why take amlodipine at bedtime

I take Amlodipine once daily and Atenolol twice daily. METHODS: Twelve mild-to-moderate essential hypertensives were investigated in this open, randomized cross-over study. I find the systolic measurement while being a little uptight, like on a business phone call, dramatically increases the systolic into the 170’s. I don’t know that this would cause any harm! It is well known that blood pressure medications can cause dizziness, sedation or even orthostatic hypotension (a significant drop in blood pressure when you go from a lying position to a standing position). The MAPEC Study (Spanish: Monitorizacion Ambulatoria para Prediccion de Eventos Cardiovasculares; English: Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring for Prediction of Cardiovascular Events) was designed to test the hypothesis that bedtime dosing of one or more antihypertensives not only provides better blood pressure control, but also allows for improved cardiovascular risk reduction. One must wonder what is the cause for this improvement in results? Medicines that interact with amlodipine may either decrease its effect, affect how long … 2016 Apr 15;8(2):13. doi: 10.3390/pharmaceutics8020013. I take HCTZ in the morning to avoid waking at night. Studies show that when simvastatin is taken at night, there’s a greater reduction in LDL cholesterol than when it’s taken in the morning. I’m not an expert in this, but my assumption is that there actually never is a true steady state. In my own situation no alcohol at all, from one glass of wine with evening meal, resulted in lowered BP, and PVCs and PACs incidence reduced significantly. Can I take both the medicines twice daily? Beta brain fog is a common issue, and improvements with bedtime dosing are an added benefit. Maximal blood pressure values were significantly (P

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