest (because of Buff Cell) with his height being more than double that of Vegeta. When wondering what happened, the monster comes from behind, grabs him, and starts sucking his energy with his tail. This Cell is from a future timeline where he has killed Trunks and stolen the time machine. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. He gets killed by Trunks. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will feature Gohan's climactic battle with Cell, but players will have to go toe to toe with all of Cell's many forms. ", Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites. Believing he is perfect, he merely desires entertainment, to enjoy his perfection, and after realizing his "true purpose": the annihilation of anything he considers imperfect, a category in which he places everyone and everything but himself. Almost immediately following the attack Cell regrew the destroyed area and was back. In the future timeline, however, it grows to full-size, cracks out of the machine, kills Trunks (therefore stealing his time machine), and travels back to our present timeline in order to absorb Jinzôningen #17 & #18. Gohan then began dodging all his attacks, taunting him, and overpowering even his strongest Kamehameha at point blank range. This almost destroyed Cell, but Gohan decided to let Cell suffer for a while, which made Goku order Gohan to kill Cell. Cell first appears to us, already in first-form, absorbing every human he comes across in Ginger Town. We don't really know for sure, but it's pretty convincing...! Nonetheless, Power Weighted Perfect Cell is still markedly outclassed by Gohan in his Super Saiyan 2 transformation (although Future Trunks implies that Power. Cell is the only villain to be rooted for by a Z-Fighter. Cell's original, baby form floats in Dr. Gero's basement laboratory. Frieza (in Cell's body) doesn't have enough power to maintain Golden Cell for more than 30 minutes. Also, the fourth daizenshuu writes "DEVELOPED FORM" under "kanzentai," but this is not quite as accurate a translation as "perfect form.". - Big Bad Bosses - Attack of the Clones - The Wall Standing Tall - Nightmare - Brutal Beatdown Androids - Transformation Boost - Time Travelers - Artificial Life Forms - Androids/Cell Saga - Target: Goku - … In a display of his new power he took a direct hit from Android 16 without injury and then. In addition, in the original game his bulky form from when he battled Gohan was accessible as a boss fight only. Perfect Cell even claimed that even if the bomb did blow up, he would most likely not be affected too much, despite his fearful look when he found out what Android 16 was intending to do. Cell is also able to survive in the vacuum of space, due to cells harvested from Frieza. In this form, he is at his 2nd largest (because of Power Weighted Perfect Cell) with his height being more than double that of Vegeta. Out of the three main villains, Cell is the only one to be born/created on the planet Earth. When a single cell of Cell's is able to live through the blast on Kaiô-sama's planet, it somehow "remembers" the structure ofkanzentai Cell (remember that Gohan had kicked out #18, which resulted in Cell degenerating back into 2nd form before exploding). Rather than fully absorbing people, though, he seems to suck the life out of them by stabbing them with the pointed end of his tail, which literally drains the victim of their body mass. Cell has made an impact in many Dragon Ball Z video games, mostly as a boss or high-end playable character. Gohan desperately engages Cell in a Kamehameha wave struggle at the behest of the late Goku. In the game, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2, Cell and Frieza can be put under Babidi's influence á la Vegeta or Dabura, becoming Majins. Perfect Cell, noticing Gohan's anger, ordered the Cell Jr.s to kill everyone. The Z Warriors seemed content until the remains of Perfect Cell jumped to its feet and regenerated. - Messenger from the Future - Big Bad Bosses - Attack of the Clones - Shocking Speed - Shattering the Limit - Legendary Power Androids - Transformation Boost - Time Travelers - Artificial Life Forms - Androids/Cell Saga - Target: Goku - Power Absorption Ironically, although Cell and his arc are not the final villain and arc in the series, the buck often stops there in many games, including Burst Limit, Sagas, the first Budokai, and the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game. He is the ultimate creation of Dr. Gero, , designed to have all the abilities of the greatest fighters to have ever. It should be worth noting that he is the only Red Ribbon Android to not have the Red Ribbon insignia on him at one point or another. Piccolo is shocked but easily avoids it. This form appears as a playable character only on Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Battlers and in Budokai 1 . He was killed by SSJ2 Gohan in the main timeline, his other alternate timeline self was killed by. Throughout the entire tournament he runs from the media covering the story, claiming that he is suffering from. The likes of Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, and Nappa had their cells taken during Vegeta's invasion of Earth, while Frieza and King Cold had theirs taken when they invaded during the Trunks Saga later. Vegeta then challenged Cell to take his next attack head on without dodging it and fired his ultimate attack, the Final Flash. Cell is composed of cells from Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Nappa, Raditz, Vegeta, Tien, Chiaotzu, Krillin, Yamcha, Frieza and King Cold. This mistake continued on into the Budokai Tenkaichi game series as well. The two sections of his head shoot off in different directions, rather than nearly straight up as in the next two forms. As noted over on the Saiyan transformations page, there are many times that (once he becomes "perfect"), Cell "powers up" with the same golden aura typically attributed to characters that are in Super Saiyan. * recovering from severe injuries. Technically, Cell does indeed have Saiyan blood flowing within him, and verbally notes this on more than one occasion. In his most powerful state, Cell appears no different from his Perfect state, though his ego increases due to him gaining a huge amount of power and he becomes notably more deranged, frequently shouting and exhibiting bizarre facial ticks. The larva breaks out of the husk, leaving it empty in the woods near the time machine. from a larva into its imperfect form, kills Trunks (therefore stealing his time machine), reverts to it's larval form, and travels back to our present timeline in order to absorb Androids #17 & #18. The larva would break out of this husk, which would result in Cell's first actual form (which was very lizard-like). Cell even demonstrated that he too could take on a form similiar to USS2 and Cell seemed to know of it's limitations. Goku's laid back nature and love of fighting. Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan. Cell becomes much more humanoid in this form, complete with fully-formed nose and mouth. Goku declares his first loss against Cell during the "Cell Games," leaving only Gohan to challenge the monster. He appears the same as in his Perfect state except with an M on his forehead and black lining around his eyes like with Vegeta when under the trance. Cell was soon shocked to discover that Vegeta was significantly more powerful than his new body, as the fight was entirely one-sided. Anime: Dragonball Z Perfect Cell- Metallic -Exclusive From shop GaloreDigitalPrints. Though his raw strength in this state may be comparable to or perhaps even surpasses Gohan's, Cell's speed decrease impairs his ability to interpret damage, as evidenced when Gohan lands a heavy kick to Cell's stomach, causing him to regurgitate Android 18 and revert to his Semi-Perfect form. Cell turned to Android 18, but she threatened to self destruct before joining him if he approached, which would leave him unable to attain his complete form. Cell's transformations are different from those of, say, Freeza's or the Saiyans'. Should he be attacked before the countdown ends, he will explode instantly. Cell spent the next morning creating the arena where he would hold his tournament, the Cell Games, and then makes a live television broadcast of it to the world. ), Out of the three main villains, Cell is the only one who doesn't kill Krillin (ironically, his main timeline self is killed. His genetic composition is very much a part of his character. Golden Cell (Frieza in Cell… At this point, Hercule discovered the head of Android 16 which, surprisingly, could still talk. According to Cell, an organ inside his. Thus, Cell never reaches other forms in the alternative future. Here, he was defeated. Upon reaching his first transformation, he becomes brash, impatient, and loses much (though not all) of his strategic tendencies. It is likely that Cell's asexual reproductive capability in spawning the Cell Jr.'s is taken from Piccolo's Namekian physiology. This form makes a story mode only appearance in the final battle of Budokai 1 where Gohan must defeat him, despite the fact he should actually be in his Super Perfect form (see below). This is where the Warp Kamehameha wave was introduced. He even has feet like shoes in this form and metal plates all around both of his ankles. Apparently Cell himself was previously unaware of this ability, as he is shocked that he is still alive.Using Instant. In the future timeline, which is another alternate timeline, Cell grows to full-size, cracks out of the machine, turns. At the Lookout, Mr. Popo senses Kami's pain and drops a pot feeling sad for his friend. inhabited or visited Earth. Cell has acid inside his body that is shown when he regenerates his tail while in his first form in episode 152. Dragonballz Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. He is based on Cell (his appearance matching his perfect form). His rear end is handed to him by "Super Vegeta," who ultimately makes the mistake of letting his pride control him; Vegeta allows Cell to absorb Jinzôningen #18, thus completing himself and achieving his kanzentai ("perfect") form. When Vegeta allows Cell to absorb Jinzôningen #18, his absorption process is complete, resulting in the "perfect" form. After defeating Future Trunks in his Ultra Super Saiyan transformation, Perfect Cell assumes this buffed state to demonstrate the mistake Future Trunks made increasing his muscle mass, without balancing his speed as well. Banpresto Dragon Ball Z 5.9" Cell (Second Form) Figure. While in this form, Cell attains greater power by absorbing all of the people he comes across, regardless of their strength. Finally, Android 16 decided to destroy Perfect Cell himself with the self destruct device in his body. His voice deepens than his previous form. Perfect Cell then gained the upper hand and destroyed all of Android 16 but his head, which rolled over the battlefield. To make matters even more complicated, Cell appears to even go "USSJ," the interesting stage between SSJ1 and SSJ2. Fusion Reborn movie saga, even though he was absent in the movie itself. Making the same mistake Future Trunks made earlier, he began a USS-like transformation that reduced his speed drastically, making him unable to hit Gohan. In order to reach this goal, he must absor… good guys all the way to the ending chapter. Lore: The ultimate creation of the mad scientist, Dr. Gero. He also has black sections as well near his adominal area, in the middle between the two sections on his head, and even the black part of opposite side of his tail. 1/150 "Artificial Life Forms" Category Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +100%: Zetsumei Bullet - Causes mega-colossal damage to enemy and lowers ATK & DEF Details: Future Trunks, who dies during Cell Games and is brought back to life with the Dragon Balls, returns to his alternate time-line and destroys the Androids, including the Imperfect version of Cell, bringing peace back to his era. All four forms of Cell had some sort of characteristic of the Z Fighters who challenged him in his personality. Cell tricked. Cell absorbs people through his tail, the end of which can expand to fully surround and take in an entire person (as seen in the image at the right; 2nd-Form Cell preparing to absorb #18). This is then followed by an attack by the Earth's army, but this proves hopeless as Cell, with a single gesture, destroys them all with a form of psychokinesis. With Vegeta out of the picture, Future Trunks was free to fully power up without worrying about injuring his father's pride. Cell is an organic being in every way, now (or so he explains), complete with fully-formed nose and mouth. This otherwise unnamed form is again taken by Cell after he loses his temper with a Super Saiyan 2 Gohan. Cell chided Future Trunks, stating that simple brute force is worthless and quickly demonstrated that he too could increase his muscle size if he desired. Self-Destruction form [edit | edit source] 3,000,000,000 (Explosion's power level) Explosion strong enough to wipe out a Super Saiyan. (Krillin admitted that he was hoping that Cell would win against Mr. Satan, as he felt Mr. Satan was an embarrassment. Cell was designed to absorb Dr. Gero's other androids (Android 17 and Android 18) whole, integrating them into his systems. He is likely described that way in the English manga to emphasize the fact that he is an artificial being. Saved by Rob Evans Video Game Center. Having Frieza's cells, Cell can survive some of the strongest attacks, along with Piccolo's regeneration. 3491. Another interesting characteristic possessed by Cell is the fact that he is very genuinely polite to his opponents (especially in the manga), complimenting them on their abilities and power when appropriate. Though Tien was exhausted right to the point of death (and soon fell unconscious), Cell decided to kill him anyway as retribution; before he could fire though, Goku intervened and teleported to their location using Instant Transmission. As the battle continued Gohan told Perfect Cell to stop fighting, and he told him that the power he could harness when he became enraged would destroy everything. He has the same shape of ears as Frieza's, except that his has an orange line that goes down to his chin and to the both sides of his ears. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. With each change of form Cell went through, his personality changed as well. (Although it was not named at this point in the series) Perfect Cell was pleased when Gohan reached this form but Gohan's first action was mercilessly killing off the smaller Cell Jr.s, which he defeated in a single hit each. In his Perfect, Super Perfect, and Cellku forms, he is extremely arrogant (Saiyan), he becomes very smug and he believes that every other living creature is inferior to him, and is shown to be very polite unless he loses his temper (all from Frieza). Perfect Cell then created 7 smaller blue versions of himself from his tail, christened the Cell Jr.'s. However, this only fueled Perfect Cell's desire to push. When Cell was first awakened in his time line, both Android 17 and Android 18 were not present, having already been taken out by Future Trunks (deactivated, actually, with a specially built remote control by Bulma, reminiscent of what Dr. Gero. When his plan failed, Cell prepared to attempt to absorb 18 by force regardless, knowing that he was fast enough to prevent her from destroying herself and more than capable of overpowering her. Upon reaching perfection, Cell displays a number of traits shared by those whose cells he possesses; Piccolo's cool intelligence and cunning, Vegeta's self-confidence, Goku's laid-back disposition, Frieza's conceitedness, and the Saiyan desire for battling strong opponents. Enraged, Vegeta blindly rushes at him in his Super Saiyan form but is slapped aside. ), first published in Weekly Shōnen Jump on 16 February 1992. He killed Trunks and took his time machine, regressing into his larval state so he could fit into it, arriving four years before Trunks would have appeared. Perfect Cell is the ultimate form of Cell, which he assumed after absorbing both Androids 17 and 18. While at the arena waiting for the day of the competition to arrive Goku arrived briefly to check Cell's power level and they engaged in small talk. Since Cell is comprised of the greatest fighters across the universe, this naturally includes many of the Saiyans (including Vegeta and Goku). He now has a crown atop his head and a dark-colored nucleus at its center. Super Perfect Cell is a version of Cell's perfect form after he receives a Zenkai from his recovery after a botched self destruction that took the lives of Goku, King Kai, Bubbles and Gregory. ), each of which change his personality (Goku's lust for battle, and Frieza's evil heart being examples of such). He also gained Frieza's ability to survive any injury. Unlike his larva form, he now fully walks upright on two legs. Cell, wanting to fight Goku, flew towards him when he grabbed Piccolo.

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