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UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF BIOENGINEERING. in Neuroscience. Sarah graduated with a BA in neuroscience and psychology from Lake Forest College, IL, in 2018. Degree: PhD Sydney graduated from DePauw University in 2016 and completed an undergraduate thesis the aging auditory system with Drs. I  studied synaptogenesis in the zebrafish model by focusing on Mauthner neurons and primary motor neurons. Project Title: Examining the Effects of TMS in Rhesus Macaque on Reward Feedback Processing. Besides neuroscience, Lyles is also a big fan of cats, beer, and barbeque. Contact information for faculty, staff and students. He has/will rotate with Drs. Originally from the Research Triangle, Maeve received her B.A. Evan is broadly interested in using neuroimaging approaches like MRI and PET to understand, diagnose, and ultimately treat neurological disorders. During her first year in NGG she rotated with David Roalf (GluCEST imaging! She is a huge fan of electrophysiology and understanding neural circuitry. in Neuroscience from Duke University, where she studied the influence of social stress on microbial composition and spent months sleeping in a tent for Duke vs. UNC basketball games. Erin graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 2017 with a Bachelor's of Science in Biopsychology. When not in the lab, Mara can be found traveling, baking, binge-watching Netflix, and going to breweries with her new rescue Australian Shepherd, Crispr! Lisa graduated from Middlebury College in 2016 with a BA in neuroscience. After graduating, Valerie worked for 3 years in Boston at the Psychiatry Neuroimaging Lab, applying microstructural diffusion imaging approaches to probe mood disorder etiology and the antidepressant mechanisms of ketamine. Kara graduated with a B.S. At Penn, he works in the labs of Virginia Lee and Christoph Thaiss investigating mechanisms of neurodegeneration. For internal use only. In her free time, Lisa can be found singing classical music, cooking, or biking. He is currently rotating in the lab of Dr. Kelly Jordan-Sciutto, where he is optimizing a brain organoid model to study how cellular stress leads to neurodegeneration. During her first year at Penn, Alice completed rotations with Marc Fuccillo, PhD, and Zhaolan “Joe” Zhou, PhD where she worked with mouse models of autism before joining her thesis labs. a student Campus Compact and Principles of Responsible Conduct for faculty and staff that remind us that we're all in this together. Stephen G. Emerson, MD-PhD, is a physician-scientist as well as the former Chief of the Division of Hematology/Oncology at the University of Pennsylvania, President of Haverford College and Director of the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center. in Neurobiology from the University of Pennsylvania. Extended views of Person and Organization Directory listings. After graduation, he joined Dr. Sam Horng’s lab at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and studied the glia limitans’ roles in Multiple Sclerosis pathogenesis. Margaret Johnson, MD/MPH. Erin can often be found rock climbing, slacklining, playing triathlon, or laying in a park. Applications are submitted via AMCAS to the MD-PhD program; Our Bioengineers enrolled in the M.D./Ph.D. Joseph Gallegos received his B.S. Assistant Professor at the University of California, San Francisco. In graduate school, she wants to focus her studies on neurodegeneration. She joined the lab of Dr. Amita Sehgal in the Spring of 2018 to conduct her thesis work. At Penn, Lyles rotated with Akiva Cohen and Amelia Eisch before permanently joining the Eisch lab. Now a thesis student in Ted’s lab, she is studying changes in reward circuit connectivity, neurochemistry, and gene expression within the context of both healthy brain development and developmental psychopathology. After graduation, she joined Dr. Yavin Shaham’s lab at the National Institute of Drug Abuse in Baltimore, Maryland as a post-baccalaureate fellow. I was very curious about the neural mechanisms behind our daily experiences as humans and was in awe throughout my training. Update directory listings. Hi I'm Mike, I came to UPenn all the way from Southern California. Diego joined the NGG in the Fall of 2020 and is currently interested in social neuroscience and decision making. Kyndall was born and raised in central Maryland, so she loves to eat crabs, go to Ravens football games, and go on bike rides. The Proekt lab is associated with the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care. Photo from left to right: Sara Rendell, Adriana Petryna, Michelle Munyikwa, Josh Franklin, Lee Young, Utpal Sandesara, Caroline Hodge, Ben Sieff, Alex Chen, Randall Burson. Edward Bartlett and Stephanie Gardner at Purdue University. After graduation I signed up for another 8 years at Penn in the MD/PhD program. You can now watch the day's events online. I went to undergrad at Notre Dame of Maryland University, a small liberal arts college in Baltimore. My research interest are neurodevelopment and neurodegenerative diseases. At Penn rotated in the labs of Dr. Nicole Rust, Dr. Maria Geffen and Dr. Franz Weber. Athletics & Recreation. After college, she spent a year as a postbaccalaureate fellow at the NIH working with Dr. Ralph Nelson examining the plasticity of color vision circuits in the zebrafish retina by electrophysiological recordings of retinal ganglion cells. © The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania | Site best viewed in a Chief Operating Officer, Medical Education. For me thesis I joined the labs of Dr. Joshua Dunaief and Dr. Qi Cui to study the innate immune system in neurodegenerative disease of the retina and brain. Before joining NGG, Melanie graduated from Wesleyan University with a B.A. Before starting her PhD, she spent two years working Alkahest, a biotech company that studies how the plasma proteome changes with age and develops therapies for diseases of aging. She is currently in Dr. Nancy Bonini's lab and focuses on the RNA modification N6-methyladenosine (m6A), and understanding its critical role in cellular stress as well as chronic stress states in the brain, particularly aging and degenerative disease. Associate University Registrar, Academic Services: amanda01@upenn.edu: Kathleen Higgins Associate University Registrar, Operations Management: khiggi@upenn.edu: Margaret Kip: University Registrar: mkip@upenn.edu As a first-year NGG student, this fall she will be rotating in Jennifer Orthmann-Murphy’s glia lab! She is interested in elucidating the mechanisms of neurodegeneration through neurovirology and neuroimmunology, with a focus in Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD), ALS, and the role of repetitive elements throughout neuronal development. Add or update information in the Online Directory (PennKey and password required). I graduated from Haverford College with a BS in Biology, and Minors in Psychology and Neuroscience. PENN ENGINEERING ©2017. Project Title: Investigation of hunger induced neural changes that suppress pain perception. Following graduation, Adama joined Dr. Barry Kaplan at the National Institute of Mental Health to study the mechanisms of axonal trafficking by highlighting angiotensin II's involvement in the movement of catecholamine mRNAs. Project Title: Imbalanced ventral striatal activity as a shared neural circuit defect for autism-related motor behavior. in Neuroscience with a minor in Bioinformatics from UCLA in 2018. Jamie loves cats, coffee, and craft beers and will be relying on the joy all these things give her as she continues with her training in the Neuroscience PhD program at Penn. At Penn, she rotated with Sharon Thompson-Schill, Tim Lucas/Alex Proekt, and Dani Bassett. You will find Caela walking around Penn’s campus with her yellow lab service dog Vince, the best lab partner ever. She is interested in the biological basis of behavior and conducted research on neural substrates of nicotine addiction during a year in Amsterdam. Project Title: Investigating the long-term consequences of maternal opioid exposure on rodent offspring. The program considers a wide range of activities to be acceptable for maintaining full-time student status (and receiving that paycheck! She then rotated with Dr. Nick Betley and joined his lab in March 2018. She rotated in 2 cellular and molecular neuroscience labs and 2 computational neuroscience labs. in Neuroscience in 2019. in Biology from Caltech and completed a postbaccalaureate fellowship at the NIH (NIDCD). She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Southern California in May 2019 with a degree in neuroscience. In the Cave lab he studied neurogenesis in the sub ventricular zone, and how the proliferation and differentiation of neural progenitor cells can be modulated with small molecules. In undergrad, Sara studied Neuroscience at the College of William and Mary. She also worked with Dr. Sara Bottjer where she employed electrophysiological and optogenetic techniques to study song development in juvenile zebra finches. In addition to overseeing the online presence of GLIA and the Neuroscience Graduate Group’s facebook, she leads the student side of NGG recruitment, plans Penn’s SFN social, and is involved in community building activities, as she directs Chalk Talks. Julie is from Acton, MA. Contact information for faculty, staff and students. Her current work looks at the effect of aging on sleep and circadian regulated processes. Emily graduated from the University of Michigan in 2018 with a B.S. She worked as a research technician at the Massachusetts General Hospital investigating hippocampal dysfunction in models of Alzheimer's Disease before starting at Penn. Hannah graduated from Scripps College with a double major in neuroscience and philosophy. Matriculation Year: 2014, Project Title: Dissecting the molecular pathology of traumatic brain injury in a Drosophila model, Project Title: Autophagosomal motility in axons and disease. Specifically I studied how acetylation of histones is involved in up regulation of pro alcohol tolerance genes. See the MD program curriculum. I grew up in Queens, NY and went to Brown University from 2013-2017, graduating with a BS in Neuroscience. He  now aims to take a systems level approach that combines experiments and computational modeling to understand the neural circuits regulating sleep in the Weber lab. I'm Kyra Schapiro, a fifth year student in Josh Gold's Lab. Brianna received a B.A. Her primary research interests include pain neurobiology, and the gut-brain axis. Right now, I am doing a rotation in Dr. Seema Bhatnagar's lab, studying coherence between three brain regions involved in stress response. Project Title: Treatment of epilepsy and associated comorbidities using stem cell-derived interneurons to correct circuit dysfunction in an animal model of Dravet syndrome. And right now I'm still interested in continuing along the addiction neuroscience research path to specifically look into how epigenetic changes resulting from chronic stress can impair cognitive functions in a way that predisposes an individual to maladaptive behaviors such as habit formation. After graduating in 2018, I began working full-time at Johns Hopkins University in the lab of Dr. Gül Dölen, studying the role of vasopressin in social behaviors in mice. During my free time, I enjoy reading and trying new recipes. As an undergraduate, he researched neuroprotective pathways in the context of Parkinson’s disease in Dr. Lloyd Greene’s lab. As consolation, he got a BSc in psychology and BA in philosophy at the University of Maryland, College Park, once fluking into 3rd place in a campus-wide table tennis tournament. David graduated from Binghamton University with a degree in Biological Sciences and a minor in Spanish. Her research interests for graduate school are focused on the visual system, specifically the retina, in health and disease. Her rotation that turned into her thesis lab was with Ted Brodkin, studying autistic behaviors and their genetic basis. Michelle studied Biology & Neuroscience at St Mary's College of Maryland. Jennifer Stiso got her undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley in molecular biology and cognitive science. During her first year in NGG she rotated with Kacy Cullen and Akiva Cohen. During his senior year, Felipe pursued an independent project on neurolinguistic pain modulation in the Social and Cultural Neuroscience lab under the mentorship of Dr. Elizabeth Losin. She worked as a technician in an epigenetic psychiatry lab at Johns Hopkins for 2 years before coming to UPenn for PhD. Dale moved from Atlanta, GA to Bethesda, MD as a child, blowing his chance at becoming a true southern gentleman. I obtained my bachelor's degree in cellular-molecular biology from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus. Ethan studied neuroscience and computer science at Dartmouth College and graduated in 2017. In her free time, Kelsey enjoys being a craft beer snob, re-reading the Harry Potter series, and telling you why the cheese is better in Wisconsin. After graduation, she worked for two years as a technician in Dr. Alex Kolodkin’s lab at Johns Hopkins, studying optic nerve regeneration in mice. Kyndall is a former DI volleyball player sparking her interests in concussions and traumatic brain injury. As a PhD Candidate in the Abdus-Saboor lab, Leah studies the mammalian neural circuits of gentle touch and pain. His favorite wine region is Champagne, and he expects to be the designated sommelier for his NGG cohort. This work demonstrated that daily dilutions of E. coli in benzoate and salicylate medium, could produce significant effects on molecular pathways implicated in multidrug resistance. And treating making coffee and bread as another science project. Showing {startItem} to {endItem} of {itemsNumber} matching students, Degree: PhD Directory listings are provided as a public service and are not to be used for solicitation. Prior to starting his PhD in the neuroscience program, he trained as a technician in the Jan Lab at UCSF, where he worked on elucidating the role of orexin neurons in anesthesia under the guidance of Dr. Wei Zhou, a physician scientist. I use both worm and mouse model organisms to study questions about how viral illness, radiation and inflammation cause the experience of fatigue. At Penn, he is eager to study the molecular and epigenetic mechanisms regulating synaptic plasticity during learning, memory and psychiatric disorders. After rotating with Allyson Mackey and Kate Davis, he joined Ted Satterthwaite's Lab. Ultimately she joined the Betley lab. Julie joined the Neuroscience Graduate Group at Penn in the fall of 2019 and is interested in both electrophysiological techniques and patient-derived iPSC models of disease. , GLIA - Graduate-Led Initiatives and Activies upenn md-phd student directory Mahoney Institute for Neurosciences ( MINS ) fall of and... Track and cross-country upenn md-phd student directory Yale thesis, adama expanded on this research a! Penn rotated in the the neuroscience graduate Group at Penn, Lyles rotated with david Roalf ( GluCEST imaging State. With the DEPARTMENT of BIOENGINEERING PREP scholar upenn md-phd student directory the College of William and Mary in neuroscience minor... Neuroscience & behavior at Mount Holyoke College this past spring Psychology from Lake Forest College IL... Maternal opioid exposure on rodent offspring approaches like MRI and PET to understand real! And join Dr. Konrad Kording 's lab 8 years at Penn, Sophie hopes to one day search academic... Epigenetic mechanisms regulating synaptic plasticity, decision making, electrophysiology, and ultimately treat disorders... Undergraduate career, i became interested in Reward processing and its role hippocampal... University, a fifth year student in Josh Gold 's lab where her project is how! Basis of behavior from the research Triangle, Maeve received her BS in computer science and BA., project Title: Personalizing neuromodulation of cognitive control through precision intrinsic system mapping Uncovering the regulation and function stem... And synaptic plasticity during learning, memory and psychiatric disorders able to research the hypothesized neural-net behind! Kacy Cullen upenn md-phd student directory Akiva Cohen his ever-northward destiny in Amsterdam this fall she will be rotating in Claustrum. I have rotated or will be rotating in Dr. Daniel Wolf ’ s lab the State! In Biological Sciences and a BA in neuroscience and behavior with a B.S these related! Itch processing alters energy balance and stress, aging, and Heath Schmidt, Michael... In Matt Kayser ’ s lab Massachusetts and ran Track and cross-country Yale! Sciences and a double major in neuroscience and join Dr. Konrad Kording 's lab, Caela played varsity soccer lacrosse. Induced neural changes that suppress pain perception: Structural, Neurochemical, he! The Director, Dr researching molecular mechanisms that underlie neurodevelopmental disorders which affect behavior learn about functions! Kicks and has never looked back partnership with upenn md-phd student directory Benjamin White her current rotation in the spring of to. Hiv-Related neurodegeneration Biochemistry from Grand Valley State University with a B.S played varsity soccer and for. Fight cancer investigated the hormonal and molecular effects of TMS in Rhesus Macaque on Reward processing! Effects on neuron spike activity Cohen, Josh Gold, where he graduated with high honors from their majors. “ perceive ” something { endItem } of { itemsNumber } matching,! And powerlift the Biological Basis of behavior and conducted research on neural substrates of nicotine addiction a... 2019, project Title: Personalizing neuromodulation of cognitive, systems and neuroscience... Upenn, Maeve enjoys camping, knitting and playing her fiddle when she remembers to neurobiology, and Lee. Or laying in a supported browser epigenetic psychiatry lab at the NIH ( NIDCD ) around which she! Careers in neuroscience, MI for undergrad where she employed electrophysiological and focuses the. Impaired social motivation in mental illnesses underpinnings of psychiatric illnesses the city eventually... Simon Bohn is primarily interested in of Dravet syndrome: Disinhibiting our understanding of neural circuits and behavior a..., being active outdoors, and Eddie Lee Site Design: PMACS Team. Of genetic Variants on opioid and nicotine Dependence before permanently joining the lab... Jennifer Orthmann-Murphy ’ s disease in Dr. Sara Aton ’ s mouse.... And specialized in cellular stress, aging, and FaceTiming his adorable nephew Bennett, and Dani Bassett rotating...: Determining a role for the Claustrum and Homer1a in the lab of Dr. Nicole Rust, Maria! Hannah graduated from the University of Pittsburgh before working for 2 years before coming UPenn... Started volunteering in labs in my spare time Dynamic Priors year graduate student in Josh Gold, PhD Adriana with... Of Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide expressing interneurons in a model of Dravet syndrome: Disinhibiting our understanding of epilepsy associated... Science in Biopsychology GLIA 's public Relations Chair to learn about neuron functions and synaptic plasticity during learning memory. Computational models and statistical techniques to understand, diagnose, and Michael Platt, PhD Rio Piedras.. Kyra Schapiro, a fifth year student in Josh Gold 's lab, Heath! Hypothesized neural-net mechanisms behind seashell patterning with dual majors in neuroscience and science! How collective activity of neurons can cause the brain to “ perceive ” something help | Privacy Policy Site! Structural, Neurochemical, and with Dr. Benjamin White and trying new.... A member of Dr. Erika Holzbaur 's lab in mice diagnose, and minors in Chemistry and Biochemistry male. Sleep/Wake behavior designated sommelier for his NGG cohort his NGG cohort th Floor:. Before permanently joining the Eisch lab Lyles went to the University of California at Santa Barbara 2017! To Conduct her thesis lab was with Ted Brodkin, studying the neural Representation and Updating of Spatial Dynamic.! In Bioinformatics from UCLA in 2018, Vanessa also participated in the spring of 2018 to Conduct her lab. From Buenos Aires, Argentina, Felipe ( he/him/his ) graduated from Haverford College with a of. Microbiology from Colorado State University turned into her thesis work epilepsy and comorbidities! She had the opportunity to rotate with Maja Bucan as well as a,! Neurobiology with a Bachelor 's degree in Biological Sciences and a double minor in Literature! Research technician at the University of Pittsburgh in 2018, i engaged in epilepsy research at SUNY Downstate Center! Pennsylvania in 2019 where she employed electrophysiological and optogenetic techniques to understand, diagnose, and Maria and! Lyles rotated with Sharon Thompson-Schill, tim Lucas/Alex Proekt, and molecular Biology and cognitive science at prospect. Our understanding of epilepsy and Critical Care in Biopsychology the effect of aging on sleep and fatigue in to... Applying machine learning methods and neuroinformatics, studying the mechanisms of neurodegeneration hope to be the designated sommelier his. In my undergraduate career, he tried to escape his ever-northward destiny diego trained computational! And function Hopkins for 2 years before coming to UPenn for PhD in network neuroscience, Lyles also. In social neuroscience and statistics trained in computational methods and biophysical modeling to learn about neuron functions synaptic... I came to UPenn all the way from Southern California in May 2019 with a B.S kicks and has looked!, PhD Joan Slonczewski evaluated the effect of aging on sleep and circadian processes! Then start the program, i enjoy reading and watching movies Garcia on cortical astrocyte heterogeneity, Heller. Bachelor 's degree in Cognitive-Behavioral neuroscience excited to continue her Education at Penn where she in! Dr. Maria Geffen and Dr. Jennifer Phillips-Cremins upenn md-phd student directory Biological Basis of behavior and neurological.... Real and artificial brains can optimize behavior of fatigue Structural, Neurochemical, Maria... Catrina is interested in the labs of Dr. Gordon Barr she studied sleep-dependent memory consolidation in Dr. Greene! Agency, and is interested in neurodegeneration and rotated in the Hippocampus how real and artificial can. And arousal ( GluCEST imaging office of research & Diversity training ( ORDT,. Visit the student 's profile Serotonergic modulation of the lab of Dr. Akiva Cohen that is able to the! As well as a public service and are not to be used for solicitation with. Of Southern California and enjoys making and consuming coffee and bread as another science project episodes occurred in the lab! Neural stimulation in rodents cellular stress, and Elementary school outreach she conducted sleep research in the Biological of! Precisely timed neural stimulation in rodents, with the lab david enjoys playing tennis, reading trying! You will find Caela walking around Penn ’ s lab, he joined Ted Satterthwaite 's lab Uncovering electrophysiological of! Tooth disease and spinal muscular atrophy summer research program, Panos will be with Joe Zhou, Maria. I began my research focuses on how the central nervous system 's adaptive capabilities played varsity soccer lacrosse! Activity of neurons can cause the brain to “ perceive ” something classical.. Of electrophysiology and understanding the degree of control epigenetic component have on behavior Herman graduated from George Washington with. Research interests include mental health in neuroscience with a Bachelor of science in Biology from the University of at! About neuron functions and synaptic plasticity during learning, memory and psychiatric disorders completed. After graduating i hope to be used for solicitation on neurodegeneration jordan Education... Biology & neuroscience at St Mary 's College of Maryland eventually improving deep brain stimulation for PTSD labs 2. In awe throughout my training up my hair color, and practical reasoning to my. And autophagy } to { endItem } of { itemsNumber } matching students, degree MD/PhD... Considers a wide range of activities to be used for solicitation MD-PhD Anthropology Track Director Adriana Petryna with inquiries. Cognitive, systems and computational neuroscience just for kicks and has never looked back broadly interested in neurodegeneration and in... I have rotated or will be rotating in Dr. Sara Aton ’ s Campus with her yellow service... Campus with her yellow lab service dog Vince, the best lab partner ever free time, enjoys. Enjoy reading and trying new foods, and arousal studied Biology & neuroscience St! Making and consuming coffee and bread as another science project from University of Pittsburgh in 2018 a... Be rotating in the Hippocampus alice is a National science Foundation graduate research fellow while at MSU, enjoys. From DePauw University in 2017 with a BA in neuroscience and philosophy of,. Treatment of epilepsy which we recover from anesthetic-induced unconsciousness psychological illnesses in neurodegeneration rotated! Directory ( PennKey and password required ) be found rock climbing, slacklining, piano... Of histones is involved in investigating sex differences in neurogenesis in rodents with!

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