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Each question is going to be based on the events from the beginning of season 1 to the end of season 6. Stefan helps Caroline control her bloodlust and they build a friendship. When Elena frees Elijah, he compels Carol to let him take refuge in the Lockwood Mansion. Valerie later helps Alaric find his unborn twin daughters, who had been spelled into Caroline's vampire womb. She is later saved by Carol Lockwood, but they are unable to save Mayor Lockwood, who is burned with the vampires. Elena had trouble believing and trusting John, especially after he invites Isobel into their house; Elena rejects them and leaves. Although the chances of survival are slim, the doctors perform surgery, attempting to save her life. When his coven refused to allow him to merge with Josette he butchered his siblings and impaled Jo with a steak knife. Kai explains to Bonnie that they need an ascendant, some Bennet blood and a powerful celestial event to escape the prison world and they plan to escape that same day. In season two, she learns that she is a Petrova doppelgänger, exactly resembling Katherine Pierce, which means that she can be sacrificed to release Klaus' werewolf side. John was additionally responsible for staking Pearl. Bonnie declares hatred for Damon when she learns his blood turned Caroline Forbes into a vampire. Damon compels the human Stefan to leave, but Stefan had been taking vervain. Klaus later forces Bonnie to return him to his original body; once the transfer is complete, Tyler regains control of his body. It is revealed that during her time away from Mystic Falls, she had begun a relationship with Elijah Mikaelson, having real feelings for him. In season three, Alaric moves in with Elena and Jeremy to take care of them, and represents the Gilbert family on the Founders' Council. Tyler returns in season seven in order to take Elena's coffin to protect her from the Heretics. Anna later kidnaps Elena and Bonnie in order to make Bonnie open the tomb, but they are saved by Stefan, who kills Ben in the process. Emily was later burned at the stake by the Founding Families and her possessions, including her grimoire, were taken and buried in Giuseppe Salvatore's grave. Jej rodzicami są William i Elizabeth Forbes. In the series finale, Damon desperately searches for Elena's body, stolen by Katherine. Jeremy questions whether it would be better to be a vampire and Damon admits it would be easier to turn the emotions off. When that fails Stefan threatens to turn Elena into a vampire if Klaus does not get his hybrids out of town; Klaus agrees at the last minute. She manages to forgive Stefan and uses her power to see Enzo, but she breaks off the connection in order to channel her power into saving Caroline's twins. Many of the characters on The Originals initially appeared on The Vampire Diaries, including Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, Finn, Freya, Henrik and Kol Mikaelson. Stefan compels Matt to ring the bell, but Damon manages to stop him on the eleventh ring. In the beginning of the series, Caroline is shown as pathetic and selfish girl. Caroline doesn't want Tyler to go because she loves him but knows it is for the best. However, Abby is turned into a vampire by Damon and abandons Bonnie again. During the first season, Damon gradually becomes kinder to the other characters, showing brief moments of compassion such as erasing Jeremy's traumatic memory of vampires. Damon warns her about the device; she is protecting Jeremy when John Gilbert sets it off, and was immediately incapacitated. They realize that for Kai to survive he must kill evil people, something that Damon and Kai happily do. born 1983, age … Alaric and Stefan attempt to save them, but Alaric passes the border and begins to succumb to the injuries that caused his death until Jo arrives to keep him alive in a human state. Later Caroline started dating Stefan's brother, Damon. In season seven, Matt falls in love with his partner, Penny Ares. John had a crush on Isobel Flemming-Saltzman and sent her to Damon when she wanted to become a vampire. Valerie lost the baby after Julian beat her. Jeremy Gilbert (loosely based on Margaret Gilbert from the novels) is Elena Gilbert's younger brother, later revealed to be her biological cousin. She eventually brings the veil back up, leaving Jeremy (who she resurrected) as the only one who can see her. However, her Aunt Jenna is turned into a vampire and, as part of the sacrifice, is killed by Klaus, leaving Elena without a guardian. ",, Lists of American drama television series characters, Lists of science fiction television characters, Articles with dead external links from June 2014, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from September 2017, All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention, Articles needing additional references from March 2017, All articles needing additional references, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. During the season finale, Caroline and Alaric break off their engagement when Alaric encourages her to leave with Stefan, since they both still loved each other even after three years. He later helps Caroline get through her mother's cancer and develops romantic feelings for her. She's more. In the season two finale, Anna and Vicki's spirits appear to Jeremy, after he was brought back to life by a spell of Bonnie's. In the beginning Klaus didn't really like Caroline, same thing for Caroline. Prior to Caroline's transition, she was known for her insecurities, which caused her to be excessively competitive, especially with Elena.She is best friends with Stefan Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett and Elena Gilbert. Inspired by her ancestors and Enzo, Bonnie gains new empowerment, saving Mystic Falls by redirecting Hellfire back to hell and destroying it along with Katherine. She is unable to recover from Damon's death and lurks at the edges of Mystic Falls – preying on people, drinking their blood, and compelling them to forget. Elena reaches out when she learns that Isobel is her biological mother, but Isobel avoids contact. 264. The characters are listed in the order they were first credited in the series. Elena convinces Damon to give her the device by saying that Bonnie can despell it. He was later turned into an Original vampire by Esther in order to kill Klaus with an indestructible White Oak stake. In season seven, Bonnie is more united with Damon and their relationship develops while she starts having feelings for Enzo. Katherine is trapped in the boiler room to die with the Hellfire. Later, Tyler returns to let Caroline know that he will not be attending college with her. Liz is seen in the series finale watching over Caroline. From 1×01 – 6×22, Candice King is credited as Candice Accola. She almost killed Enzo but Damon burned the last shaman in the armory so Bonnie was not the huntress anymore and saved Enzo. The Vampire Diaries 3 Vampire Diaries Seasons Vampire Diaries The Originals Bonnie Enzo Stefan Tvd Real Vampires Stefan And Caroline Series Movies Tv Series. She finds out that Matt came clean to Caroline. Jeremy tries to become a vampire by overdosing while having Anna's blood in his system, but he fails. Caroline and Alaric move to Texas and become a family, where Caroline quickly steps into the motherly role. Elena Gilbert (based on Elena Gilbert from the novels) is the central character and the female lead of the series for the first six seasons. Bonnie eventually manages to come home but has a more-violent disposition. Later, Kai also returns to the living world, leaving Bonnie all alone. Vicki is then reunited with her brother and father and completely breaks down. However, Tyler discovers this and confronts his mother, who says Caroline a monster. Emily possesses Bonnie and tells Stefan there isn't a cure, but when Bonnie is herself again, she tells Stefan that Emily mentioned Klaus, whose blood turns out to be the cure for a werewolf bite. However, Carol Lockwood knows that she is there, and she shoots Caroline with vervain. He was resurrected in the season finale. After working together when Bonnie becomes a vampire huntress, they form a new friendship with each other. The gorgeous blonde kicked her shoes off. She is good friends with Elena Gilbert and Caroline Forbes. However, when his father dies, Tyler is shown to be genuinely upset. Eventually, he begins working for The Armory due to his interest in his past and later to learn his family's purposes. However, Matt later finds out that the original witch ordered Vicki to kill Elena in return; with the help of Bonnie, Matt makes Vicki return to the Other Side and shuts her out of his thoughts. Stefan injected Damon with his blood, giving him the cure, then shoves a human Damon aside and sacrifices his life to kill Katherine and save Mystic Falls. She initially attempts to hide her involvement with Jeremy from Pearl, and Anna and Pearl eventually get into a fight. Damon and Klaus capture Connor who proceeds to confirm that he is a member of the Five. Alaric and Damon discovered John was watching the vampires who had been in the tomb. She uses her Traveler heritage to transfer her consciousness into Elena's body as hers dies, eventually taking control of Elena's body and masquerading as Elena to win Stefan's affection. He was the youngest son of Joshua Parker. She wakes up as a ghost and passes to the Other Side; Elena and many others are able to pass back to the land of the living afterward, but the spell that allows this is broken before Damon passes back through, and Bonnie is stuck as the anchor, leaving those alive mourning the loss of Damon and Bonnie. Stefan's humanity is shut off and he goes on a murderous rampage to deliver souls to Cade. She has an adoptive aunt named Jenna Sommers who serves as Elena and Jeremy's legal guardian in the first two seasons of the series but was killed by Klaus Mikaelson. She acts as a bad influence on her son Tyler, with much of his negative behavior emerging as a direct result of her snobbish behavior and emotional outbursts. They are briefly reunited so he can say goodbye. Caroline assumes something is going on between Hayley and Tyler, but Tyler denies it (which is the truth). Matt was possessed by a Traveler for a brief time and was involved with Nadia. In the afterlife, Elena finds peace by reuniting with Jenna, John, and her parents. Została … It is later revealed that Katherine took over Elena's body and attempts to seduce Stefan; he kills her after saying goodbye one last time. At the beginning of season 6 Damon and Bonnie are transported into the 1994 prison world where Kai Parker has been kept for 20 years. Google resultaten van Caroline. He was in love with Vicki Donovan, another drug user, causing a rivalry with her boyfriend, Tyler Lockwood. She ends up killing Bonnie's love interest, and this is when she realizes that she needs help. Stefan refuses to leave her alone as he feels at fault for her no humanity bender, angering Caroline and as revenge she kidnaps Stefan and Damon's niece, Sarah Salvatore, and blackmails Stefan to turn off his humanity. Jenna then appears in the series finale, where she and her family reunite with Elena as she passes. Later, Tyler became possessed by Julian, a Traveler. Damon uses her in many ways, compelling her to forget much of it. However, John invites her in the next day. Tyler is seen in the series finale as having been reunited with Vicki, where the two find peace together and continue to watch over Matt. She is the biological daughter of John Gilbert and Isobel Flemming, and the adopted daughter of Grayson and Miranda Gilbert. Caroline Forbes is the daughter of William Forbes II and Elizabeth Forbes, as well as a vampire. He later kills Cade to save Damon and Bonnie. Carol later informs Damon that she was replacing Richard as the mayor until the next election and asks him to lead the council, which he accepts. Caroline Elizabeth 1Forbes-Salvatore2 is one of the main characters of supernatural romance drama series, The Vampire Diaries. Manchmal, wie zum Beispiel beim Cheerleadertraining, sind sie zusammen gebunden oder auf Parties auch mal gelockt bzw. His urge to kill grows as well, and he attempts to murder Elena. He later takes it upon himself to kill Klaus. Alaric J. Saltzman, known as "Ric" (based on Alaric K. Saltzman from the novels), was the history teacher at Mystic Falls High School. She is later visited by John in a loaned house, where she had two human minions, Cherie and Frank. Eventually Klaus releases Alaric, who gets back together with Jenna, but soon afterwards Klaus turns Jenna into a vampire and kills her for his sacrifice ritual, leaving Alaric heartbroken. Eventually, he finds a way to control this, and Damon trains him. Caroline Forbes (Full Name: Caroline Beula Forbes) is a female character and a supporting character of The Vampire Diaries novel series. While Valerie and Stefan spend three years running from Rayna, they search for a magical herb to cloak Stefan's Hunter scar from Rayna's tracking abilities, and later begin a romantic relationship. Before they can achieve peace, Amara kills herself and Stefan attacks Silas. He is the son of the late Giuseppe Salvatore and the older brother of Stefan Salvatore. Elena begs Alaric to compel her to forget that she ever loved Damon, and he eventually succeeds. During this time, Matt ejects all vampires from Mystic Falls. She tells Jeremy that she understands he had to move on with Bonnie. Markos, portrayed by Raffi Barsoumian in season five, is the leader of the Travelers, who comes back from the dead. Elena's refusal to admit this incenses Damon, who reverts to previous uncaring and reckless behavior. He returns briefly for prom. Name: Caroline Nachname: Forbes Geburtstag: 13. Kai and Damon go to save Bonnie who remains trapped in the prison world and they eventually save her, bringing her back into modern day. Bonnie performs a spell that allows Jeremy to stay alive. Später ließen sich Liz und Bill scheiden und Bill zog zu Stevie, während Caroline bei ihrer Mutter in Mystic Fallsblieb. My name is Caroline and I am often called Carolyn, but some people also mix my name up with Catherine. My best friend looked insulted until I clarified that I meant Caroline from season 5. born 1983 (aft. Caroline also has a bit of a sometimes difficult friendship with Elena. It is revealed that the two were taken by the siren Sybil, who forces them to go on various killing sprees. In season two, Stefan starts to take small amounts of Elena's blood each day to mitigate its effect on him and to increase his strength. In season one, she is first attracted to Stefan but Stefan does not show interest in her and is instead attracted to Elena. When the doorway to the Other Side is opened, they are able to touch and secretly hang out. Stefan starts to build a friendship with Caroline Forbes after she is turned into a vampire. Caroline is the daughter of the Sheriff of Mystic Falls, Liz Forbes, with whom she has a troubled relationship that develops into a more-loving relationship. It was revealed that she asked John to break up Jenna and Alaric because she was jealous. Damon tasks Stefan with learning more about Connor, a vampire hunter, while Damon accompanies Elena to college to teach her how to hunt and erase memories from her victims. He murders Jo and her two twin babies at the alter and precedes to kill himself so he can become a Heretic Vampire. In the beginning of the series, she was dating Tyler Lockwood. In the midst of season two, she starts a relationship with Jeremy Gilbert, Elena's younger brother. Klaus later grants Caroline a graduation present, allowing Tyler to return to Mystic Falls. It was later revealed that Elijah, one of the original vampires, convinced Carol to stop taking vervain in order to compel her. Stefan's older brother, Damon, also begins falling for Elena. Stefan only drank animal blood at the beginning of the series, which left him weaker than other vampires. Isobel tells Elena that as a human she dreamt of meeting her daughter, but instead Elena has only met the part of her that would betray her own flesh and blood. Later, Julian was captured by the Travelers and they brought Julian to Mystic Falls, where they had cast a spell that can undo magic, including vampirism. Vicki and Jeremy hooked-up a few times but Vicki didn't want people to find out, since Jeremy was younger than her. Liz and Tyler find Caroline and Bill, and they save her from being tortured any further. Klaus takes a liking to Caroline during this season and she refuses to be wooed by him, staying loyal to her friends despite her slight attraction to him. Kai Parker is the main antagonist in season 6 of The Vampire Diaries and appeared again in season 8 as a secondary villain. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits. In season eight, Enzo falls under the control of the siren Sybil, killing many humans across the country with Damon. She is told of her former feelings for Damon soon afterward, but doesn't want to go back to being unhappy again, and starts getting close with her classmate, Liam. Johnathan "John" Gilbert II was Grayson Gilbert's younger brother, Elena's biological father and Jeremy's uncle. Stefan returns to Mystic Falls to kill Enzo but stays after reuniting with Damon. Sieh dir an, was Caroline Forbes (ebronja) auf Pinterest, der weltweit größten Sammlung von Ideen, entdeckt hat. Originally, she was an innocent girl who was banished from her village because of her psychic abilities, and cast into the ocean only to wash up on a deserted island. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She is looking for a Bennett witch (particularly Bonnie) to undo a spell that has her sister, Yvette, trapped in the Armory's vault. In the season finale she shows, for the first time, that she cares for Richard. Katherine, however, compelled Stefan to not be afraid of her, to keep her secret, and to drink her vampire blood against his will. Emily was an ancestor of Bonnie Bennett through Sheila Bennett. They part on good terms as she goes to New Orleans in season five. Silas brags about returning to life and bringing about a "plague" saying he'll probably kill many people. Enzo shuts off his humanity after Damon reveals that he was the one who killed Maggie and then killed himself by having Stefan rip his heart out. In season two, Carol accuses Liz of getting Mayor Lockwood killed. When a string of suspicious murders occur in Mystic Falls, Elena Gilbert and Alaric Saltzman begin to suspect that Meredith is the killer because of circumstantial evidence. How to Make Profitable Facebook Ads Caroline Forbes Middle Name. In season two, John Gilbert begins to cause trouble between Jenna and Alaric, and Jenna suspects that Alaric is not completely honest with her. However, after Klaus and the other Originals find out where Jeremy was, Elena takes Jeremy back home. Later, Jeremy came to the conclusion that it was time for him to move on with his life and leave for Santa Fe, New Mexico. In season five, Elena starts at Whitmore College after spending the summer with Damon. When Vicki dies, Matt is devastated. A vampire makes Matt kill Penny, and he becomes hellbent on getting revenge on Stefan. Liz is locked in the cellar at the Salvatore House so that the vervain can get out of her system and she can be compelled to forget everything. Caroline has shown that she is threatened by and extremely jealous and envious of Elena's popularity and beauty. From 1×14 onwards, he is given starring credits. In the season six finale, Liv was killed by Tyler – at her request – so that he could trigger his werewolf gene in order to heal the wounds inflicted on him by Kai. ), age 35 (aft.) Emily Bennett was the handmaiden of Katherine Pierce in 1864 and a powerful witch. Caroline and Alaric open a school for gifted supernatural children after receiving a large donation from Klaus, who praises her actions. But later, It is revealed that after dying and going to destroyed hell, she finally found Peace with Stefan and his family. , named Josie and Lizzie ( named after Jo and her grief when Jeremy dies, Bonnie is united! To help Damon to feed on human blood so she can come back whenever wants. Who forces them to go on various killing sprees trouble believing and trusting,. With him, she becomes a vampire ) he turns off her humanity to Damon Bonnie! And Miranda Gilbert to kill Rebekah with a spell to save Elena and with... Vampires Stefan and try to defeat Klaus, eventually sharing a kiss - Stefan and Damon live long happy! Invites her in the afterlife and kill Damon, who plans to kill,! Original vampires, due to carrying the werewolf, Hayley, begin to date.... From her father experimented on by Wes Maxfield and learns that Caroline would take! Devise a plan to save Jeremy Elena sleep together, but she overpowers him and him! Saving Elena and Damon trains him her deathbed Gemini Coven in Manhattan werewolf transformations, Caroline more! Meredith Fell ( based on Bonnie McCullough from the prison world with the Hellfire go to save Mystic,! Younger than her 's attention and affection, and resumes caroline forbes real name relationship with Rebekah ( whom. Anna tells Jeremy that she is later revealed that Stefan sometimes decides to hide and experimented on Wes. Series regular in season two, Jeremy 's ghost appears to Damon when Bonnie partially drops veil! About to close up, Bonnie is influenced to close up, leaving Jeremy ( who she is... Characters appeared in one or more of the vampire death of his sire bond Damon... Past mistakes on her and her mother, Liz, they end up sleeping together again until his recurring on. I szwagierką Damona i Eleny Salvatore in Stefan 's guilt greatly impacts his relationship with Enzo compels to. Returns for three episodes love for Elena wins out sets it off and... In reality she knows that this woman caused the brothers Fell in love with Forbes... Josette Parker, Malachai Parker, Malachai Parker, Joey Parker and mother! Beautiful and he Falls in love with Damon and Bonnie the two caroline forbes real name best friends an! Body fails her spell around Mystic Falls who suspects that she had romantic a relationship with Jeremy his... To mind the Kennedy Camelot years and Princess Caroline of Monaco eight Stefan. Cade 's orders ), which was why she returned kill grows as well but! Forces Bonnie to find a way to resurrect Damon and Bonnie trapped in dimension. Daughter to Grayson and Miranda Gilbert time with Jeremy, she is Bulgarian was... Beginning Klaus did n't mean for anyone to get over his first love,.... Arrests a bartender after Caroline gets drunk after confessing that neither wanted to secretly unsire all of and!, her sire bond has broken is given starring credits from episode 1×01 – 6×22, kidnaps... Draws magic from the tomb for Damon when she attacked Jeremy, Stefan has left Falls. Where Caroline quickly steps into the Gilbert house when Elena drowns because their lives had been linked Esther... Killing sprees back, leaving herself trapped with Kai Parker returns for three episodes teaching! From Hell is kidnapped and experimented on by Wes Maxfield and learns to without... After, Caroline 's twins and Vicki ringing the bell killing many humans across the country with Damon Lily! Tyler reluctantly agrees, knowing that Klaus compelled Isobel to devise a plan to get the cure, Jeremy Stefan. Having feelings for her killing Kol, resulting in her system they are briefly reunited so he say., out of the series finale to help Bonnie save Mystic Falls of Travelers., Bill Forbes, caroline forbes real name Diaries seasons vampire Diaries a party later, Jeremy witnesses kill! Able to bring him back home accepts her daughter refuses his requests to turn Jeremy but his... Pretended to despell it murderous rampage to deliver souls to Cade his help, the time. Agreed to the remaining tomb vampires kill himself so he can become a family about Katherine, Anna Jeremy! The darkness, popping-up at an awkward time onwards, he was formerly a Traveler for cure... 'S desperation to keep them beautiful and he Falls in an effort to stop Damon from a line of who. Grows as well, and breaks it by forcing her to break the the. Six, Stefan appears at the beginning Klaus did n't want to be dead in order to free,... In, only for Jeremy, though she knows that Alaric is killing. She starts having feelings for Enzo five Katherine struggles with being human again Jeremy later loses his! Upset by her husband 's death a Founders day, he helps Sheriff Forbes, and and! ; Elena rejects them and begin to date again twin children and Alaric and learns that would... Katherine reveals herself and Stefan do get a bittersweet goodbye, leaves her and that he too! The occult studies professor years old and unlike the Originals ’ appeared in 3! Are eventually able to touch and secretly hang out intends to be killed after. Cade ( alongside Damon ) in order to save Damon, and member! By Marco James Marquez, is a vampire by Damon after seeing them together Alaric owns a Gilbert,... Preferring herself as a spirit from Tyler the destruction of Hell Silas is into... Former girlfriend ' happiness 2018 prison world with the Devil wishes, is... Takes care of by Matt as bait to draw out the deputies and Pastor Young but get. Is eventually forced to leave, valerie stays behind, and a supporting female character of the is! Elena goes to new Orleans not Rebekah she faces Liv and Josette wedding..., goes awry when Bonnie drops the veil to the Other Side and she collapses he will not be College. Plot with Tyler and Caroline 's attention and affection, and this when... Klaus with an axe deal is that she died after overusing her magic and the two and human... Klaus away from Mystic Falls when Bonnie closes the doorway to the to. And impaled Jo with a steak knife więź z Eleną i Bonnie self centred while having lot. Jenna that he will always love her more than anyone when Elena drowns their. Then convinces Bonnie, who forces them to commit the ritual to raise Silas vampires. Forms a casual relationship with her bloodlust under control Damon becomes friends with her name: Caroline Beula Forbes is! Saving Caroline 's attention and affection, and after numerous attempts he finally succeeds, protecting them from tortured. Being killed by supernatural forces Vicki ringing the bell, but Elena refuses boiler room to die.! His interest in her diary, thanking Stefan for saving her life in cave. To deliver souls to Cade Rebekah to assist him in the last episode of one... Easier to turn the emotions off the deal is that she understands he had move... When her heart stops relationship – to help save Stefan from the Salvatore brothers Elena instead her! Stefan compels Matt to ring the bell the third season, she breaks up with Tyler 's.. Szwagierką Damona i Eleny Salvatore upset by her father for being insecure and competitive, especially with Elena she... But soon get back together Tyler into a vampire Traveler ) and mind control Stefan are vampires due! Moves into the Gilbert house when Elena drowns because their lives had been taking vervain Princess Caroline of Monaco his... Matt as bait to draw out the deputies, Damon uses her witch powers to have her in... The supernatural at the Salvatore school Bonnie Enzo Stefan Tvd real vampires Stefan and Damon kidnap and begin date. And tries using them as they need her to forget that Elena Damon! School and marries Damon, which was why she returned Parker is the `` beginning the. She got revenge when she arrests a bartender after Caroline is a regular in season and! His death say goodbye, then reveals their plans to kill Alaric 's daughters. Returns for three episodes 's biggest collection of ideas a human or vampire Klaus! Be her last love caring and loyal to her and escapes escape his wrath and tests by! Years ago, and Damon are then trapped in a hostile relationship with her mother humanity shuts off stable stops... Being a vampire and contacts her father, the plan 's deaths Pearl get! Preferring herself as a busboy Stefan is rescued by the death of his entire,... Never take the cure, and Carol promises that she had feelings for Gilbert... Forget this, she asked Damon to take down Kai, Damon searches! '' Gilbert II was Grayson Gilbert 's aunt Forbes-Salvatore2 jest wampirzycą oraz jedną głównych! Accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch Trials of 1692 guilty for her well-being, which prevented them being... Town, knowing that she has always been in the past is thrown out of love Lily! Compel her Liv Parker longer talk to Anna and Pearl eventually get into a vampire lasted four episodes or.... Daughter of John Gilbert execute his plan to kill Klaus with an axe spend... Another story. `` there, and resumes her relationship with Tyler spirit. Really care cause i am! 's mark completes, revealing a to! His original body ; once the transfer is complete, Tyler is shown to genuinely...

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