define tedious work

Learn a new word every day. to be boring/ dull/ tedious for somebody; boring/ dull/ tedious subjects/ books; boring/ dull/ tedious jobs/ work/ games; a boring/ … Writing a new spreadsheet or word-processing program these days is a, Another of their assignments was to slow-fly any plane that had a new engine to break it in; that meant flying the aircraft for a, From there, it became clear that the deposition was going to be neither as undramatic nor as quotidian, and even, While the rest of the pieces can be machine-made, the knights are carved by hand to resemble the head of a horse, a, Rather than stressing out over dust and debris, why not get a robot vacuum to do the, But so far, most uses of machine learning in science are less about these fundamental advances and more about process: automating time-consuming and, The Aggies, who didn’t play this past weekend because of multiple COVID-19 cases within the Mississippi program, have taken their lumps of late from some national media members who claim their style of play is, For years chemists and conservators have been trying to unravel the artist’s, But searching for them, Gino Caspari can tell you, is, Mathematicians expect that proof assistants could also review journal submissions, finding errors that human reviewers occasionally miss, and handle the, Post the Definition of tedious to Facebook, Share the Definition of tedious on Twitter. Solved: Define tedious By signing up, you'll get thousands of step-by-step solutions to your homework questions. What made you want to look up tedious? tedious - WordReference thesaurus: synonyms, discussion and more. 3. Tedious: causing weariness, restlessness, or lack of interest. Synonyms: arid, boring, colorless… Antonyms: absorbing, engaging, engrossing… Find the right word. Definition of tedious in the Fine Dictionary. An example of tedious is the work that someone does on an assembly line. 1375–1425; late Middle English

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