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They need to be isolated and studied so it can be determined what nutrients they have that might be extracted for our personal use.”, “Marge, your cooking only has two moves: Shake and Bake.”, “If The Flintstones has taught us anything, it’s that pelicans can be used to mix cement.”, “He’s about to learn the most important lesson in the music business: don’t trust people in the music business.”, “You’ll have to speak up. Marge: Are you out of your mind? Albeit Homer Simpson has numerous defects, he has appeared to have incredible minding, love, and even grit to those he thinks about and, here and there, even others he doesn’t. The Simpsons Set in Springfield, the average American town, the show focuses on the antics and everyday adventures of the Simpson family; Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, as well as a virtual cast of thousands. That's the American way. Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Homer Simpson Quotes about Bacon! 4 of 76. Just remember to have fun out there today, and if you lose, I’LL KILL YOU!”, “Marge, you being a cop makes you the man! Defeat. The Quote: "Dear Lord, the gods have been good to me. Homer Simpson spends a lot of his time at Moe’s Tavern with his long-lasting companions Barney, Carl, Lenny, and the barkeep Moe. Because who can argue with Ralph Wiggum and Homer Simpson? They stopped calling us. 13 Homer Simpson quotes: "Son, when you participate in sporting events, it's not whether you win or lose; it's how drunk you get." Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos. Homer Simpson may simply be an ordinary man, however, he has had numerous extraordinary accomplishments and encounters throughout his life. How I will get there, I haven't decided yet. The lesson is never try.”. Or, they quickly change and then quickly change back.”, “Bart, with $10,000, we’d be millionaires! HOMER SIMPSON Aw, Dad, you've done a lot of great things, but you're a very old man, and old people are useless. “Okay, the trampoline was a bad idea. As a jock, it is my duty to give nerds a hard time.”, “If I could say a few words… I would be a better public speaker.”, “What’s the point of going out? Laugh at best Homer Simpson quotes we found for you. Quotes tagged as "homer-simpson" Showing 1-10 of 10 “I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me, Superman. You go in every day and do it really half-assed. These Homer Simpson quotes tell us about the simpleton father. 'Dear Baby, Welcome to Dumpsville. Homer: [still oblivious] It's true, the bundle is little, but I'm not in it for the money. Homer Simpson fills in as a low-level security overseer at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant in Sector 7G, despite the fact that he is regularly uncouth and careless towards his obligation. Like what you see, follow me.! Update this biography » Complete biography of Homer Simpson » As an offering, I present these milk and cookies. Which had serious pacing problems.”, “What are you guys laughing at? Population: you.'. 50 Best Homer Simpson Quotes Of All Time. Marge: Well, yes I do, but they're all heirlooms too. No one, that’s who. If you ask me, everybody in this theater is a giant sucker, especially YOU! Unless we stop them now.”. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, The 15 Best Homer Simpson Quotes. NY 10036. Homer became a music manager — Colonel Homer — representing country singer Lurleen Lumpkin (Beverly D’Angelo). If you really want something in life you have to work for it. This quote was in one of The Simpsons best early episodes. Or the dogs with bees in their mouths and when they bark, they shoot bees at you?”, “Kids, just because I don’t care doesn’t mean I’m not listening.”, “Roads are just a suggestion Marge, just like pants.”, “We can outsmart those dolphins. I’m going to clown college!”, “I think Smithers picked me because of my motivational skills. You never had a chance to become my urine!”. Woo Hoo!!! Hitman 3 review: "a slick and entertaining conclusion to the trilogy", Brazen Emperor review: "Comfy, robust, and sounds good, but comes up a little short - literally", Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game Complete Edition review "Both faithful and frustratingly inconsistent", HyperX Pulsefire Haste review: "A fantastic choice if you want to glide across your mouse mat", Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro review: "One of the best keyboards the company has made to date", The Mandalorian season 2, episode 8 review: "They went there", Wonder Woman 1984 review: "A much-needed blockbuster for our times", The Mandalorian season 2, episode 7 review: "Return to formula", The Midnight Sky review: "George Clooney’s Netflix movie never quite lands. I’m never going to England.”, “I believe that children are our future. King-Size Homer Mr. Burns: Raise your left hock. Iconic moments from the greatest character on one of the greatest shows. You have entered an incorrect email address! Aerate! Alright Brain…It’s all up to you. Discover and share Homer Simpson Donut Quotes. This is the biggest frame-up since OJ! Now quiet, they're about to announce the lottery numbers. The Simpsons Movie Homer: Stand back, I got a chainsaw! Homer Simpson was raised on the Simpson ranch by his folks until they were compelled to move out because of Homer startling the dairy animals by bouncing out of a bundle of feed and terrifying them into giving acrid milk, making the bank abandon it. ', and 'Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is that man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another.' Quotes by Homer from his two epics, Iliad and the Odyssey, covering wide range of themes such as life, good, evil, marriage, relationship, hunger and other things. Homer Jay Simpson Olsen aka Homer Simpson is an anecdotal character from the Simpsons animated sitcom. Seventy-five funny Homer Simpson quotes on life, laziness, and never trying that reveal the infinite wisdom of everybody's favorite Simpsons character! Homer: D'oh! One of the funniest cartoon dads is Homer Simpson and his lines on the show are all memorable. I have a wife and kids. Homer Simpson! One of his best lines come from the season four episode, "Marge vs. the Monorail". Come on Lisa! You will receive a verification email shortly. If you wish me to eat them instead, please give me no sign whatsoever...thy will be done.". List of Homer Simpson's life quotes. What was his name? I’m wearing a towel.”, “Stupid family. Why, you could wake up dead tomorrow! Why We Love It: Because we’ve all been there - attempting to inject a line of movie dialogue into everyday banter only for it to actually become two quotes from different movies, that err, don’t aid your argument whatsoever. ), here are 10 brilliant quotes from Homer Simpson to help us celebrate the glorious wisdom of stupidity. This guy says the funniest (and often completely true) things. 50 Best Homer Simpson Quotes Of All Time Staying In. Their ambiguous relationship made Marge jealous. Teacher, mother, secret lover.”, “Vampires are make-believe, just like elves, gremlins and Eskimos.”, “I like my beer cold… my TV loud… and my homosexuals flaming.”, “The problem in the world today is communication… too much communication.”, “Marge, try to understand. Are you hugging the TV? Explore some of Homer Simpson best quotations and sayings on Quotes.net -- such as 'You tried your best and you failed miserably. These famous Homer Simpson quotes have the power to change your life by giving a novel outlook about the way you observe different aspects of your life. Jason O'Brien / Youtube. You're out of order! “Simpson, Homer Simpson/ He’s the greatest guy in history/ From the/ Town of Springfield/ He’s about to hit a chestnut tree. Which makes me the woman — and I have no interest in that, besides occasionally wearing the underwear, which as we discussed, is strictly a comfort thing.”, “Son, being popular is the most important thing in the whole world.”, “Don’t eat me. The Simpsons at 30: the 40 funniest quotes. Don’t forget – we invented computers, leg warmers, bendy straws, peel-and-eat shrimp, the glory hole, and the pudding cup.”, “If it doesn’t have Siamese twins in a jar, it is not a fair.”, “I’m like that guy who single-handedly built the rocket & flew to the moon. The Quote: “Step aside everyone! I shouldn’t listen to myself, I’m drunk!”, “I can’t believe it! Maybe Ohio, but not America," –Homer Simpson, after being thwarted by an electronic voting machine in his attempt to vote for Barack Obama "Lisa, if you don't like your job, you don't strike: you just go in every day and do it really half assed. HOMER SIMPSON Ah, the Luftwaffe - the Washington Generals of the History Channel! Brought to you by Royal Bacon Society - The Internet's Ultimate Bacon Resource There are two types of college students, jocks and nerds. Homer: Ehh, that's no big loss. Thank you for your support. The Simpsons Quotes. It’ll be just like the time they kicked me out of the sporting goods store.”, “But I thought bankruptcy was the cool law. We've created visuals for ten of Homer Simpson's funniest quotes so you can easily share them on Facebook. In a progression of meetings in the year 1990, Groening apparently expressed that he named the character after the Homer Simpson in The Day Of The Locust, a 1939 novel by Nathanael West, as indicated by Planet Simpson, however, neither one of the explanations is viewed as complete. Nov 25, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Patrick chang. Nov 3, 2014 - Explore juan vera's board "Homer quotes" on Pinterest. 1. Release the dogs? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. If you are looking to convince intelligent-looking strangers that you are funny, there’s no better way than randomly injecting Simpsons quotes that are semi-relevant to the conversation. You just go in every day and do it really half-assed.”, “Old people don’t need companionship. Help me, Jebus! Wow, this plankton is only 33 cents! 2 of 76. Sep 9, 2020 - Explore Bear Brown's board "Homer quotes" on Pinterest. Homer Simpson is named after Matt Groening’s late dad, Homer Groening. I’m not going to kill you, but I’m going to tell you three things that will haunt you the rest of your days. “I think the saddest day of my life was when I realized I could beat my dad at most things, and Bart experienced that... 3. At his home, Homer Simpson can regularly be discovered sitting on the lounge chair carelessly staring at the TV while nibbling on junk food and drinking Duff beer. 10 Best Homer Simpson Quotes About Drinking. Why can’t I have no kids and three money?”, “I want to share something with you: The three little sentences that will get you through life. Everyone listens to me, no matter how dumb my suggestions are.”, “I saw this movie about a bus that had to SPEED around a city, keeping its SPEED over fifty, and if its SPEED dropped, it would explode! I went to Lisa’s play! Marge: Homer, that necklace was a priceless Bouvier family heirloom! Here are 27 of the funniest Homer Simpson quotes ever! Son, when you participate in sporting events, it’s not whether you win or lose: it’s how drunk you get. Simpson Tumblr Funny Jokes... Homer, those are ice-cream men.. Like what you see, follow me.! Futurama You’re just like that show Scrubs!”, “Why would women want to go to a gym if there were no men there watching them and judging them?”, “Sleeping bags on the floor, a roaring fire. Why We Love It: Homer’s rant lets us all know that taking a glib remark too far can often be very, very funny. For once maybe someone will call me "sir" without adding "You're making a scene." Reading and writing actually paid off!”, “I’m a white male, age 18 to 49. Number 3: It was like that when I got here.”, “I’m normally not a praying man, but if you’re up there, please save me Superman.”, “It’s so simple to be wise… just think of something stupid to say and then don’t say it.”, “Fame was like a drug, but what was even more like a drug were the drugs.”, “English? If he’s so smart, how come he’s dead? Marge, someone broke the toilet. So, this is a list of Simpsons quotes. But you're a very old man now, and old people are useless. The Simpsons Simpsons Quotes Simpsons Meme Learning French For Kids Teaching French 1. But you can thank your lucky stars we don’t live in Paraguay!”, “I’m in no condition to drive…wait! Here is a list of the all time best Homer Simpson quotes ever… Comments; Shares. Why We Love It: A useful nugget of wisdom that can also be applied to the handful of mince pies left out for Santa at Christmas. Wait a minute. Homer Simpson Quotes Quotes tagged as "homer-simpson" Showing 1-10 of 10 “I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me, Superman.

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