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Bus Route 428. Pitt St before Spring St, Sydney [Street view] 3. DART Schedules. London Buses route 428 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Castlereagh St near Market St, Sydney [Street view] 5. Towards Erith. Travel Time: 1 Hour 20 Minutes. Total Stops: 39. Disruptions information Subscribe to alert email Major works this summer Cranbourne, Pakenham and Frankston line works ... Information for 428 Sunshine Station - Sunshine West via Wright St Skip to main content. Route 428 runs between Erith and Bluewater. Routes Disruptions. 428 Bus Details at Glance. 428 Mondays to Fridays towards Erith Other direction Sat Sun Bluewater, Bus Station 0510 0540 0610 0630 0645 0659 0712 0724 0736 0750 0805 0820 0835 0851 0907 0923 0939 0955 Darent Valley Hospital 0515 0545 0615 0635 0650 0704 0717 0729 0742 0756 0811 0826 0841 0857 0912 0928 0944 1000 Dartford Station, Home Gardens 0522 0552 0622 0642 0658 0712 0726 … These proposed changes would help to better match bus capacity to customer demand. First Bus Timing From Shivaji Talao: 07:00. The National Transport Commission regulates the Inter-Provincial bus services. (10 Miles) Operated By Arriva London Garage: Dartford DT Past Timetables: Sep 2000, Jan 2004 To View The Current Timetable Click Here Download timetables (PDF) View service changes; Interactive Timetable. Search for Bus route or stop name . Castlereagh St near Martin Pl, Sydney [Street view] 4. We are proposing to make changes to bus routes 428 and 492. Route:6,20,60,65,66,67,80,82,85,86,87,88,88A,89,94,PH6 - No westbound service Alakea/King #743. portable stop placed @ Alakea/Merchant til further notice 24/7 428 Bus Route Map - Zinonos Buses Map of bus route 428 / Χάρτης της διαδρομής λεωφορείου 428 It uses single deck buses and runs every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes, and every 30 minutes in the evening and on Sundays. Route Distance (Km): 13.8. Route 428 - City to Canterbury: 1. Switch route direction Map view. Running between Erith and Bluewater, it is operated byArriva London. 428; 428. Sri Lanka bus routes are mainly two types. Plan. Circular Quay Stand B, Sydney [Street view] 2. Jump to: [ 428 Bus Route ], [ Shivaji Talao to Satbhakti Mandir Route Map ], [ Bus Timings From Shivaji Talao and Satbhakti Mandir ]. London Bus Route 428 - Bluewater - Darent Valley Hospital - Dartford - Crayford - Slade Green - Erith. Destination: Satbhakti Mandir. Bus Route 428 Timetable. The Intra Provincial bus services are regulated by … BEST is the company that primarily operates the public bus transport service in Mumbai and runs multiple number of city buses between Kokan Nagar and Sadbhakti Mandir on daily basis.. Note: Each schedule and map opens in a new separate window. For live arrivals, status information, route maps and timetables. ... Find another bus stop or route. Mumbai city bus route no 428 is operated by one of the seven mumbai bus lines: BEST, KDMT, KMT, MBMT, NMMT, TMT, and, VVMT. Help & contacts; Careers; About TfL; Starting From: Shivaji Talao. PDF files can be viewed using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader. This BEST 428 route Mumbai city bus runs … From: Bluewater Shopping Centre To: Erith Town Centre / Riverside. About TfL. One is “Inter-Provincial” and the other is “Intra Provincial”.

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