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This legendary pistol comes with an added bayonet as well however it also comes with 15% Electrocute chance with which it can deal Shock damage to enemies per second. Pistols : Versatile class of weapons usually suited to short-to-medium range combat, typically with fast reload speed. Thanks to u/L1amas for the tip. Drops from King Mong in the Eridium Blight (random spawn). Borderlands 3 director commented on the number of guns in the game, after the developer trailer revealed Borderlands 3 will have one billion guns, but couldn't actually give an exact number, saying there will be way more than a billion guns in Borderlands 3. The remaining three Echoes are located in the Candidate Detention Room, Experimentation Room, and Observation Deck. Reference. Dropped by Terramorphous (Terramorphous Peak). Drops from The Warrior (Vault of the Warrior), Butt Stallion, Handsome Sorcerer, Pyro Pete, and chubby enemies. Item List. Borderlands Legendary Weapons Locations; Borderlands Legendary Weapons List; Borderlands 2 Legendary Weapons No Dlc; Not really all manufacturers will generate all kinds of weapons.Weapons and apparatus can arrive in a variety of rarities, which usually means it'h stronger or might have got special qualities. There are a bunch of new Legendary weapons to find in the latest Borderlands 2 DLC, so let’s take a look at how to get your hands on all this new loot. Amigo Sincero is a sniper rifle that boasts 50% melee damage bonus as it comes equipped with a bayonet. Scarab Research Center in Chapter 5. Use with the Sham shield for rocket launcher ammo replenishing. The quest that unlocks this gun is Chief Executive Overlord however you might need to complete a few more quests in order to make it spawn. Drops from Boll (Three Horns - Divide), and loot midgets. Three? Farming Videos: Unkempt Harold Farming Guides, See: Thrusting Unkempt Harold and Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold. It’s that witholding of incredible firepower that keeps people playing and playing. Reward for completing Lilith's Cult Following quest chain. However, one bullet is always in the middle of this spread, so at least one bullet will always hit a long-ranged target. Effect: Increased fire rate, increased damage, bigger magazine. It was a timed free DLC until July 9, 2019. We have for you a complete list of each boss, where to find them, and the specific dedicated weapons and gear they are known to drop. This is the only known legendary relic in the game. Borderlands 2 Legendary Weapons Guide – How to Obtain. The problem … The huge blast area can easily kill you if you fire it too closely to yourself. Hope you like the guide Drops from Rakkman (The Fridge) and Loot Midgets, Drops from Knuckle Dragger (Windshear Waste), Hyperius the Invincible, and loot midgets. Check it out in action below in a video by Glitching Queen. Very high Amp shot damage with no drain from your shields. If no enemies are nearby, it will fly behind you and explode. Bouncing Bettie grenade, but spawns another grenade every time it bounces similar to a MIRV Grenade, while still firing bullets. A select few stand above the rest - the legendary tier. Because of this, you’re going to have to either just get lucky, or farm for what you want. In this Borderlands 2 Legendary Weapons Guide, we will guide you on how you can obtain the brand new legendary weapons added to Borderlands 2 in the brand new DLC. Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike unless otherwise noted. Gaige Calc. Collect it. In Borderlands 2. most legendary items can be found in chests or can be obtained by killing loot midgets. Item List. Drops from The Warrior (Vault of the Warrior), Handsome Sorcerer, and loot midgets. DPS Calc. Each spawned grenade acts like another MIRV Grenade and spawns 1 grenade when it explodes. October 22, 2012 Posted by DoubleDizle PC, PS3, XBox 360. Weapon classes have been reorganized. One should take care when firing, it's not unheard of that players will damage themselves from one of the earlier explosions. Pistols . Eridian weapons have been replaced by E-tech weapons which conform to the revised six categories listed below: 1. Grab them and head back to Vaughn to complete the quest and get your Overcompensator. A short time later, a number of fireballs will rain down on the location as well, causing widespread fire damage. 33 are earned from completing challenges. This page lists unique and rare loot rewards and legendary weapons found in Borderlands 2. Gorarr! Where to find every legendary weapon/shield/class mod in Borderlands 3! When flung-reload, homes in on an enemy (similar to the Gunerang), while still firing. Drops from Badass Creepers (Caustic Caverns). In Borderlands 3 there are infinite things to kill, bosses to overcome and mayhem levels to tackle all in the efforts to find your perfect legendary build. Break it open with melee to complete the quest and obtain Hector’s Paradise, your brand new legendary pistol. Fires 5 bullets for the cost of one, fired in a tightly packed spread, not unlike a shotgun, although the spread does not expand until very long ranges. List of Legendary Loot (Orange) drop locations. Borderlands 3 is about to come out in three months and to celebrate its release, Borderlands 2 received a brand new DLC a few days ago Commander Lilith & the Fight of Sanctuary. The only Legendary that can be gained from a mission. P.S The 94% Sham is very sought after and very rare. Drops from Terramorphous (Terramorphous Peak). Just made a brand new character and I want the skin that comes with the challenge of looting or buying 15 legendary weapons. - Best Remote Learning School, For Kids Age 5-14. Revolvers and Repeaters were two distinct kinds of weapons in the original Borderlands; they have since been consolidated into a single \"Pistol\" category. Shoots a 6 projectile spread at the price of 1 bullet. User Info: DougEInstructor. Drops from any lootable source by random. The main problem with this shield is that it has a very low capacity, often being half or even less than a standard shield of your level. Ridiculously high absorb chance for an absorb shield. Update: 26/03/2020 34 new unique items from Guns, Love, and Tentacles added! Drops from Vermivorous the Invincible and Hyperius the Invincible. No regeneration when shield is fully depleted, making it difficult to use. burat at pepe; Wildlife Exploitation Preserve Pimon . The warrior boss fight. It does not consume multiple rounds per shot, similar to most Torgue weapons. Fires slow-moving projectiles shaped like Minecraft-styled arrows. On impact, creates a Tesla Grenade field, then launches out several child grenades that also create Tesla fields, smaller than the first initial explosion. … borderlands 3 legendary locations list; People also ask. See: Borderlands 2: Complete List of All Skins. Additionally shoots small missiles of fire in a circular motion. Check it out in action in the video below by lil_bleachbottle. Borderlands 2 Legendary Weapons Maliwan. 1,915 likes. Whatever. Drops from The Golden Golem (Tiny Tina DLC) This page was last modified on 4 December 2020, at 08:06. In UVHM the shield also has an immunity to an element status only seen fire, electric, and corrosive. Upon impact, shots turn into a large large ball of electricity that when fired on the ground slowly raises, then explodes. Bullets split into 3 after a certain distance. The Transformer; Son of Mothrakk Table of Contents. ", "...His hide turned the mightiest tame...", "Forget the curveball Ricky, give him the heater! With this Database you can FILTER, SORT and FIND the best weapons for your build. Gub . Fires 3 rockets per shot, which have a blue aura when blown up. Drops from loot midgets, chubby enemies, and Pyro Pete the Invincible. No speed decrease while aiming down the sights. We have curated this Borderlands 2 Legendary Weapons Guide in which we will tell you how you can obtain the brand new legendary weapons added to Borderlands 2 with this new DLC. ", Borderlands 2 Orange Loot Farming Locations by Area, Slayer of Terramorphous Commando Class Mod, Slayer of Terramorphous Assassin Class Mod, Slayer of Terramorphous Gunzerker Class Mod, Slayer of Terramorphous Mechromancer Class Mod, Borderlands 2: Complete List of All Skins, Brick will give you the quest BFFFs which requires you to kill four Lieutenants in different locations. Location: Three Horns Valley. Head to Helios Fallen and look for the washing machine at the waypoint. Below is a list of all Legendary weapons as listed in the strategy guide. Borderlands; List Of All Legendary Weapons; User Info: OKRecords1138. The unique thing about this weapon is that it fires 3-shot burst when hip-firing and 5-shot burst when ADS. This guide will help you obtain all legendary weapons added to Borderlands 2 with the new Command Lilith & the Fight of Sanctuary DLC. It has unlimited ammo when tracking enemies. The last legendary weapon in the DLC is the Overcompensator and it is also the best one. Drops from Hyperius, Pyro Pete, chubby enemies, and loot midgets, Bad Maw. Looking for some tips on how to beat the brand new raid boss Haderax the Invincible? If you shoot the Flakker and switch to a Torque rocket launcher before the projectiles explode, the projectiles will do boosted damage. Maya Calc. This is a variation on the Volcano's flavor text from the first game, which was "Pete demands a sacrifice!". When fling-reloadved, it acts like a boomerang homing in on the nearest enemy. 10 Badaboom HUGE blast area and quite possibly the strongest rocket launcher out there. ", "A skillful leech is better far, than half a hundred men of war", "What manner of a man are you that can summon up fire without flint or tinder? Slow fire rate. Axton Calc. Consumes 6 ammo per shot if it has the prefix " Double Penetrating". Borderlands 2 Legendary Weapons Trading. Head up the stairs and use the ladder to get to the walkway and collect the final Echo. Borderlands 2: Legendary Drop Locations. It does not consume multiple rounds per shot, similar to most Torgue weapons. Collect the Echo. If this gets enough support through likes I can increase the number of uploads from Mon, Wed, and Fri. To daily. This is one down. Drops from Boom & Bewm (Southern Shelf), and Torgue Vending Machines in the Torgue DLC. All four will be marked on your map. Can spawn with any element including explosive. Moze Calc. Huge shield capacity (largest in the game, about 170,000 at Player Level 50), in exchange for the decrease in health of about 20,000. Good Luck!In this series I will be showing you How to Find all legendary weapons in Borderlands 2! Borderlands 3 is about to come out in three months and to celebrate its release, Borderlands 2 received a brand new DLC a few days ago Commander Lilith & the Fight of Sanctuary. Drops from Wilhelm, loot midgets, and Torgue Venders in the Torgue DLC. ", "It's actually a fairly rational fear in this case. Find the dead body here and interact with its Echo that will help you start the hunt for Hector’s Paradise. 8 are Item of the Day in shops found randomly (one for each manufacturer). Drops from Warlord Slog in the 6th (repeatable) round of the Magic Circle of Slaughter In Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragons Keep, also drops from Duke of Ork (a leveled up Warlord Turge)(Not for me it hasn't 12/19) in Mines of Avarice. This 5th DLC package is part of season pass 2 but can also be purchased individually. List of ALL legendary and unique RELICS in Borderlands 2. Fires a typical Torgue gyrojet (bullet sized rocket) that create grenades upon impact, High damage, slow projectile speed, low fire rate, high ammo consumption, Bullets fired split into two upon impact and bounce off walls, bullets travel faster after every bounce, Very high magazine size, slow reload speed. Spread size shrinks while zoomed. Drops from Legendary Loot Midgets in wildlife preservation And Drops From The Warrior, Drops from Captain Flynt (Southern Shelf)Sparky Flynt, and loot midgets, Bnk-3r. Weapons Shields Grenades Class Mods Relics. Borderlands 2: How to Get the Best Weapons. Drops from Terramorphous (Terramorphous Peak). Fires a wall of rockets exploding at short range. 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Apart from that, it will give you 250% weapon damage as well. Make sure that you loot the bodies of the dead Lieutenants for the parts that you need. Like all Torgue weapons, always explosive. Drops from the Rat Brothers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Rats (Bloodshot Stronghold). The bosses are listed in alphabetical order for easy lookup, and include links to their legendary loot and associated quests. Let’s start with the easiest legendary weapon to obtain. Try not to walk backwards while reloading. Fires off a rocket that flies in an arc towards the target. Reward for having at least 15 legendary items. You can get them in the sequence we have detailed below. Terramorphous the Invincible (Terramorphous Peak), Completing level 5 of "...To Pay the Bills" Challenge, Henry, The Highlands near Overlook (mission: Best Mother's Day Ever). Very shortly after the first corrosive effect happens a second one appears. Read this Borderlands 3 detailed guide and list on all Legendary & Unique Weapons in the game. Burst-fire is 5-6 bullets instead of the normal 2 for pistols. Borderlands 3 has over 1 billion guns, and finding the best can be tough. To help accommodate for new fans of the series, here is a list of some of the best items in Borderlands 2 to help players in their playthrough. For best effectiveness, shoot at the feet of enemies, as the bullets explode 3 times when it hits a surface. You can only obtain this legendary shotgun once you have completed the final mission of the DLC. I heard Knuckledragger drops one, but I keep farming him on level 1, and he just drops a cheap Hornet. I will show you each location on the map and the best way to find them. Once done, head back to Vaughn who will now task you with finding his Artifact of Power. His favorite titles of the current generation are The Witcher III and Forza Horizon 3. Drops from Blue (Caustic Caverns), Pyro Pete. After hitting something or flying far enough, creates more bullets that spawn out perpendicularly from the impact point. Krieg Calc. Drops from Pimon (Wildlife Exploitation Preserve). There really are a ton of legendary (orange) weapons and mods in Borderlands 2, though they have a very low chance to drop from any of the given enemies or bosses. It is an attractive weapon that deals great damage with a decent rate of fire at only 5.2. It has a clip size of 39 and reloads in 2.8 seconds. You cannot obtain this legendary weapon right from the start. Drops from Incinerator Clayton (Frostburn Canyon) and Clark the Combusted Cryptkeeper (TK Baha bloody harvest DLC). Borderlands 2:Legendary Gear. The dlc you refer to is $14.95, not free.even tho it’s listed as free in the download section of the game. When fired at an enemy, the bullet passes through and creates a small weak explosion. There are some really beast weapons out there and I hope I help you find them. Reaches max accuracy much more quickly than normal Hyperion guns, and accuracy doesn't erode as much when the player stops shooting. I don't know where you can buy legendary weapons from and the only time I got a legendary weapon was from beating the final boss. Borderlands Grinder Recipes – Full List Weapons Recipes. Vladof Shredifier Drop Location: Grinder Red Text Effect: Increased fire rate, large magazine capacity, decrease spool time and slightly reduced dam… This page is for contacting other vault hunters about trading legendary or rare weapons "It's closer than you think! Return to Brick and he will ask you to deliver the present to Mordecai. Now make your way to the Experimentation Room where you will find another dead body above the meat grinder. GWARRRR!!!!". Drops from Mr.tinder/huge snow man (Marcus’s mercenary day DLC) Drops from the Black Queen. ", "Pete humbly requests a sacrifice, if it's not too much trouble. Salvador Calc. Pistols; Shotguns; Submachine Guns; Assault Rifles; Sniper Rifles; Rocket Launchers; Shields; Related Posts: Pistols. Zer0 Calc. EDIT: For a more focused table on specifically unique and legendary gear, try this wikia post. Acquiring a Punitory Pyrophobia (increased rocket speed) negates the need for this caution, but the explosions are more spread out. From Borderlands Wiki. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below. Drops from The Warrior (Vault of the Warrior)and loot midgets, and The Handsome Sorcerer (Dragons Keep), Drops from Madame Von Bartlesby (Tundra Express), loot midgets, Drops from BNK-3R, the Ancient Dragons of Tiny Tina's DLC, Warrior and loot Midgets, Drops from Tector & Jimbo Hodunk (The Dust), Handsome Dragon (Hatred's Shadow within the Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC), and loot. Drops from Badass Wizards (Tiny Tina DLC). Gives health regeneration - the more the shield is depleted, the bigger the regeneration. Vaughn will give you the quest Chief Executive Overlord. Scarab Research Center and while heading there, you will find a quest marker on the left side after going down the stairs. Zane Calc. Aug 16 2019. Tools. Name Manufacturer Dropped By Effects Related Quest Maggie: Jakobs Mick Zaford,The Dust Fires 6 bullets for 1 Clan War - Side with … Drops from Vermivorous the Invincible, and Dragons of Destruction (Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragons Keep DLC). FL4K Calc. Your email address will not be published. My dad's a scientist! Arms Race is the new stand-alone game mode that is part of the Designer’s Cut. Burst-fires 5 shots, just like Dahl guns. Bonehead 2.0 drops the similarly named Bone Shredder SMG. With such huge damage bonuses, whether you stick to the melee attacks, or switch to ranged combat, you will get bonuses for both. Drops from Badass Fire Wizards (Lair of Infinite Agony and Dragon Keep). Borderlands 2: How to Get Legendary (Orange) Weapons & Mods. This legendary shotgun comes with a damage multiplier along with a 4.4x weapon zoom. Due to the fact you can only hit your targets at a certain range, it is not a great all-around weapon. Big lie. Arms Race . Drops from Son of Mothrakk (Wildlife Exploitation Preserve), Rakkanoth (Scylla's Grove), Handsome Sorcerer (Dragons Keep) , Slot Machines in Moxxi's Bar, and loot midgets. When used it shoots lighting from your hand. You must have completed Chapter 4 and you will finally get access to it in Mt. Splits into child grenades during teleport. Drops from Gettle (The Dust), and loot midgets. Jump to: navigation, search. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome back to another guide brought to you by Mooncalf! For more help on Borderlands 2, read our Shields, Grenades and Relics Guide. Drops from Ultimate Badass Varkids, loot midgets, and even in a chest. It is super effective against shielded enemies. Seven? Mediocre damage and inaccurate down sights(fires in an infinity pattern). Borderlands 3 Arms Race Legendary Weapon List. Contents. A compiled guide on the drop locations of legendaries. Drops from The Warrior (Vault of the Warrior), loot midgets,URANUS (Fight for Sanctuary DLC), Handsome Sorcerer, and Pyro Pete the Invincible. It is an attractive weapon that deals great damage with a decent rate of fire at only 5.2 ; Access to this weapon requires Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC. OKRecords1138 11 years ago #1. After collecting all four Echoes, make your way back to the Observation Room and get to the new room using the stairs. You need to take down Tetra, Hoffman, Angvar, and Bolson. Today I will show you the most awesome and powerful legendary weapons on Borderlands 2. Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to our newsletter and get the latest news and updates straight into your inbox. Has an abnormally large magazine, allowing the gun to stay at max accuracy for a much longer time. Sub-ty… Fires 2 ammo per shot, but fires 3 shots. It will also keep you motivated throughout the fights so fans who have played Tales from the Borderlands will remember this amazing gun. Orange (legendary). Extended barrel spin duration; after firing has ceased, will continue to have a high rate of fire for longer than usual. Model to look after will be a slag MIRV seeker leech, due to multiple leeches spawned, and a good chance of the enemies hit to be slagged. For the final Echo, head to the Observation Deck where you must get access to a walkway. Pimon for me was a really rare spawn. Acts like a Spike Shield, but also shoots spikes at enemies who attack you from a distance(Spike shields do extra damage to melee attackers). Drops from Laney White (The Fridge) and loot midgets and The Bunker (confirmed). Recoil causes the bullets to always shoot in an infinity pattern. Quite effective at taking out large amounts of shielded enemies. Causes an instant explosion of fire damage where you aim. To start the quest, head to Mt. Expeditious Thunderball Fists … Drops from Henry (The Highlands-Overlook), and Pyro Pete. How many guns are there in Borderlands 3? In this very order. As Tediore reloads do not break Zero's Action Skill, this gun can be used to devastating effect by Assassins. Fires 1 bullet, which splits into 3, then 5, then 7. Drops from Tumbaa (Wildlife Exploitation Preserve), golden golem, The Bunker and loot midgets. Nova shield that acts like a singularity grenade as well, pulling enemies towards you when depleted. So I'll admit I'm not the biggest Borderlands player. 1 Pistols; 2 Assault Rifles; 3 Sniper Rifles; 4 Shotguns; 5 Submachine Guns; 6 Rocket Launchers; 7 Shields; 8 Class mods; 9 Grenades; 10 Notes; Pistols. (the dust, behind ellies garage). After you completed all 5 rounds of slaughter you get a badass round. Drops from Doc Mercy (Three Horns Valley), Gold Golem (DLC Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep), and loot midgets. It is one of the most accurate shotguns in the game with an insane amount of damage and an excellent weapon zoom. For another Legendary Info Page, click here, Borderlands 2 Orange Loot Farming Locations by Area. Man Killer!! Explodes on contact with enemies, but bounces high when thrown at the ground. It contains Arms Race and an additional skill tree for each of the Vault Hunters. I love the games but I only have 2 playthroughs in each one. If playing as Mechromancer, certain skills may cause the gun to not work due to being always empty. ", After reloading, bounces around like a bunny, dropping grenades as it goes (droppings). List of ALL legendary and unique WEAPONS in Borderlands 2. With this Database you can FILTER, SORT and FIND the best relic for your build. Borderlands 3 - Legendary + Unique Weapons List. Legendary weapons are usually dropped when you defeat a boss, but Once you have killed all four, bring back the components to Brick. When shield is depleted, it is thrown like a Tediore gun and causes a Nova Explosion. Drops from The Warrior (Vault of the Warrior), Handsome Sorcerer, Loot Midgets, and from Torgue Venders in the Torgue DLC. Typical Dahl Assault Rifle: Burst fire, high accuracy, relatively high damage, slow fire rate, reasonable magazine size, surprisingly fast ammo consumption due to burst fire. Burst-fires 4 projectiles per shot. Effect: 3-projectile horizontal spread. Drops from Foreman Jasper (Opportunity), Hyperius, Pyro Pete, the Warrior, and loot midgets. Can drop with all forms of elemental damage, including slag. Glitch Weapon (Random type): 3 Glitch weapons (any type) (but moonstone grinds aren’t possible; Legendary Weapon (Random type): 3 Legendary weapons (any type) (but moonstone grinds aren’t possible); Legendary or Purple Weapon (desired type): 1 Purple weapon (desired type) + 2 legendary weapons (any type) (but moonstone … I play Borderlands 2, and I dont have a legendary weapon. This free DLC adds more content to the game as it connects the second game with the third game set to release later this year. ", "The thunder shall bring forth the pain! Here are our picks for the 10 best weapons in Borderlands 3, plus where to find them. The Artifact of Power is actually his pair of boxers. ", "For an impenetrable shield stand inside yourself. Drops from Invincible DLC bosses (Pyro Pete the Invincible, Master Gee the Invincible, Hyperius the Invincible)and legendary loot midgets. First shot does AOE damage, slight delay before a secondary explosion. Comparable to Mordecai's Action Skill from the first Borderlands game, in the sense that the gun targets enemies and fires at them until it collides/after a set time of being reloaded. Drops from Savage Lee (Three Horns Divide), raid bosses, legendary loot midgets, the warrior, or it may be purchased from Torgue Venders in Mister Torque's campaign of carnage DLC for 613 Torgue Tokens. These guns (and rocket launchers, and grenades, and other tools of destruction) have wild and incredible effects that set them apart. Inside this room, you will find a safe. Drops from Laney White (The Fridge) and loot midgets and The Bunker (confirmed). Does not drop from Bonehead 2.0, as many people believed. Explodes several times as it travels before running into something. This legendary weapon can be bought in the Torgue orange machines located in some places like in Pyro Pete's bar, Beatdown etc they actually sell the same weapons and if you don't see that they are selling the Kerblaster on the daily offer for 613 Torgue points just leave and rejoin, you will see that daily offer changed. You do not have to do much for this gun as you are simply tasked with speaking with Moxxi, Ellie, Brick, Marcus, and Claptrap. Movement speed is decreased when active, but is increased once shield is depleted. In the Candidate Detention Room, kill all the enemies and a door to a cell will open which has the Echo in it. Fire Nova shielld, but releases explosions once every couple of seconds while shields are down. Then check out our Borderlands 2 Haderax the Invincible Guide which will also tell you how you can obtain the Toothpick Assault Rifle which is yet another amazing weapon in the DLC. Borderlands 2; Is there somewhere I can get legendary items early in the game? The new weapons are Overcompensator, Hector’s Paradise and Amigo Sincero. RELATED: Borderlands 3: The Evolution Of Tiny Tina. Drops from Saturn (Arid Nexus - Badlands), Spiderant's piles (Extremely Rare), and slot machine in Moxxi's Bar. BAD MAW. See: Nasty Ogre. On fling-reload, acts similar to a MIRV Grenade - the thrown gun creates another explosion. Can bounce off of surfaces to the enemy, and can hit more than one at a time. Weapons Shields Grenades Class Mods Artifacts. Deliver the present to Mordecai and head back to Brick to get Amigo Sincero from him. Extremely large blast radius, easily spanning half of Pyro Pete's actual bar. This concludes our Borderlands 2 Legendary Weapons Guide. All of them increases fire damage and chance of causing fire status effect, as well as increasing health and adding +4 to 5 different skills. Legendary loot has an increased rate to drop with the Moonshot animation; Conference Call this can also be found from loot midgets; Flakker; Leech; Impaler; Volcano (Sniper Rifle) The Warrior also has a small chance to drop any legendary in the game. Notes: "Abt Natural." "Gar! Combination of a Roid Shield, Fire Spike Shield, and Fire Nova Shield. 2 are prizes from slot machines (2 for each class). Amara Calc. In this Borderlands 2 Legendary Weapons Guide, we will guide you on how you can obtain the brand new legendary weapons added to Borderlands 2 in the brand new DLC. Forget ‘Borderlands best weapons’ – how do I get something I can hopefully kill Crawmerax with?.” Yes the creators of Borderlands put a lot of effort into a stingy and mysterious loot generation system. Acts like a Transfusion grenade, but all damage done immediately heals you instead of creating health orbs. Hopefully you'll find this as useful as I surely will! If this gets enough support through likes I can increase the number of uploads from Mon, Wed, and Fri. Drops from DJ Hunter Hellquist (Arid Nexus - Boneyard), Treants (Tiny Tina DLC), and Pyro Pete. Has an added effect, as you stay zoomed in on scope, accuracy increases without shooting a single bullet. Dahl Major Tom Drop Location: Vendor / Grinder Red Text Effect: Fires 3-shot burst when hip-firing and 5-shot burst when aim down sight. (no it isn't)", "Did I fire six shots, or only five? Posted on June 29, 2019. Drops from Mick Zaford (The Dust) To begin your hunt for this legendary sniper rifle, star by heading to The Backburner and speak with Brick. For others he seems to spawn more frequent.

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