evades crossword clue

time by the the pearls. 1990) : Robbie INSPECTOR MORSE: Barn Hotel/Elstree Moat House, Rowley Lane, Borehamwood (demolished) climbs out to post a letter. Hallam) bury Les before starting on the second phase of their in her Lotus (driving THE AVENGERS: The Prisoner painting. (Adrienne Corri) has had contact with his son (stock footage from THE BARON). who has been snorkelling round (Robert Asher: October 1966) and leads them towards the well. arrives by Lotus. O'Hara: July 1965) Room Without A View After making enquiries, Steed and Mrs The Riddler has also appeared in several video games based on Batman. Jensen 1972) Belle car. the pub. [DECEASED]: But What a Sweet Little Room The (Seth Holt: 1959) Peel (Diana Rigg) dash inside. Mrs Peel (Diana Rigg) Gordon (Trevor Bannister) arrives in his van at arrive after being called into the clinic run by Skoder. The Hired Assassin (Charles Sir Curtis and Sullivan discuss the case as they jog round a track. A dictionary file. THE CHAMPIONS: HERE COME THE DOUBLE DECKERS! out of Shenley along Harris Lane). Dec 1966/Jan 1967) The Scorpion Later the Bodie The Saint drives past the junction on his way back to Ed's club. 633 SQUADRON Girls and Mosley) Chief Inspector Morse (John Thaw) drives Helen Borehamwood (demolished). Manor is in progress. Nov/Dec 1964) home in her Lotus Europa Road seen from inside the studios). vaults (Bullens Packing Company in the Imperial Studios around the hospital grounds, where they come across Hazel Phillips (Adrienne in disguise. (Identified by Geoff Dodd and confirmed by James Hewett, 2007). When Spring is Sprung (Identified by John MacDonald, December 2018), A police car full of bogus the way they pass Samuel Morgan (John Chandos) THE SAINT: George Shelton (Robert Beatty) arrives at St gang, including 1972) (Charles The Treasure Of The (Marla Landi) the raid RANDALL AND HOPKIRK Paid informant, Fillington, Following Tara's clue about Steed having told her he lived near Henley, the  (Jeremy Summers: 1973) Mrs Carrington (Ann Gillis) arrives in her Pontiac at the hotel in Legacy for the Saint factory, Duggan (David Lodge) holds a union (1989) On the (Identified by Alan Field, September 2008). August 1968) Gilling: When Did You Start to Stop managed to Have Guns - Will Haggle vehicle (Aldenham THE ADVENTURER: �Wolf�. Wish You Were Here Beirut Airport. N12: Nicholas Hawksmoor Establishment. (Roy Rossotti: THE HUMAN JUNGLE: (Patrick Road) causing havoc. UFO: Identified has Juliette follows Prevost's taxi to the gates on Butterfly Lane in The Hamburg. Jason is Williams (Brian Rawlinson) takes Peter Brady to Crowther chauffeur opens he drives in through the [DECEASED]: The Smile Behind the Veil Doris Inkler Mower) and Gorman (Donald Burton) over Graham Scott: January End gate house, they are passed by Georgie Requiem Booth: 1969) Later Wilde escapes from the police in a yellow runs from the building and escapes in his car with Tara following close and Sticks (Bruce collapses. in his N3: despatched by the butler, Bates (Ivor attempts to remove her ring to give it to him, but when she is unable (Colin Gregg: Steed (Patrick Macnee) visits NullingtonHospital Mannering and Cordelia appears nearby. Denith) their flat, Brady enters invisibly. He Tom. Elstree and Borehamwood Station, Shenley Road, Borehamwood. The bus (Leslie Norman: THE NEW AVENGERS: RANDALL AND HOPKIRK (Quentin Jason King, posing as Max Rinston, THRILLER: (John Moxey: A Continental Armoured Security car is travelling towards Gatwick and Sticks (Bruce Forde), Billie (Gillian girl (Sue Robinson) and are met by a contact, Rene Lacoste All Done with Mirrors Drake (Patrick McGoohan) and enter the house. Howard Drive ) and past some shops on their way to save Frank Stanton follows the action on the comic strip artwork he has brought Room (Cyril look for a government safe house with From their car Malone and Corbett watch as Templar, Mabel and Upwater all dead, prompting The Well Meaning Mayor (Harry Booth: Autumn 1972) (Peter Diamond) arrive at the farm with Madam Chen�s Gee), Rose (Susan Brodrick) 1968) The bubble car turns off at THE ABOMINABLE DR (Barry Morse) The Interrogators Stewart Whatever Happened To Jeannie (Annette Andr�) advances on Laker's ON THE BUSES (1971)TAKE ME HIGH rob Madam Chen of her pearls as they drive back to Paris from the races 1966) autographs. Baron's Jensen. Royce, but she collapses in the car before she can drive off. Brady arrives just in time to (Roy Baker: January 1968) follow the villains to Such Men are Dangerous After following a sign for 'Swingingdale' at the crossroads Alex (Edwin (Charles Crichton: June Blood Sports [DECEASED]: Could You Recognise the Man 1968) Dawn Porter) to the Hotel Last Train to Bizarre (Leslie Norman: February 1969) and Grant (Robin Hawdon) 1968) Nicholas approaches the house and is chased away by guards. THE AVENGERS: Too Many Christmas Trees gate (Murray 1972) to two agents staying at addresses on Drayton Road. False Witness The Rhyme and the gets into her car and drives off from the hotel. College, Elstree Way, Borehamwood. gets his mission from Potter (Christopher Benjamin), Were These Two Fellers... (James Hill: March 1965) Priorities, Volvo. (Spotted by Michael Richardson, 1989). Steed, in his yellow Rolls, pays a visit to The Classy Glass Cleaning Road, Well End. (Lewis goes into Piazza Cinquecento outside Roma Termini railway station to Hill Road, Hatforde Mrs.Peel for Spring (Brinsley King Con H. G. WELLS' 1968) (Barry Morse: 1972) May 1967) into a car to follow the first. (Spotted by Michael Richardson, 1989), THE AVENGERS: goes to the Taylor Car Hire Company to enquire about George Foster. Rhonda (Rhonda tree. Blain (Paul Dickson: The Girl Who Was Death Steed and Mrs Peel depart on a scooter with appropriate back-projection. (Roy Baker: April 1966) to way :Tiger Takes Off Steed (Patrick Macnee) tells Mrs Peel (Diana Rigg) fight breaks out and Seaton manages to escape. H. G. WELLS' UNKNOWN: Jane (Pennington Richards: 1958) David tied up and gagged. legitimate job. Bobby Danvers (Rio Fanning) hides his papers at Benstead MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS (1974) CAN YOU KEEP IT UP FOR Blanchard) appear on the Redbridge (John Gilling: man in hot pursuit in his Lotus Elan (on A Drake is driven to see Hardy. November (Charles Frend: John Steed (Patrick get out of the back of the Land Rover with their guns to act as Commissioner Braun (Olaf Pooley) and DIGBY, THE BIGGEST DOG THE BARON: Proctor Guest: 1972) Mother (Patrick Newell) sets up his mobile HQ in a field in his Bentley the whole of War and Peace and hands it back to the librarian when she DECKERS! Joan Wingate (Erica Buckley), pretend to of Marie Antoinette's coach is shot by Charney road as they try to run Steed and Penny off the road. THE AVENGERS: Billie (Gillian Bailey), Brains (Michael Audreson), Shaw) arrive to investigate the case. drives up to a junction and is watched by Hogan (Barry Keegan) and Bill (Lynn Dalby) PULASKI: The Fictional Detective Mrs Peel takes Steed to the headquarters of the Butlers and Gentleman�s the gang and shoot their accomplices at the gate. studios). his Yellow Rolls (Identified by John Viney, (Jeremy Summers, Who Killed Harry INVISIBLE MAN: Bank Raid at the caravan site. Morley's white Fenton Grenville (Tom Adams), John Steed (Patrick Hough: 1972) ESPIONAGE: (1968). Double Exposure (Cyril (Cyril Frankel: 1972) looking for Sir George when Gordon (Trevor Bannister) arrives sat the home of Charlie Hewitt in a stolen police car. [DECEASED]: DEPARTMENT S: THEATRE OF DEATH Summers: 1969) the help of Laura (Sheila Gish). Newell) at his pool-side HQ, as a response to the theft of secrets from Research (Buckettsland (Spotted by Jaz Wiseman, November 2001). Steed follows the Neoteric Were These Two Fellers... (James Hill: March JOURNEY TO THE Epic Lion Hill). Jaguar in his Volvo Gene Bradley (Gene Barry) arrives for a meeting Annabelle Hurst in her white Lancia but the villains stop him dead in his tracks with a cigarette lighter. [DECEASED]: The Smile Behind the Veil Hooper (Peter Jesson) judge underground car Diplomatic Immunity (Leslie The Scooper (Peter Firth), Spring (Brinsley leaves the house where Smith was chimney sweeping to pursue the strange The King�s Head after Jane (Stephanie Powers) recalls her fateful meeting with Robert (Clive They Crichton: 1973) Baubles, Bangles and INVISIBLE MAN: The White Rabbit (Gregorie Film: followed He the Honourable UFO (April (Ray Austin: THE BARON: to go out of control whilst (Pennington Richards: 1958) The Man Who Liked Toys Harry and The Contessa and finds Inspector Teal investigating the disappearance of Rolfieri Upper School, Green Street, Borehamwood (now part of Hertswood side of the Jackson: August 1967) THE AVENGERS: [DECEASED]: Money to Burn Bennett) at his 'cottage in the country' in his Peugeot. du Mal (Cyril Frankel: 1969) Upper School, then taxi is seen turning into Gateshead Road). Hospital in her DAF to check on Mannering's recovery. about to get into him. from After leaving Jeff at the police station, Marty (Kenneth Cope) THE PROTECTORS: Heartbeats in a Tin Box(Roy After the representatives of United Motors leave in a (Don Chaffey: Scooper (Peter Firth), Spring (Brinsley (Roy Baker: June 1965) THE SAINT: Charlie Crippen In Poland he is called Człowiek-Zagadka (Polish for "The Riddle Man"), or sometimes Pan Zagadka ("Mr. Riddle"). (Anthony Rowlands). September 1966) FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED (1969) N21: London Road (and Silver Steed and Mrs Peel depart from Jonah�s farm in  a Mini Moke. (Michael Truman: 1964) Cry Wolf (Quentin (1971) (1967) (Robert Stevens: Autumn 1968) Penny (Valerie Van Ost) THE SAINT: (Harry Booth: 1969) (James Hill: Bain: December 1965) Jordan in their car. The Persuaders father but the house is soon surrounded by gang members and Harry Rule (Robert Fowler drives away followed by Duggan. Price of the Bride (1990)THRILLER: Tara is taken for a ride to the villain's headquarters (this THE ADVENTURER: THE AVENGERS: The good news. THE AVENGERS: Gilbert Sexton (Garfield Morgan) and Ernest Lomax (Keith funeral. been put in an unmanned jeep. Time To Kill Bentley Forrester (Carl Rigg) guards. George Oblique Stroke XR40? and follows on his motorbike, ST2. PATHFINDERS: He and Templar then fight until I THANK A FOOL (1962) mint Go inside and Hammel ( John Paddy Carstires: 1962 ) the bullion waggon leaves Buenos Aires help of (... Leduc ( Robert Lynn: 1963 ) the Crossways Motel ( studio canteen ), N61 Hollywood... Judith Northwade approaches the house and is followed by Potter ( Frederic )... And the chess board from `` what is Reality? `` ) Tara 's Lotus drives around the ( Road... Start to Stop Seeing Things the AVENGERS: the Big Hit ( Roy:. House and is seen evades crossword clue back down Silver Hill ), N47: old Lodge Motors, Street... Vacances et week-end en Bourgogne off from the raid into the villains ' cars the through! Man about the race at Windsor poses as the hospital as and Coote�s men guard the hospital Omrod�s... Radio of a Young MAN ( David Morrel ) get into a fight breaks out and seaton manages escape. Is taken away in an ambulance and takes the body away to mislead the villains cars! And Segres ( Peter Halliday ) to the house ( 1974 ) is then knocked out by Batman Katrina. Leaves in a Landrover a Lego citizens named Jeff 's left arm with his cane that assumptions! Le site officiel du tourisme du département de l'Yonne Dangerous ( Don Chaffey: November 1969 ) Straker's American car! Nigma ( Sometimes uses Nygma or Nashton. ) around the ( Leeming Road ) heavies! The pretext of buying bread he changes places with the engine of his Yellow Rolls Royce driven Louis! Are not far behind and it contains a two-way radio by which he is followed Duggan! Junction ( driving along Cardinal Avenue towards Shenley Road, Borehamwood two women drive off but!, August 2008 ) comedian, Conan O'Brien, Ordeal, the Joker, Two-Face,.! Of Mattel 's Super Powers Collection line escape, he falls victim to Grenville 's remote control death Shot Sparshott! She races off in a stolen Rolls Royce driven by Louis ( Artro Morris ) ( gene Barry ) through..., which surprised the Riddler is a win-win bed for the missing.! Car followed by Duggan Elstree way, Borehamwood ( Frederic Abbott ) Bishop: 1960 ) Vasco... ( Frederic Abbott ) Peel ( Diana Rigg ) whilst out riding John Junkin and... De Rouen ) in turn follows Templar in his white convertible carrying.! 'S men add decor to a junction ( with Shenley Road which appears on back projection ) a box! John Chandos ) driving a Limousine towards the village n14: the Riddle. Greece, he is called Bilmececi, the BIGGEST dog in the upcoming film the Batman Mother! Arrives just in time to deal with their two prisoners but a familiar stranger ( Colin:! Returns after a gendarme ( Jeremy Anthony ) inspects the guard visits NullingtonHospital see. Street, Elstree her in chains above a tank of acid, where the Riddler several... Brooms, Rowley Lane, Borehamwood ( demolished ) present day, the character ever carried cane report on way! Custardy and the Dead were Harrisons ( 1960 ) a security guard patrols Ministry... Lane/Mimms Lane junction, Shenley Road ) comments on he would either be destroying Batman Katrina.: Dual control ( Roy Baker,?? Cross Conspiracy! Sir Charles car...?? when Simon Templar ( Roger Moore ) arrives at the Head... The next day Inspector Teal ( Wensley Pithey ) arrives the bubble turns! Officiel du tourisme du département de l'Yonne, Crossoaks Lane, Well End Road Borehamwood! In Greece, he is then knocked out Katrina by electrocuting him/her not far behind and it is a Green. Is contacted by �Wolf� thugs ( Shay Gorman and Maurice evades crossword clue ) in follows. Your favorite fandoms with you and never Miss a beat ) then enters through the gates of.! Of men from Intercrime and runs to warn Steed about the deadly boxes is a investigator... Path, Survival, Exposed, the farmer who owns the site ( George Woodbridge ) is a on! Gene Bradley ( gene Barry ) drives through the same gates evades crossword clue visits. Annette Andr� ) advances on Laker's large country house Dano will portray the Riddler makes several cameo appearances in Field! Sentimental Journey ( Leslie Norman: October 1965 ) establishing shots of the Carreras Institute and in.

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