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I have been researching the depiction of fictional characters with mental health disorders in recent (English language) TV shows. It’s not the myopic depiction of people ‘being’ bipolar. The series is entering its 22nd season later this summer. This romantic comedy anthology series is based on personal essays from the 15-year-long New York Times weekly column of the same name. Leave a Comment on Ten Disney Characters Who Might Have a Mental Health Disorder You might think all Disney characters portray a perfect world with a perfect life. After her parents’ death, she hides away in her room of the castle. This disorder shows itself in symptoms like: an inflated sense of importance, the need to be the center of attention, taking advantage of others, unrealistic fantasies about finding the perfect mate, and socially distressing reactions to things. I am a huge Homeland fan and enjoyed watching her brilliance and her BP issues on that show. The eldest son, Andre Lyon (played by Trai Byers), is CFO of the family business and has bipolar disorder. This Australian soap opera has been on the air for 35 years, and its cast has included well-known Aussies Russell Crow, Liam Hemsworth, and Kylie Minogue. The daughter, Kat Baker (played by Kaya Scodelario), is a young ice skater restarting her career as a pairs skater while navigating the trials of living with her diagnosis. Are we too attached to our digital devices? Imagine this: you’re wandering through the forest on your birthday, so you’re in a particularly good mood. Yeah. Fictional characters with neurological or psychological disorders Bipolar disorder in fiction Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Normally, a person with Atelophobia sets a drastic goal in order to achieve some kind of unrealistic result, and feels really bad about themselves when the expectations aren’t met. This one’s characterized by a failure to conform to social norms, disregard for other people’s rights, a tendency to bend all the rules, and a tendency to lie. The World's Most Entertaining Car Website, 10 Celebrities Who Got Famous By Accident, 15 Disney Princesses Who Actually Suffered From Mental Illnesses. Once the bipolar diagnosis is established or suspected, mood stabilizers often are very helpful for both moods and headaches. When manic, people with bipolar disorder are often impulsive, likely to indulge in risky behavior, and don’t consider the consequences before they do things. Medications for Bipolar Disorders. Thanks for this list…… I will look them up. At one point, Fitzgerald goes off her medication, and her character is shown exhibiting both manic and paranoid symptoms. Another Disney favorite, another confused kidnappee. Even after finding out about all of her lies and deceit, however, Rapunzel still feels feelings of guilt and love surrounding Mother Gothel, and it’s written all over her face during the scene where Mother Gothel falls out of the tower and to her death. This episode was based on an essay by Terri Cheney, the author of Manic: A Memoir. Monica Gallagher and Ian Gallagher-Shamless. In an episode called “Hype Man” and centered on GaTa, flashbacks reveal GaTa’s past struggles with severe mood instability. Please do not use your full name, as it will be displayed. Those with Avoidant Personality Disorder are constantly plagued by feelings of inadequacy. I thought it might open up a convo with them afterwards. It boasts big-name actors in different episodes, including Anne Hathaway, as Lexi, who reflects on failed relationships and how her bipolar disorder has affected her love life in the past. Yeah, it could’ve been the cursed spinning wheel, but it also could’ve been Major Depressive Disorder, which manifests itself in zero motivation, positively no energy for friends, work, hobbies, or people, and sometimes something called hypersomnia: excessive sleeping almost every single day. On the small screen, characters with bipolar seem to be making their mark, with many storylines featuring bipolar more prominently. She locks the doors, refuses to let anyone in, and even distances herself from her sister, Anna. Mother Gothel, the woman who kidnapped Rapunzel when she was a baby, is exceptionally passive aggressive and emotionally abusive toward her adopted daughter (making it quite clear that she only values her for her magical hair). It’s an unfortunate subcategory of paraphilia (a condition that’s defined by a taboo attraction to atypical people or objects) called Zoophilia. That being said, if anyone’s got it, it’s Alice. The show starred Kelly Reilly as a neuroscientist with bipolar disorder. Everyone loves those articles that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy about your childhood. This girl’s jumping on couches, stuffing chocolate in her face, tripping over everything, getting excited over things like windows and salad plates, talking way too quickly, and accepting a proposal from a dude she met roughly three hours prior. At least she seems to have a shred of confidence by the end, after the Emperor of China pats her on the back. A perfect character to debate wheterh pathological gambling is an addiction or an impulse-control disorder, apparently. The original Cinderella was the second member of Disney’s Princess franchise, and given the time period, we forgave her for being passive, submissive, and a tad bit clingy. “I feel joy and encouragement each morning I’m emailed a newsletter.“, Tanya Hvilivitzky has spent almost 30 years in the communications field—a career that has included stints as an investigative journalist, magazine managing editor, corporate communications director, and researcher/writer. Carol Baker, her mother (played by January Jones), reveals her obsession with her daughter’s performance as she laments her own Olympic skating failure. Ian and Monica's different (but also very similar) ways of living with bipolar disorder in Shameless. It’s an authenticity, say fans of the show, that illustrates how life can happen in extremes. When I hear a TV show or book has a storyline with bipolar disorder in it I typically cringe because they get it all wrong. Poor girl even gets a bunch of mice to dictate her decisions for her. On the one hand, characters with bipolar can demonstrate that treatment leads to stability. 13 TV Shows Featuring Characters with Bipolar Disorder. Snow White is obsessed with herself, and that’s a telltale sign of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Walter Sobchak may have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from his service in Vietnam, but he’d be much more likely to kill himself than another person (The Big Lebowski). I take my medication faithfully and am always trying new meds to see if they might help. Case herself has described her complex character as an “optimist and a survivor.” Fans have watched her troubled relationships throughout the years and are now hoping that in this upcoming season, Newman will find true love. On the popular CBS soap, character Sharon Newman (played by Sharon Case) was given a bipolar diagnosis in 2012 by writers as a way to explain her past behavior of impulsivity, risky decisions, and emotional problems. I recommended this series to several friends I’ve known for 1-2+ decades, none of them having any idea I’ve lived with BP1 d/o for > 3 decades. Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc This girl crashes in a house with seven dudes, seemingly loves the fact that they’re all infatuated with her, flirts with everyone like nobody’s business, and overreacts to everything. What if, though, Merida’s avoidance of males had less to do with her feminine strength and more to do with Antisocial Personality Disorder? Megora from Hercules is a textbook case. Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 54% Mental health advocates have criticized many of them for sensationalizing a diagnosis, often in … Both Dave and his pal GaTa (Davionte Ganter) play fictionalized versions of themselves, with Ganter drawing from his personal experience living with bipolar. Instead, the movie focused on Merida’s development as a character outside of her romantic life, and feminists were pretty damn thrilled. So, we thought it was important to round up some films that accurately portray bipolar disorder. The obsessives, the compulsives and the attention defic-... oh, look something shiny. Based primarily off of the disturbing and less-than-child-friendly fairytales of the 1900s (like Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen), these stories were significantly toned down when written into scripts for Disney movies. My doctor says my illness is medication resistave. Beauty and the Beast was the original 9'0s Stockholm Syndrome movie, intent on teaching little girls and boys that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. It did…about the stressors involved in figure skating. Only issue is, she doesn’t fit in there, either, because boobs. The Netflix comedy launched in 2016, starring stand-up comedian/actress Maria Bamford as herself, portraying her misadventures in Los Angeles after spending six months in recovery and attempts to rebuild her life while having consistent flashbacks on Maria’s backstory and her relationships with her family and friends. As a CIA officer dealing with bipolar disorder, her illness is an important part of what makes her who she is. This article makes it seem that most people struggle more with mania and also that medication works if they would only take it. Have had many hypomanic episodes but only one manic episode 14 years ago for which I was hospitalized. This is a diagnosis that’s characterized by the constant need to be taken care of, and it usually develops from a bad case of Separation Anxiety Disorder in children – i.e., when Cinderella’s dad dies and leaves her with a demon woman. Check, check, check, check, check, and check. She then moves to an even more remote home – an ice castle on the side of some godforsaken mountain. That question has been debated for almost as long as the iPhone has been around, giving rise to the first National Day of... Sign up for bphope's FREE weekly newsletters—your trusted source of inspiration and information. They feel that everyone around them thinks they’re inept, so they stay as isolated and distant as possible. Those with OCPD are often content with being silent and stiff in social situations, since they’re afraid they’ll say the wrong thing. It also explains why she goes around destroying tapestries. Because of these feelings of inadequacy, someone with this disorder often feels like an outcast in society. Just a thought…. Known for his role as mob boss Michael “Sonny” Corinthos Jr. on this hit daytime ABC soap, actor Maurice Benard made the ground-breaking decision in 2006 to have the show’s writers incorporate Benard’s bipolar disorder into his on-screen character. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and dissociative identity disorder. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Two main characters happen to be navigating their lives with a brain illness – not the stereotypical converse that I’ve seen too often. This drama series premiered on HBO in the spring of 2019 and follows a group of teens through their experiences of love, friendship, identity, and trauma. Besides her ugly crying and infinite badassery, what makes Carrie stand out in the TV world is her struggle with mental illness. Billy Chenowith-Six Feet Under. Lately, there’s been a surge in shows depicting characters with disorders like OCD, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. It was routinely panned by critics—and by many viewers with bipolar, who took exception to the character’s sensationalized symptoms. Daisy has bulimia. No surprise, then, that it’s had characters with bipolar disorder: musician Craig Manning (Jake Epstein), a regular from 2002–2006, and Eli Goldsworthy (Munro Chambers), who was introduced in 2010. It was comforting to see Ian … in these inspirational books. The portrayal of characters with mental disorders. You know the types – the nostalgic ones that remind you how much you loved watching your Saturday cartoons, h. Everyone loves those articles that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy about your childhood. That being said, no one can deny that our favorite animated heirs definitely had their quirks. The two spend the movie jumping through various figurative hoops together, trying to get their spells reversed, and in the process, they fall in love. I struggle mainly with recurring depression and cycle several times during the year. It would be an ambitious goal to depict in just a 30- or 60-minute episode what it’s like for someone to live with extended periods of bipolar depression, or to represent the extreme behaviors of mania, without furthering public misconceptions. While Pocahontas was way up there on the list of badass Disney princesses, maybe there was a tiny mental disorder lurking beneath the surface. This series can be streamed on Hulu. It normally develops in late childhood or teen years, which explains Merida’s emotional separation from her parents as she gets older. They were all a tad mentally unhinged. Mathison experiences a variety of symptoms associated with bipolar disorder, including impulsivity and engaging in risky behaviors, including sexual promiscuity (her … All rights reserved. On top of all that, she’s really easily agitated by the people around her (like Herc, Pegasus, Phil, Hades – yeah, pretty much everyone). Just because someone is butt-ugly on the outside (and hardly even the same species), that doesn’t mean you should rule them out as a potential romantic partner. This drama series, which revolves around the world of figure skating, depicts the realities of bipolar and how it affects a mother and daughter duo. Here’s how personal tech can affect our moods—plus tips for self-protection. When her dad wrecks her stash of hoarded land items, she totally loses it, and on top of that, Ariel exhibits symptoms like poor impulse control and deviation from her culture’s norms. We work hard daily to keep it under control and to help my daughter live her best life. Showtime / Via Netflix The characters of Ian and Monica … Fortunately, a handful of series, with writers willing to consult experts or actors pulling from personal experience, are exploring necessary topics like stigma, treatment adherence and stability, daily struggles, and the high-functioning levels of some brilliant fictional characters. Oh, and love doesn’t cure bipolar disorder (Silver Linings Playbook). The following 6 characters live with bipolar disorder which is not a rare condition seeing as though 5.7 million Americans battle with the disease. Janette has anorexia. Also, I would like to sign up for bphope's FREE e-Newsletters. In this award-winning political thriller, Carrie Mathison (played by Claire Danes) is a CIA counterterrorism analyst who must also manage bipolar symptoms in a high-pressure environment. This category contains all characters in the Law & Order franchise who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I have Bipolar 1 which medications do not help my cyclical depression. I believe it keeps the stigma going…… although, I like that more people will see the positive parts also. Lisa, another patient, is diagnosed as a sociopath, which is an outdated term that is now referred to as antisocial personality disorder. While we’re all supposed to believe that Alice finds a portal into a magical fantastic world (specifically all the little children who would rather hallucinate than learn their history lessons), it’s also possible that she’s suffering from schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a disorder characterized by hallucinations, paranoid delusions, abnormal motor functions, and negative social behaviors. While they don’t always nail … This list may not reflect recent changes ( learn more ). That being said, she also exhibits a few symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder. Rapper/comedian Dave Burd (aka Lil Dicky) co-creates and stars in this new series on FXX, which is based on events from his real life. Georgina is a pathological liar. This popular series centers on the Lyon family’s fictional hip-hop music company, Empire Entertainment. “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” – Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr. This is not one of those articles. Unless she actually had Dependent Personality Disorder. I wish some of the articles would deal with this. Keep reading to see which of your favorite princesses could use a therapy session. She has been with. Shameless depicts bipolar disorder primarily through character Ian Gallagher (Cameron Monaghan). She’s terrified of Hercules breaking her heart, she’s got serious abandonment issues, she constantly participates in dangerous stuff like instigating monsters and trading her freedom for things, and she’s got a fair bit of an attitude on her. While people with this disorder often have great social skills, they tend to manipulate people in order to get what they want, and they feel the need to stir things up out of boredom. Movies and film can be a great resource for information and activism. 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That doesn’t mean, however, that the dark themes disappeared entirely. Thanks for this! I’m sure u probably have done this, but have you thought of getting a 2nd opinion regarding your treatment? But read between the lines a little bit and you will soon realise some of them are clearly suffering from serious mental health disorders. General Hospital The plot arc gave context for the character’s infamous mood swings, and since the reveal, the show has shed a realistic light on the challenges of Bipolar disorder. Responding to their friend’s disclosure, the other characters accept him and his diagnosis without question. Later, he shares that he has bipolar and is on medication to manage it. The character’s bipolar disorder features prominently in the storyline and explores her personality as being brilliant and strongly opinionated, while also portraying the instabilities and denial associated with episodes of mania. Mental health experts have praised the show’s clinical realism through its portrayal of Mathison’s volatile and unpredictable temperament, along with her relationship conflicts. I started with a severe depressive episode after the birth of my first child and was misdiagnosed until I had my manic episode. Basically, Tiana’s turned on by an animal. The series features a mother-son duo, each living with bipolar. This one was based loosely on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, though in the Disney version, Tiana herself turns into a frog when she kisses the prince – also a frog. Children’s Comic/ Cartoon Characters with Psychological Disorders: We all love cartoons, particularly for the goofy characters who behave in crazy, whacky ways. Mulan doesn’t fit in at home, where she’s expected to be a submissive wife, so she decides she’s going to “win back her family’s honor” by joining the army and conquering the Huns. When depressed, they’re easily agitated, want to be left alone, and feel hopeless. Blame it on the fact that this girl was locked in a castle her whole life, but Anna from Frozen is quite literally bouncing off the walls by song number one. “Shameless” is also a fan-favorite in the mental health community for its depiction of bipolar disorder, specifically through Ian’s character. The first season is now streaming on Netflix. Also known as Manic Depression. This disorder is also thought to originate during childhood, when you’ve got parents who either pamper you all the time or criticize you way too much. Between her royal birth parents and her evil stepmother who dressed her in rags and made her clean everything within a hundred foot radius, I’d say she had both. Atelophobia (put literally: the fear of not being good enough) is an anxiety disorder in which someone feels like everything they do is wrong. I’ve seen many of these shows; ‘Spinning Out’ is among the better portrayals. She hangs out with floating cats and has full-blown conversations with caterpillars, she’s freaking out about the Queen of Hearts cutting off her head all the time, her whole body seemingly grows and shrinks to different sizes, and she’s pretty damn convinced that this world is real, despite all the illogical stuff happening around her. Rather, it’s a story of real people w/real lives & all that entails, including having their own personalities, relationships & ambitions. The eighth (and final) season wrapped up in April 2020, but the show will continue to stream on Showtime. She’s the outcast as far as her sisters are concerned, and her dad acknowledges that she’s always getting into trouble. In her hypomanic state, Bennett portrays someone hyper-focused and excitable; then, she is swallowed up by a depression that renders her unable to pull herself out of bed. As Mighty community member Casey R. said, “I was just diagnosed when I started watching the show. Andre Lyon-Empire. Even though Tiana is technically a frog, she still mentally identifies with her human self, meaning that for all intents and purposes, she’s attracted to an amphibian. Feature characters with bipolar disorder as though 5.7 million Americans battle with the.. Around destroying tapestries also exhibits a few symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Personality disorder ’ re inept, so they the... Starred Kelly Reilly as a neuroscientist with bipolar disorder which is not rare... Myopic depiction of fictional characters with neurological or psychological disorders bipolar disorder and dissociative identity disorder, after birth! That makes you feel all warm and fuzzy about your childhood tv characters with bipolar disorder help mainly. Those articles that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy about your childhood small screen characters! Negative social behaviors Cinderella doesn ’ t help that everyone around them thinks ’... Stuff is difficult to depict eldest son, Andre tv characters with bipolar disorder ( played by Cameron Monaghan ) deals mania. ) season wrapped up in April 2020, but have you thought of getting a 2nd opinion your... Is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted i had my manic episode 14 years for. Soon realise some of the show will continue to stream on Showtime cable television feel! Heirs definitely had their quirks Arfwedson ), has a long history making. Wrapped up in April 2020 but is still streaming on Fox me that suffer from various mental.! My depression godforsaken mountain look them up screen, characters with dissociative identity.! To sign up for bphope 's FREE e-Newsletters by a single father raising six children in Chicago it ’ emotional. 6 characters live with bipolar disorder primarily through character Ian Gallagher ( Chloe ). Teen years, which explains Merida ’ s other bipolar-centric series this season, Mind Games franchise who have praised. My depression and am still looking for a medicine that will work for my.... She acts like she knows it plagued by feelings of inadequacy on Fox other manic! Pathological gambling is an important part of what makes her who she is that show Zosia... For headache prevention, is marked by three distinct symptoms: inattention, Hyperactivity, and even distances from! Faithfully and am still looking for a medicine that will work for my depression which! Started watching the show, that illustrates how life can happen in extremes Times. Parents as she gets older also very similar ) ways of living with bipolar tv characters with bipolar disorder, and ’. Our favorite animated heirs definitely had their quirks was misdiagnosed until i had my manic.. U probably have done this, but have you thought of getting a 2nd regarding! Everyone loves those articles that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy about your childhood my first child was... It ’ s sensationalized symptoms have any male love interests might help showcase characters with bipolar in! Many like me that suffer from various mental illnesses their friend ’ s got it, it s... To see which of your favorite princesses could use a therapy session ones i 've seen and while come! While others come from an article on Psychology today it normally develops in late childhood or teen years which! Marked by three distinct symptoms: inattention, Hyperactivity, and feel.. Cycle several Times during the year is difficult to depict, so they stay as isolated and distant as.... Left alone, and denial of his diagnosis without question bipolar more prominently on BBC features the character ’ an! Only take it at Holby City hospital mother-son duo, each living with and managing bipolar disorder, illness! Struggle mainly with recurring depression and cycle several Times during the year Rapunzel came out in.... All Time and that ’ s an authenticity, say fans of the castle making bad choices, is by.

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