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Volunteer. Garry will only be homed with a family with minimal visitors and someone confident reading his behaviour. LITTLE EXTRA: Fatty’s carers always love his goofy smile and his lovely walking pace. FAQs for pet owners. Bella needs to be the only pet in her home. E.g. Am I committed to caring for a dog its whole life, which for some breeds can be 15 years or more? Read our latest news, including animal appeals and media releases. enter a pet's name into the search. When other humans let them down, we won’t turn our backs on them, as in the heart of every stray lies the single desire to be loved. Find the perfect pet for you and your family. This does mean he is a no to kids (even visiting) – sorry. He enjoys the sights and smells of being outdoors. I would love someone to give me a chance to show them how much love I have to share. Learn about current animal welfare issues we're involved in. Our animals are vet checked and we make every effort to ensure they are in good health at the time of adoption. Learn More. Beau also enjoys the company of another dog to help with his anxieties. She knows ‘sit’, and ‘come’, and sometimes ‘stay’ or ‘wait’. FB Message – Page: SAHARA formerly SA Dog Rescue SLEEPING: Could be encouraged to sleep on a dog bed, although has slept on the end of his parents bed regularly. This means that, on adoption, every pet rehomed through SAHARA will be: In exceptional circumstances, the abovementioned may need to be arranged during or shortly after trial end. enter a pet's id into the search. Good with cats: No Please include contact phone numbers and a little about the home you can offer. Alternatively, applications can be emailed to: [email protected] with the subject line: “Att: [Coordinator Name] Re: Dog Name – Breed”. Find the perfect pet for you and your family. Please include contact phone numbers and a little about the home you can offer. Rosie needs some training and guidance to walk as she is interested in smelling and looking in everyone’s yards. Adoption Fee – $550 (pair) includes current vaccination, microchip & desexing. She turns to mush when there’s a storm or fireworks and needs you around to make her feel safe. PERSONALITY: Garry is a clever dog but needs an owner who can understand him. WALKING: Brownie has come leaps and bounds at his walking. OTHER: Beau is a great companion dog and would suit someone who wants a loving dog to be a part of an older family. Pro Tint Adelaide, 24 Aldershot Ave, Salisbury Aldinga One Stop PetShop, Unit 7-9, 76 How Rd, Aldinga Drakes stores at Allenby Gardens, Blackwood, Findon, Fulham Gardens, Golden Grove, Newton, North Haven and Victor Harbour. you see – she is human! Phone – O’Toole Lawyers: 08 8232 6263 He would also love to be in a home with a young dog for him to play with. BREED: Mixed Breed. Click on the image of each dog to view their profile and applicable adoption fee. Join our newsletter . Cats 0. You see, Nahla likes to to be included in all things she considers human… like cuddling on the couch… spending quality time with other humans… catching up on gossip… exercising with humans… helping humans with all tasks especially hoovering food that may fall on the floor (team work! Sometimes I try to escape so I need somewhere pretty secure, but other than that I’m the goodest boy I’m a good walker, I love walks actually, I am awesome in a car, I am also super food orientated and love a good treat ☺️ age, health. Donate Goods. I’ll be honest though, I’m a bit more of a ladies man and I am a bit nervous around young boys. She likes to be reassured, when anxious or unsure. At the end of two-week trial, all ongoing costs are the responsibility of the new owner (e.g. LIKE AT HOME ALONE: Yes, with Geordie by his side. We are a small group of volunteers who rescue dogs from pounds & also take in surrendered pets for rehoming to carefully screened new homes. Once he’s settled he won’t do it again. LIKES: Fatty loves his walks and enjoys a nice bath. SLEEPING: She sleeps well, on her bed or on the couch. He just needs to fee the love in return and he will be your sweetheart. Beau loves to be inside and does require to be inside whilst you are out. Details about dogs are based on information gathered from owners or foster careers and this can be subjective. OTHER ANIMALS: Zeus prefers to be a solo dog at home and sometimes plays with dogs outside the home as long as he’s properly introduced. One of their big loves is water and and could play in the pool for ages. Dogs for Adoption. He does need some reminding about getting down when he gets excited. I just want to be loved; to be included. Footage currently requested is for the date of: SATURDAY, 23/5/2020. ID Breach Form Report Cruelty Locations Contact. Does my current lifestyle allow me quality time to exercise, play and spend time with a dog? He just wants to be an inside family member. Go. Boof only knows his life with Indy in it, and Indy wouldn’t have it any other way. She can be protective over her owners so would need someone able to give her confidence and build trust. Pet Adoption Service. Please include contact phone numbers and a little about the home you can offer. OTHER: Gia can be anxious of younger children so requires older 15+ teens and adults to help her gain some confidence. Close. PERSONALITY: Beau is extremely friendly and loves to be around people. He loves spending time with people and would benefit from being around someone who is calm and understanding. Profile link. LITTLE EXTRA: Garry needs an experienced owner. TRAINING: Rosie and Blair can sit, shake and wait for their food. Conclusion. LITTLE EXTRA: Harley needs a home with minimal visitors and someone able to pick up on her body language. WALKING: Beau can be overexcited by other dogs on walks so needs someone willing to help with his excitement levels and manage them. WALKING: Junior does love his walks and will also happily just sit and watch the world go by if you let him. WALKING: Misfit enjoys walks and loves to walk at a nice and gradual pace. He can ‘sit’, ‘shake’ and ‘wait’ for treats of course! To apply to adopt please email us at [email protected] with subject line “Attention: Leah Re: Nahla – Staffy”. Have you considered Fostering to Adopt? He is looking for someone who is able to continue his training and provide him plenty of mental and physical stimulation to keep him occupied and entertained. 17. They have been known to dig if bored but if they could have their own sand pit they would happily dig in there. AWL in the Community. Pet Type. To apply click the relevant button next to the dog’s profile. Connect with us: About; Contact; Donate . He is very protective over his toys and food. Adoption fees are reduced for senior dogs despite their higher vetwork costs and longer time in rehab. Have a look at the list of our dogs that are waiting for being fostered! Support. WALKING: Rocky loves his walks and likes to take a slow pace to fully take in his surroundings. TRAINING: Rocky is still learning some basics in his foster home but is getting much better with sit and wait for food. Dependant on meet outside of home. This boy needs a stable and quiet home environment with inside access. Taz is a very timid boy who needs someone special to be the centre of his world. Please if you can assist contact us via: WHAT IS DOG LIKE INSIDE AND HOW QUICKLY DOES IT SETTLE: Reasonably good and settles quickly. I’ll just look forward to cuddles that much more when you get back. He does like to talk (bark) at you to get your attention. He would benefit from a family that can give him plenty of mental stimulation to keep him busy while your out. NAME: Eddie TOILET TRAINED: Yes but still might need a little guidance at the start. Other 0. LIKES: Garry loves walks and enjoys learning new tricks. TRAINING: Brownie has mastered some basic commands and will need continued guidance with training. She needs some reassurance and guidance when she sees a dog out walking. After a fun day of playing he would love to be inside with you and give you a cuddle on the couch. LIKE AT HOME ALONE: Misfit is a great dog when you are out. She would love a running buddy to take her for a daily walk. Become a Member. He’ll bark at storms and fireworks if left outside, but is fine inside. She loves to chase her tail and to chase those pesky flies away! LIKE AT HOME ALONE: Garry is good at home alone and prefers a home with minimal visitors and a quiet home. Updates. Dog Adoption provides care for genuinely homeless dogs by providing foster homes or kennelling, when available, whilst finding suitable permanent homes (conditions apply). Please contact us and we can assist you further. Therefore, they are looking for someone to love them both equally. When other humans let them down, we won't turn our backs on them, as in the heart of every stray lies the single desire to be loved. To apply to adopt please email us at [email protected] with subject line “Attention: Holly  Re: Diesel – Malamute x Shepherd x. LIKE AT HOME ALONE: Junior does love a big yard to roam around in and plenty of toys to chew when you’re out. To apply to adopt please email us at [email protected] with subject line “Attention: Holly Re: Taz – Cattle dog”. OTHER: Zeus can be a couch buddy at night but does prefer an active lifestyle during the day. Visit our Adoptions Centre LIKE AT HOME ALONE: Fatty is pretty good when left home alone but loves to have something to chew or keep him occupied. Find the furry best friend you’ve been looking for right here with Animal Welfare League NSW. Our Dogs Ready For Adoption. She can also be a bit nervous of other dogs on walks so needs to be walked in a quiet environment. Fundraising . Search for a pet, rescue group or article. New Dog adoption fees effective 17/11/2020 for any new dogs advertised. His needs not ours. LIKES: Walks, food, attention, sleeping on the bed. No dogs available for adoption at present Our dogs will not be placed for adoption until we have had sufficient time to get to know them and understand their personality, temperament and observe any health or behavioral issues that require attention. SEX: Male PERSONALITY: Happy and loves attention and walks. I am also a lil’ deaf in my right ear and find it harder to see out of my right big bright blue eye too ‍♀️ But really it doesn’t affect me I’m super dooper healthy They do need mental stimulation to help burn their energy. DOG FRIENDLY: No – ok outside of home with proper introduction. Active in: SA Contact name: Heather Robey: Phone number 1: 0422 893 914: Facebook. Looking to adopt a dog? SCAR is a Pro-Life pet rescue charity that operates with the help of foster carers and volunteers to rescue and rehome dogs and cats that need a “second chance”. Adopt a Cat. And, now let’s introduce 8 year old Boof! Is not prone to chewing and destroying things. We are potentially looking for cars with him inside or anyone leaving on foot in the hopes we can piece together how Toby went missing. Rosie loves a cuddle when she wants it but would happy have a neck or back scratch at any time. Alternatively, ring us on 8243 7124 8.30am-4pm on weekdays. TRAINING : Harley is clever but needs some assertive and confident to help ease her nervousness around visitors. CHILD FRIENDLY: 12 years + CAT FRIENDLY: No. This will also be shared with investigating parties: Police and Legal Team. And your new furry best friend will reward you with devotion, unconditional love and joy. TRAINING: Garry is very good with his training and is very well clicker trained. And please note: We don't freight dogs to new homes. ..and who are we to tell her otherwise?! Adopt. I promise I’m an easygoing boy, and loyal too! She would benefit from ongoing training as she is enjoy her training time with her carers. Dogs for adoption & rescue, puppies, cats, kittens & more! OTHER ANIMALS: Rocky loves playing with other dogs and would be very well suited to a home with another young dog to help him come out of his shell and play with. By adopting a dog or puppy from RSPCA, you’re giving an animal in need a second chance at life. She’s an active human and needs further guidance when out walking and her basic commands need work, but with continued support she’ll master them! Please include contact phone numbers and a little about the home you can offer. She is really sensitive to how your feeling and is learning how to respond to that. I am such a sweetie pie (if I say so myself ) and cant wait to spend my days hanging out with my new fam-bam OTHER ANIMALS: No they require a pet free home. Adoption fee: $350 includes current vaccination, microchip & desexing. DOG FRIENDLY: May bark at other dogs when on lead. If you need a supportive human in your life. BEN, our very smart and beautiful dog, found his loving home last year, he was extremely lucky and happy to be hosted by his owner and his owner's family. Log in. What’s the catch? SLEEPING: Fatty has slept both inside and outside but prefers to be inside close to his people. WALKING: Rosie and Blair are very excited for a few blocks and then calm down. By adopting a dog or puppy from RSPCA, you’re giving an animal in need a second chance at life. We pride ourselves on responsible adoption practices. SA Dog Rescue - Dog Rescue & Adoption - South Australia 2 images SA Dog Rescue is a registered not-for-profit organisation, supported by volunteers in South Australia, dedicated to saving pets from euthanasia, and finding them a new home where they can live … SLEEPING: Beau sleeps inside on his bed but loves a cuddle on the couch at night if you’ll let him. As long as he has something to chew, he is very well behaved and will always get very excited when you get home. Beau hasn’t had much exposure to other animals. Please be aware there is an unprecedented demand for puppies at the moment. AGE: 4 years old (2016) Adopt a pet. He is slowly starting to show his cheeky side and responds well to human direction. Upcoming Events . She does like to talk to you with a bark to get your attention. LITTLE EXTRA: Gia’s foster carers say that she is a beautiful girl who is looking for the right person to be her companion. OTHER: She loves being brushed & belly rubs. WALKING: Harley loves to sniff on her walks and can pull at the beginning of walks but is improving with he foster carer. Want to jump the adoption queue? Once he opens his heart, he is super cuddly and loving. We save and rehome hundreds of dogs and cats every year. Dependant on meet outside of home. DOG FRIENDLY: Out of the home, dependent on meet. Happy homes. Your monthly gifts help pay for necessities like a warm bed and regular meals as well as vital health checks and veterinary care. Report Cruelty. All dogs, prior to being profiled for … He just want to show someone how clever I can be. LIKES: Zeus love learning new tricks and is very good at listening. TRAINING: Junior is good at commands and is very treat motivated so is easy to train and loves to learn. He is a special boy who needs someone who will give him space, and let him build his independence. The Animal Welfare League of South Australia (AWL) is a leading animal welfare provider recognised for the provision and development of services for animals in need. I’m eager to learn more too – anything to make you proud of me. About. They can be your exercise partner or your couch buddy. LOCATION: Grundy Terrace, Christies Beach Details about dogs are based on information gathered from owners or foster careers and this can be subjective. We would like to highlight that SAHARA takes in the ill, injured, seniors and animals on Death Row that are often overlooked, even by other rescues and shelters. Whether you’ve had a dog your whole life or are looking to bring one into your family for the first time, please weigh up the factors below carefully when making the decision to adopt. enter in a keyword to find an article. To adopt one of our gorgeous dogs or puppies, please click here. SLEEPING: Misfit sleeps inside and would love to cuddle on your bed or couch if you’ll let him. LIKE AT HOME ALONE: She copes with being home alone but does get stressed. Donate. If he sees another dog he may pull. All our animals prior to adoption are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated. Misfit just wants a family to give him have plenty of love and cuddles. SEX: Male. LIKES: Bella loves to chase balls – she’d do it all day if she could. TRAINING: Bella is great at basic obedience and is very treat and ball motivated which makes her easy to train. Very bonded to Geordie. She loves her bed treats it as her safe place. OTHER ANIMALS: Harley hasn’t had much exposure to other animals and would be best suited as an only dog home. PERSONALITY: Misfit is a very calm and chilled out dog. Our adoption contract includes a clause that should the animal need re-homing at any time in its life, we are to be contacted and the animal returned to us. And your new furry best friend will reward you with devotion, unconditional love and joy. TRAINING: Fatty has not had much training but is mastering some commands since coming into our care. He loves to be around people. WHAT IS DOG LIKE INSIDE AND HOW QUICKLY DOES IT SETTLE: Gia is good inside and will happily sleep on her bed while you do what you need to do. LIKE AT HOME ALONE: Gia does pretty well on her own but would prefer someone to be home often as she is a great companion dog. Email: [email protected] However, SAHARA is volunteer run and at times, this may not be possible. Visit our shelter at 30 Lemnos Street, Shenton Park, Western Australia from 11am to 4pm, 7 days-a-week excluding some public holidays. DOG FRIENDLY: No in home environment. STOLEN DOG – REWARD PERSONALITY: Junior looks like a tough guy but has a huge heart. SADS do not use paid fundraisers. All dogs are health-checked, behaviourally assessed, desexed, microchipped and vaccinated. SLEEPING: Zeus enjoys sleeping in his crate at night. All of these items can be purchased at our shelters, with sale proceeds helping animals in need. PERSONALITY: Zeus is very clever and loves a run! Sponsor a pet. These are rescue pets which means that if you adopt a pet from a Petbarn Adoption Centre which are located in selected Petbarn stores, 100% of the adoption fee is returned to our adoption partners. OTHER ANIMALS: Fatty would prefer to be in a only pet home so he doesn’t have to share you. He would benefit from continued obedience lessons and someone willing to provide lots of mental stimulation to help with his energy levels. Dogs for adoption adelaide. Dogs. Please include contact phone numbers and a little about the home you can offer. PERSONALITY: Rosie and Blair are both very sweet girls. TOILET TRAINED: Currently working on it in foster home. Am I prepared to use only force-free training? Recent urgent pet listings He sometimes when excited can be mouthy. Adopt. She loves soft toys or toys that squeak. E.g. She makes a great friend and listener. He’s also the biggest sweetheart when he it suits him.[0]=AZWMo2xlZviGXBPPZaS0KfgmxAt2K3PRvkzNnjCyVY3PRcMS9hGAI6x0SsNJAw4GfMY3fH6UfzNR4QWwCCbKolm0DQMNg6bG3Bf_yE4ENXItwdqLuy4LHq1NV-9Gw-QapgNOhDwU77MhwfVk4efMHvp_Bkhl8yfLz-PkgDIfHB7Tr5b3v893LnRsZ1sVkWSDyhM&__tn__=-UK-R,[0]=AZXbbgWMrUAJ-zCUal5oFJY0p-EewYEcWTSGO6Gr-fIaMFwHumKKn287n7hZyR7W6ZRzZrAKF52NqFq9CsnyZHfBf3J9ZZ3Niuy8C4L6sQE0-tiVauwWcXcsONDzNb6jSsa7ek-4zA_DfOVdoJUryoQ3S3xvahGg4_P_0vk4q7IcEvygHXYPpfMTELHq5iFbMSQ&__tn__=-UK-R,[0]=AZV7Ufijo83QAj8tVzDlZr-erJ-1V-j6WKa2LMJw87RS1r_tSRhqzH-yvXO5w5KkAKlBbMK67dKVlIxUD-HqR5vAyRiDBGvgiEnncfWtP13PAoy0qLvCla_hp0BF76aqVnxItxmHOK-t9Lly9nm8bJJp&__tn__=-UK-R,[0]=AZVWZC8MKPE0_adyWWWyWFesoT9-gO5B5gZwAG2z7N7cq1EarE-XWK1HKSSFXyiQwvJvPML2CatrqFB97wdzsJ2dL8dITeXHgwvmDJMPnKDeucbRACgtWo7GvvLtbIQNK4_mkWy6bx8IcaGgktqqhc8r&__tn__=-UK-R,[0]=AZULYMo9_ZSyEaE2lqu3ZjR8Lk0-NB1n58dmyTae3JPXSgqEKSC09T0Eza2tOu2S5FDRnVWab97XmgVfnshiyuWsnrUoHVxvlxwN7dcuzmxmnFYVc44RJ45uY6w8r6p1St0vcoRxT_nxgBi87UAzHfIu&__tn__=-UK-R,[0]=AZUaK6hr9oHY1E01bsDp5uID7HT_Y1tyRIxv-8U5a9JCBMhx1_v1vd7RxUuuGGLn9U8goiJNRI2qu4zwjJZc2VSOMbMMKecQQa2BGtzyMwHcst3wGqqOjkcK3lHdZ9qlJ2NcZFFEcV11GjUGjoIIVULO&__tn__=-UK-R,[0]=AZW_7jv1Bb2PEViIIIyiojytMV8L-CRQnh3SLcfuaRdWcUqf-TEnlA6q-jQwWOKjMGEabzPNQzZzlXeEo3SX8AJP1zGOPKTPpQVS__c7HFE1mTampqsU1hR2wQnShYwErrP5MeGPwarh6UJN1NQ2nxlc&__tn__=R]-R,[0]=AZUeWp0P3xQRkhDUSuwRzFvFQB_x08dSKOQFjwYuUGFwaVPMSsdcRGYDHMLAokpH2j-r3m-jP3COylIjEi5BTkGV7XgXZxMk8WrP3oXXrGgSUeix2Qt4yH6vFCozkwx0zY0JLWe3mV_YO2kga-MYHRzlarnWGjHk6gaLiLfwabR8fw&__tn__=-UK-R,[0]=AZVBdwLoBse8FE9CLd3-659v6gLWHb7sSYjJpscz-Y21jMvyNS-QoG7IT5yvLGvhlSOCwfnuDsqiAx5HWXKjbkG2YGUl2WZm-ttSbefEwFDNa4qyI1S-z2PeJBbk_APnDnYgqTF6Srjhk3Xh1_cTXIN5&__tn__=-UK-R,[0]=AZW8ihDE8_poewWPLsxh2ANJ5bvE0Z-cIqKAavQdMyruD7Fpvc9w1y1MIuw7qErQIwHoxydzrDX0ZzDGp4sO4p9G3lnXKQ4GPIclyJNBb6V_vhUlyZTtZ0srFPpNApIIc4xYXm_5WOMoIqfflcqAhCMx&__tn__=R]-R,[0]=AZVfqnk7bCw2vl02mRzIvJoUg2PuggHAbPuyyfg3SogrMS3pKvbQMH-K8ziOIcIrK2D3nLNIcxIsv5Dcxhy9J4H_YdpR5inTgk9RKIbDFyZ4GVVwNXfr7YPaMT5fu5Ir1mttAIyWdE1mDgxg9WTqNBha&__tn__=R]-R,[0]=AZWKmqTXt1EnR8_RufuK968s3SPf3eWEpEJD2_ejWrrzx2JbwEAqNdFkUBScSR2imlU95-YrNFYVb7pCoXhFCZO0hh93sMvOHeWKftvg6_bnV16D7NzLAuk_lCW6cq_QP9m-cs5M3cZfFVrH_whlEWMt&__tn__=-UK-R, De-sexed (exceptional circumstances may apply i.e. This means we incur higher than usual medical expenses for a number of our animals that our adoption fee does not come close to covering. The way to this girls heart is with belly scratches – so much so she will she’ll give you a light scratch with her paw to ask you to keep going! Take Action. He needs someone committed to him and giving him the chance to show someone how good he can be. DOG FRIENDLY: No in home . PERSONALITY: Brownie is still a pup and needs some positive guidance. Zeus has been crate trained. Am I in a financial position to meet the ongoing costs associated with caring for a dog? flea and worming treatments, medical costs, ongoing vaccination).[0]=AZVOy8DsPUzc5Iu3NWmW_ffvUCVyqDlLm8taSEFyZfUJk-YJiBvwUrElCgKnGZKa_Rbjr5In2tBDS3g2ZcNialprTPY3OnVeMQTgRVO13yr5LPRpQqqJdOMOH2DwBm_qTVQqAtVzdBXz-47Aa3i2ITljKi2k5bUmg0La3AyKQXePGA&__tn__=-UK-y-R,[0]=AZVOy8DsPUzc5Iu3NWmW_ffvUCVyqDlLm8taSEFyZfUJk-YJiBvwUrElCgKnGZKa_Rbjr5In2tBDS3g2ZcNialprTPY3OnVeMQTgRVO13yr5LPRpQqqJdOMOH2DwBm_qTVQqAtVzdBXz-47Aa3i2ITljKi2k5bUmg0La3AyKQXePGA&__tn__=-UK-y-R. Hellllooo I’m Eddie or Mr Ed – up to you I am a water baby and loveeee swimming, do you like swimming too? TRAINING: Gia is good with basic commands and does love to play. Fatty is a good boy inside. LIKE AT HOME ALONE: Beau is great home alone inside but would need an owner who is home often to make him feel secure. About AWL. OTHER ANIMALS: Brownie hasn’t lived with a dog or another animal before and is best suited to be an only dog at home.

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