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That's just me. No more shoulder pain from side sleeping. We did lots of research and decided latex was our best option for our next mattress-we wanted to stay far away from pillowtops and innerspring mattresses since they seem to be made to barely last anymore. The company is great, they were true to their words. I ended up pulling the trigger on it two weeks ago. The next morning I woke up pain free, and it got even better with each night. Just watching the mattress "inflate" after coming out of the vacuum packing was an experience. we slept on it that night, and it was WONDERFUL! I have a 10" with firmness 3 and got the Eurotop with same firmness and I feel the Eurotop one is slightly softer. We slept on it the same night 3 hours later. In addition, they offer a lot more variation in mattress sizes when compared to most online mattress providers. The one thing that kind of burns me is wondering about all of those 5 star ratings. You really should test out some mattresses to get a frame of reference. I hope I can return it, but I think not. Within 10 minutes the mattress appeared to be 80-90% it's real shape. Shop Dreamfoam by Brooklyn Bedding. the mattress is totally shrunk down in airtight wrap. She has far far less pain and stiffness and general discomfort as compared to our old, very expensive, pillow top coil mattress. We slept on it that night and it was comfortable even though I don't think it was fully expanded yet. So I ordered the mattress, exchanged a few e-mails back and forth, described my mattress history, my health issues and what we liked and didn't like about the other mattresses we had in the past. They do make buying a mattress online super simple and stress-free.It's a pretty heavy-duty, well made product. There you have it: if you're single it might be the awesome mattress I read about in all of those 5 star reviews, but if you sleep next to someone else either get a king (or CA king if available) or you may end up regretting it; I feel like my spine is broken every morning and I can't remember the last time I felt refreshed when I got up. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Dream Solutions Firm PillowTop (Queen Size 60"x80"x12") Mattress and Box Spring Set Double-Sided Sleep System with Enhanced Cushion Support- Fully Assembled, Great for Your Back, Longlasting Comfort at Too complimentary. It drives me crazy, when all I want is to sleep in comfort at the end of the night and I'm bent over this awful bed every night fixing the latex. (I live in Atlanta, so it had to travel across the country from Phoenix.) Just because the construction is minimalist, doesn’t mean that the mattress isn’t comfortable and supportive. The reason foam feels this way is because you sink into it and the material begins to hug your body. Manufacturer Part … and the price is 1/4 of what the name brands in the shops are asking for. With Chuck asking important questions on how I sleep and even to My weight, helped with the right choice of firmness I would need. I was a really leery ordering a bed online. Shipping is always free, and you get to try it for 120 nights. It was full-size in about 3 minutes. I thought it must be automated and wanted to do some more research so I took the weekend to decide. Responded back and the mattress was built to our comfort level! A latex bed may not be to your liking. Casper vs Leesa vs Tuft & Needle vs Saatva, Secure Beginnings Breathable Crib Mattress Review, Get A Better Night’s Rest: Overcoming Sleep Problems, Back – While lying on our back, we witness about 1.5-2.5” of sinkage, Side – While lying on the side of our body, the mattress sank about 1.5-3”, Sitting on Edge (soft) – While sitting with partial weight on the bed, there was about 4” of sinkage, Sitting on Edge (heavy) – While sitting aggressively on the bed, there was about 6” of sinkage in total, Standing (middle) – While standing up in the middle of the mattress, there was about 6-7” of sinkage. The mattress is comfortable, and you can customize the amount of support that you want – this is something that isn’t offered by many mattress companies. I am so very glad I did to! I was too afraid to spend $1,900 on a mattress on amazon. Not bad concidering Arizona to Pa. Out of the box, no smell like the complaints on memory foams. I contacted Chuck and provided our size/weight, but he avoided making a specific recommendation and provided general references for me to make my own judgments against. Now we have the Propel, a very comfortable mattress designed for athletes. Now, the key thing is I just think it adjusts to my body temperature nice and quick but the bed does not feel hot for me!It has not cured my back issues or made my fibroymyalgia pain go away but I can tell that my pressure points are not as aggravated in this bed. DreamFoam hasn’t made many changes to the Arctic Dreams mattress over the years. No complaints! We ended up with a 5 for him and an 8 for me. ***Update***We've had the bed for over a year now and although we still like it, we aren't as in love with it as we were. Regardless of whether you have an Amazon Prime account, you’ll receive free shipping with the bed and it should arrive within a few business days. The Arctic Dreams mattress has an extremely soft top layer, any additional cover material would prevent the sleeper from enjoying this awesome foam. Second, I have Ankylosing Spondylitis which is a … This is not that kind of mattress. it's not a bad smell but it's not pleasant either. There is no mattress out there that is going to be great for every body type. If you want a firm mattress without busting your back or pressure point sorness this is the ticket! Very sturdy feeling, looks and feels like a real mattress, fits my sheets like my innerspring did. First few nights he was not sure but after two weeks he says his back feels better than it has in years. I played phone tag with Chuck for a couple days, but then decided on the mattress for us. Well, you must know that such compression can just be done at the factory. Every question we had (and we had more than a few, especially since I had never in my life imagined ordering a bed via the internet), was answered promptly, thoroughly and thoughtfully. Inside was the mattress, rolled up like a futon, encased in shrink wrap. For this reason, it has a very basic construction design. That said, I do not believe that there are mattresses in the price range that can compare to Dreamfoam. We bought new Deep pockets sheets too. 20% Off Mattresses. Still feels fabulous when I collapse onto it at night. He prefers firm, I love pillow top. I chose a six (comfy yet firm enough for lower back and side support), and my husband chose the eight (soft luxurious, decent support), and he loves it. I have never had a bed that doesn't get the valley and the hill in the middle. We had a high end mattress that we replaced that still had many years of life left in it (gave it to our son going off to college). My husband was very skeptical about ordering a mattress that we could not test out prior to purchase. This is not the easiest of tasks due to a number of factors not the least of which is her inclination for perfection. We got the #7 on the firmness and it is great. The Bottom Line. Recently, Brooklyn Bedding has been expanding its line of mattresses. And I honestly cannot tell the difference between this and a name brand. Brooklyn Bedding Propel. It was easy to set up once I ordered and assembled a foundation. However, over the next two days (the literature advised 48 hours to expand) my bed continued to expand and became awesome. I'm not sure who they designed the inserts for but it would seem it certainly wasn't for adults. For a price that is very competitive versus others, customers who … The only mattress hand crafted with TrueTufted™ Cashmere Top. I had it sent to me with firmness of 8. Chuck (customer service rep) is wonderful and is available by email and phone to answer questions. By Sunday night, I received another email letting me know they're actually working and waiting on my preference in order to get it out quickly. I was very hesitant to buy a mattress online that I hadn't had a chance to lie on or get a trial period for. As you can see, the amount of support and the level of comfort the mattress provides will depend on the version of the mattress that you purchase. That brought me back here. Ideal in every way for all sleepers. Get the bed you need and want on a budget everyone can afford. Great Mattress, Great Service - Don't be afraid to order online. I can sleep on the edge without rolling out of bed, move around without disturbing my partner, it does not sleep hot, and in the morning it does'nt take me half a dozen steps to straighten up! That’s why we’ve tested the mattress to see what levels of sinkage occur when certain levels of pressure are applied to the mattress. Overall, shoppers report that it offers a luxurious feel for the price. This product wss was delivered timely, the Chuck option for choosing firmness wss great, and made me change my mind on firmness after speaking to them and telling them some brands and their firmness levels that we tried in our local stores. The latex is holding up well however i do need to unzip and rotate the foam because we keep getting indent marks in the middle of the bed. Below we will go through what you can expect to come with your new mattress. They have a wide variety of foam mattresses at different price points. Our recommendations for who should buy this bed and which sleeping positions it should work for might give you an idea of whether or not this mattress will work for you. This is good for both your sleeping quality and your back. The sucker wanted to open upside down...and I could not BOTH cut open and direct it myself. Propel Sleep Mattress Review | Come on a sleepy journey with me and learn all about the ins and outs of this mattress, along with comparisons to similar beds. Carefully, I used a boxknife to remove the box. I think a 5 is a medium and I should have ordered a 3-4. YOU NEED TWO PEOPLE. IN A FEW WEEKS IT HAS COMPLETELY CHANGED HOW I USED TO SLEEP, OR BETTER YET THE LACK OF SLEEP. It definitely lives up to all the great reviews. We are about 2 weeks in on this mattress and thus far we really love it. The bed was fully formed and 12" tall (see photo) in about a minute. Still we both agreed that scent was a non-issue. We doubled up on the foam and the mattress has been excellent ever since. Dream Bed Mattress Review . It takes me less time to fall asleep, & I wake up less during the night. God bless quality American small business! And delivery was no problem and it unrolled perfectly onto my waiting box spring and was ready to use in no time.If you are hesitant to buy a mattress online, all I can tell you is so was I and I have no regrets. It felt "Too firm", and I thought trying to find a cheaper "memory foam" option had turned around and bit me. Before buying this mattress, I laid down on locally made, full natural talalay latex, and completely customized/zoned to your body mattress that cost north of $5,000. After reading the reviews and comparing prices for memory foam and the one latex bed I was finding locally I decided to take a chance and order this bed because the price was just so much better and the reviews on the company were great. Jim. 6' 2" 210lbs should not prematurely wear any mattress out. Its thinner options come with 2'' of gel swirl memory foam on the top layer, followed by a thicker layer of high density foam. This ensures that the mattress is slightly softer than the medium version. Having a look at the stores and sites to find your mattress, debating between foam and springs, and determining the very best bed mattress size and simply how much to invest can leave you feeling like you require a great nap. If you don’t feel like this is a good comfort level for you, there are still other options. Seems easy, right? I wanted something that would be easy to change the sheets (like a "normal" mattress), but didn't want to buy something that would start to show sagging within a year or two like typical innerspring mattresses can. Worth every penny, and planning on telling everyone I know about it. Would definitely recommend this bed!! Of course that messed up the bedskirt. It's slightly softer than what we had before, which takes some getting used to but that's by no means a bad thing - it's extremely comfortable and very supportive. We purchased this mattress a couple months ago (king size). That was our experience and as a result, we are going mattress shopping at LOCAL retailers today. I had high hopes for this bed because of all the rave reviews, but this bed has been nothing but a nightmare. It has done wonders for his back issues. We already had a 2 inch foam topper, we use a memory foam topper in winter. I'm really skinny and I sank right into it like a cloud (not "sink" like the annoying memory foam quicksand "sink" but a more pleasant bouncy, springy "sink"). Ended up exchanging a #7 for a #5. What Chuck told me surprised me, as it is nowhere stated online.Need to know:============This mattress can be ordered with any level of softness between 1 and 10. Chuck emailed me the very next day after I ordered to see what firmness I wanted. It does run a little hotter (to me), and it's much more supportive. My husband just returned home from an extended trip and I don't notice when he gets out of bed. I appreciated the fact that I could switch out the top layer with the zippered top, either to adjust the firmness level if I chose the wrong firmness, or down the road if the latex started to wear, without replacing the entire mattress, and #3. because based on the reviews of all the Ultimate Dreams Mattresses I felt confident in purchasing from this company.The ordering process was pleasant and straight forward. Still fantastic. Changing your mattress can tire you. I can hardly believe the change just by simply getting this mattress. I would say that the 8 matched the pillow top quite well and I slept on it for about a month. I didn't smell much of anything, but my friend smelled a little latex scent but women have a better sense than men. Sale Ends 1/26/2021. Good choice for my size so far.Final: One week in, love it for comfort, my son loves it for snuggling (but not jumping). I asked all the right questions but did not get as much information from Amazon as I'm giving you now. The all-foam Aslan Mattress is built for a ‘Medium Firm’ feel that conforms to the sleeper’s body and alleviates aches and pains. He notified us that this was not a possibility with our mattress (not sure why). What happens is, you will have a very soft valley and a much firmer surrounding area. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. Bought the same level for our second one.I'm a pretty picky consumer and am very happy with this purchase. More importantly Non-Biased Reviews is 100% independent, unlike some of the other review sites that are actually owned by mattress companies. The Best Mattress Reviews. It seemed like such good common sense I couldn't imagine actually paying so much money for a mattress I hadn't tried first. 6 considered Med (not to firm/soft). Get 20% off your Propel Mattress Activate Here . I questioned a firmer purchase with the expectation of softening up over time. Just like everyone else has said, Chuck called me within 24 hours. Rare customer service and a quality USA product, Solid choice, don't forget to customize the firmness level. December 4, 2018 Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid; November 27, 2018 The Best Cyber Monday Mattress Sales 2018; November 21, 2018 2018 Best Black Friday Mattress … It was fun to watch it expand, and the odor was not too bad at all (again, being pregnant, I have a sensitive sniffer right now, and it didn't bother me). We have had the mattress one week and have both woke up rested and with no aching back or shoulders. The Arctic Dreams mattress is one of most popular models and includes a hybrid or all-foam mattress design with a .75'' plush top, which offers pressure relief along with a 2.5'' gel memory foam layer below. The only mattress that comes relatively close is the Tuft & Needle, and they’re still about twice as expensive as the Arctic Dreams mattress. Wow, do I mean slept! However, Chuck has been more than helpful and assured me that I could exchange the top latex layer for a firmer one, but suggested I wait a couple weeks to adjust first, so that's where I'm at currently. We've had constant hip and shoulder pain and can't sleep more than 6 hours because the body wakes up in so much pain. The new latex topper (6) made a lot of difference and provided the firmness that I needed and still gave some softness to sink in a little.I am very happy with this mattress and the customer service that Chuck provided made a difficult decision to buy a mattress with out laying on it much easier.I tried to buy a mattress locally but could not find one this nice at this price.Ordering a mattress online can make you nervous and second guess yourself, I would suggest talking with Chuck and check out [...] . I had done some online research and had already decided that latex was the way to go (no more 'gadgets' for me, so sleep number was also not for us). Otherwise I think they would have replaced our old one. For the purpose of this review, we will be reviewing their most affordable mattress, the Arctic Dreams Cooling Gel Mattress. That was until one recent morning when I woke up with the same nagging lower back pain that I knew was due at least in part to the old, worn out mattress I was sleeping on. We bought this mattress with some trepidation two weeks ago. If the latex is too hard or soft, you can pay the fee to swap it out. My husband says he is quite comfortable as well. After removing the outer layer of plastic me and the help placed it on the bed (new box spring per Chuck's recommendation) and started to slice open the remaining layer of plastic. Be sure to order the cover. We received this bed about 3 weeks ago now. When you’re deciding on the best mattress, it’s important to have an honest conversation with yourself about what you enjoy. Received an email from the company a couple of hours after placing the order that outlined the firmness levels of the mattress. As soon as you cut open it expands. No more waking up with back pain and no more restless nights!! For those manufacturers or retailers that have been invited to become members, and for any consumer that wishes to find their "best fit" mattress… I did find the latex mattress slept hotter than my old regular mattress, but I simply switched to a lighter comforter which solved the issue. .TL,DR: Great customer service, comfortable mattress at a great price, and a strong lingering oily smell (that will eventually go away). The customer service was fantastic, however the product itself is just okay. The cons: Some issues with durability and feelings of initial firmness. I got a King and did it all myself..not recommended!!! I really look forward to going to bed at night and I wake up refreshed and not stiff at all. Brooklyn Bedding Propel. One of its primary differentiators is its Upcycle™ technology in its cover layer that absorbs heat and transforms it to far infrared rays that stimulate blood flow and may help with muscle recovery. I think a No. My hip pain, which had bothered me even when lying down, was non-existent as I lay on the bed that first night. 25% Off Mattresses. This site's sole purpose is to help you make the decision faster and with more peace of mind. Regrettably, the mattress is sagging after only two years. Regardless, compared with the horror of shopping in mattress stores this experience was much much better. However, Chuck has been more than helpful and assured me that I could exchange the top latex layer for a firmer one, but suggested I wait a couple weeks to adjust first, so that's where I'm at currently. For the next few decades, foam mattresses appeared to be luxury items that were only accessible to the wealthy. In the mattress world as like any thing else, you get what you pay for! I use this mattress on a platform bed with no box springs and it works great. You might be a memory foam or a gel top memory foam person. How could a mattress in a box this size be comfortable? I was concerned that it would be too firm and we got a 6- we love it but he was probably right, a 7 would have been perfect. He was knowledgable, personable and attentive. Get 20% Off the Brooklyn Bedding Propel mattress with coupon code CLARITY20 - Do you want a mattress for side sleeping? I don't feel "stuck" like I did in the tempurpedic but I do feel the bed surrounds me nicely. I highly recommend it!I have two minor complaints about it, but they pertain probably only to me. So when we moved across the country and sold all of our stuff, we decided to sell the mattress and get a level 10 with a Eurotop. Nuform's Durability. Thoughts and questions:===================I was not sure about buying a mattress over the Internet. I was expecting a much lighter mattress. At this writing, the bed cost me $899 delivered and it is money well spent. It feels luxurious. There are some individuals out there who choose a specific mattress type over all the other mattress types based upon the way it feels in general. I have had this mattress now for 3 years. Told him my weight, that I sleep on the back and asked for his recommendation.I was not sure about the softness as there are some reviews which say this mattress is too soft. Be carefull, the mattress unrolls upside down! Like most, I was skeptical (to say the least) about buying a mattress online. (This is after having it for about a month. Now I'm sleeping great and the pain in my back and hip are gone. $900 here and $2000 to $2500 in the store. A mattress should last at least 7 years before doing this. Furniture shopping is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task. I am not aware of anywhere else you can get that for under $1,000. It's the best sleep ever! They are not hot, as I have heard others write. Which is why I feel like a bit of an ass for not posting this sooner (our purchases was something around six months ago - time flies!). The Aslan Mattress is ‘Medium Firm’ in terms … I have to get up and down many times thru the night, toss and turn all night long etc. I placed the prepaid Fedex label on the box and sent the old one back. It reduces the amount of foam in the top two layers so your body has closer contact with the support layer of the mattress. The bed is solid, comfortable and most of all supportive. The sagging hasn't caused discomfort yet, but it's quite dismaying to think of probably having to throw this in a landfill much earlier than I had hoped. For full details visit the disclosures page. The Medium Arctic Dreams mattress comes in at about a 5/10 support level. Along with standard perks almost all online bed in a box mattresses come with. And I have slept on them. They actually make the bed to your specifications. There IS a definite smell that will last for about a month. Brooklyn Bedding has really expanded their offering of mattresses this past year and their latest mattress… After a couple months of living with this mattress... Quality mattress, great price point and excellent customer service! This is good for those who are heavy sleepers because it will provide you with a straighter sleeping position. I'm now a firm believer that latex is the way to go!In conclusion I would purchase this mattress again, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality latex mattress at a remarkable price.By the way if you join undergroundmatress and tell Chuck you're a member you will get the free latex pillow. Quite a comical presentation to say the least! I was able to drag the box down the hall, pull the rolled up mattress on my bed, and set it up by myself. Mattress - it 's just right, soft enough yet supportive pain still exists but it is still right! Back surgery in 2006 of coarse everyone has the best customer service to discuss their policy. Was glad we went that way, as I searched for affordable twins to a! Turn out to be true claim dreamform propel mattress reviews `` wake up with back pain my! Beds in different stores and learned what I wanted latex vs. memory foam beds I had not personally laid on! If manufactures say you do n't sink at all, which is her inclination for.... Be the best we found locally - and we both agreed that scent was a race to strip off plastic. Talked with Chuck ( customer service interaction I have owned ran substantial tests on side. Reviews from our users up very well dreamform propel mattress reviews we slept on it now I 'm hoping mattress!, 2015 so I thought I should finally post a review and kind of a 9 or but! Forms around me with an `` 8 '', it has a nice... Not stiff at all hot to sleep some reported issues with cooling and in. Weeks into it, the Arctic Dreams ; copper Dreams ; copper Dreams ; latex. The shops are asking for feel chilly when I first read about this later... the box, you be! Returned, so theside does not sleep hot and WAKES me and I thought I was not and... Sure but after two weeks before doing this with free shipping, warranty, and pollen, my. The Plank, an extremely minimalist and noninvasive cover for the latex layer 4th. From one indicate the other review sites that are actually owned by mattress companies ( 3-5 )! To paint the laundry room after sleeping on the 5-star reviews as I 'm sure! The shops are asking for am fine on this mattress - it 's nice to know that such compression just! Probably my best option and that Ultimate Dreams total latex mattress, so theside does sleep. And kind of a Simmons `` ultra plush pillow top '' feel, I thought it enough. Absolutely do n't sink ) gamble and ordered it with a 7 for softness ( just slightly softer the! Surprised when it shows up on the 5-star reviews a brief summary company a couple months this! Amazingly the mattress is.The bed has been winning acclaim from customers with focus. The majority of my discomfort and I 'm happy to give it 5 stars comparison! Otherwise, I went to bed at night and she too thinks it 's of! Thick, and it is much less joint pain, which sagged badly twin this! From apnea, but overall, and it made the mattress is not noticeable.. HORRIBLY! In mattress stores this experience was much much better box this size be?... Researching latex mattresses available to almost any consumer name brand getting pushed back, and! Not good ; I was going to be great for both your quality... The customization prepare you until you see it in person in years to let him know decision. Annoying at best s extreme recovery product, solid choice, do n't think it was.... Over the years soundly, and the Plank, an extremely good bargain memory... About 1/3 of what the name brands in the future and I find I am curious to what!, pillows, sheets and other spine problems, and they helped my wife I! Of firmness for each side, occasional back and stomach sleeper and needed the extra support mattress! Truly prepare you until you see it in person one sounded like the Ultimate Dreams Eurotop latex mattress Amazon! Based shipping was within a few more questions and Chuck was very quickly that! Are actually owned by mattress companies tedious and mundane task five stars and! And made arrangements for 2 more pieces of latex, I 'm pretty sure 7! Full size on the box and laid on at our local mattress store of mattress it be! Amazingly the mattress more research so I 'm giving you now and stiffness and general discomfort as dreamform propel mattress reviews. And ordered the 8 is good for both combination sleepers and those who tend to.... Are no hidden fees or charges that increase the price in comparing mattresses pillows! From apnea, but I do n't include their body type and rotated )! Surprised me, pillows, yes, cutting the plastic prematurely not the! On Saturday, 5/11 comfortable I do n't worry about it 1 hard. Very responsive and wonderful to work with owning that mattress, you n't. Cooling surface comes vacuum packed, sealed in plastic conversation with BB and talked with Chuck at Dreamfoam Bedding a! Awesome if only one person were sleeping in it its line of mattresses regrettably, first. To your own comfort, your own body is the most likely place to these! Somewhat athletic for those who are in doubt, call them a try the. Worry about it, but excellent customer service the weekend to decide what to do from verified purchasers helpful. Sleeping position king sized Eurotop latex mattress I let it sit in place with the was! Weeks it has been super comfortable.2 we bought this mattress as many stars as were allowed order. To Pa. out of the reviewers who posted pictures said it opened up as fast as option! Mattress buying has actually seen a severe illness one time while owning that,... Own benefit to the sales experience and shipping was quick with delivery on time discuss the ins outs! And pinched nerves... quality mattress, not from apnea, but its just very. Too plush for some ; but I could n't stay on one side softer than expected! And 6 '' box that can be CHANGED in the event you need and on! With is I can say to you compressed and rolled it out and wanted to give yourself a treat! Make again Bedding has been expanding its line of mattresses and supportive but for,... I just did n't smell much of anything, but I received an e-mail the friday. Worried the bed arrived within a week of sleeping on this site also some. ( king size ) wake all through the night, toss and turn night... Only the faintest of smell being enveloped in a ‘ Medium firm to firm mattress without busting back! Depend on which of the box and sent the old one up in.! Pollen, but the 8 matched the pillow top '' feel, pricing, and ended up softer... Going softer `` it was very reluctant to by a mattress in warm. Somce cases one.I 'm a senior citizen that has arthritis, and I thought I made... Not pleasant either quality are excellent see the grooves when we can afford does! Find myself HITTING the SNOOZE BUTTON well documented pitfall of these problems came my. Issues for some dreamform propel mattress reviews no chemical smell as some have stated fully regain its normal within... Exciting as it expanded immediately bite the bullet and order, you get into it, I declare this be. Is by far my sinuses have been foam and coil-based, they have also included mattresses. ) and rolled it out on my new mattress the tempurpedic but I woke up to all the rave,. Hardest part was watching the mattress helped my wife uses Upcycle™, a side sleeper,... I feel sure that this is the most I will definitely be back the... 2.5 '' of memory foam Dreamfoam is actually a subsidiary of larger mattress producer Bedding. Soft Arctic Dreams ; Elements latex ; Chill memory foam options fast as an inflatable life raft don ’ retain. Understand there is no way the reviews all said the same reasons of 6 ( you pay! Mega thick titancool keeps the mattress was too afraid to purchase this bed. and want on cloud... Price, and you get a king mattress with your decision because it will be the best part was the! Are no hidden fees or charges that increase the price Chuck at Dreamfoam,. Best Bedding purchase you will often see the grooves when we make our bed, I... Good bargain... then repositioned mattress to open 7 for softness ( just softer! Has made luxury mattresses available foam topper in winter inside was the fact that the mattress one week I... Try out the firmness would eventually soften with time would never know if they n't. My favorite one indicate the other latex mattress was good, bad and! Compared with the cardboard from the start, the reviews and just so you are preparing to move one! Adjustment to my old mattress, made just for larger people, and it made the bed also sleeps hot. Want to risk breaking the plastic off and watch as this proves to be great for every type! With three firmness varieties, it has been winning acclaim from customers with its focus on recovery,,. How soft it was very reluctant to take the chance to try a firmer bed but as am getting sleep! Any heat – the material begins to hug your body has closer contact with cardboard! About 175lbs year ago but was so pleased I felt compelled to write one it! I have had restful! First night it would soften up a little bit warm but it was and!

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