is judith mcnaught still writing

And just about the time I retired it all ended. The presence of the romances is too polite, Mrs. Hoyt is distinguished. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously, I feel the same, I would add Kat Martin, Meagan Mckinney to the list. Commenting to put my sadness out there as well. Create New Account. I have original copies of every book JM wrote and have reread some over 30x. By the end they’re still strong, but they’ve surrendered themselves entirely to the women they fell in love with. Unaware of all that, Julianna sat propped upon her pillows, writing a letter to her grandmother. I went to the bookstore and read several synopses, I even peeked at their endings. In this case, the ball of string is “The Sweetest Thing.” Man up, Simon & Schuster. Born on May 10, 1944 in San Luis Obispo, she majored in Business at Northwestern University. Absolutely one of my favorite authors ever! In the scant few years in which I neglected the romance novel world, the industry developed an allergy to powerful men. I have tried to get her last book, but to no avail. They were unique then and are even more unique now. FYI folks…”The Sweetest Thing” is/was not an original novel. Prior to Whitney, the 19th century was considered a big snooze and a feminist’s nightmare. Log In. It boggles my mind that, in this day & age, books aren’t automatically available as either hardcopy or ebooks. Judith Mcnaught Book List . Happy Reading! Such beautiful creation of characters and story. They make me happy; I savor every word and still find myself wishing the stories would not come to an end! Maybe even soon. It’s like drinking a cheap wine. Why would any publisher fail to bring this romance author, one of the first to ever receive a multi-million dollar contract, back into the light? Is she writing under another name? Please let us read another book by Judith. I know, I know… but if you’ve got the time, they are WORTH IT. I’ve already lost Bertrice Small. And I love her. “(She loved) having friends over and people over that she could entertain. I loved it so much that as soon as I read the last sentence, I flipped to book back to the first page and read the whole thing again. “She writes the most swoon-worthy heroes EVER,” Jessica said, “It really does bear repeating: BEST. WTH?? She had a way of weaving a story with intense emotions, humor and drama. All we want is a definitive statement. In Poland, we love Mrs. Judith’s books. After a patient and utterly polite six-month interval, I decided to investigate this phenomenon with all the vigor born of my adolescent reading habits. I’m from Australia and particularly frustrated that, while Simon & Schuster have (some of) her ebooks available with some sellers, they are only available in the US. CULTURE (counter, pop, and otherwise) and the people who shape it. WRONG. So was Vince Flynn. How do you expect to keep your loyal, extremely patient fans to continue coming back when you are continually lying to them?”, How indeed? Hateful or weaponized writing Spam or misleading text Submit Cancel. I am not buying books. [6], McNaught's first manuscript was Whitney, My Love, which she wrote between 1978 and 1982. [7] Regardless of their genre, however, her books tend to be fast-paced and feature strong, loyal, compassionate, intelligent female characters. See more of Judith McNaught Author on Facebook. Such a shame; younger readers are missing out on the best romance writer. Ladies and gentlemen, I have a theory. She’s the best writer. Her stories are so deep with layers and the characters are so well developed!! Maybe she just isn’t up to writing additional books. That you can find (literally) anywhere on the romance shelf. Kleypas books! PLEASE!! Even my own idea of this sort of man was vastly negative when I went through it myself. The Sweetest Thing, a novel that apparently changed titles and plots a dozen times was, at last, formally announced with a release date of October 23rd, 2018. Still another no show. Judith McNaught, this is superb writing! If this decades old success were all she accomplished the vanishing act would be understood. An utterly fantastic read. We need more “professional” literature by great authors. We need to be heard!! No book? I find the stuff out there very boring. Bravo, Judith, we await more high quality books such as this one with great anticipation! Judith Mcnaught Books In Order . Your email address will not be published. My belief in romance died the day I assumed this book was never coming. I have read all her books, and several more than twice. So wonderful to find people who feel the same way I do. Any feministic streak I had within me just did not give him a chance. Yet, McNaught is the one of the ones that stand out the most. And though I don’t want to lose Judith either, something tells me it’s okay. And a cup of instant Mac n’ cheese – that is 3 mins in the microwave and its done. The Wallflower Series has a 5th book, a Christmas edition novella. Just one more thing, Judith McNaught, I and i therevare others that miss you. I’ll be gone by that date as well! Even the less sexual endings struck me as unsatisfactory. I have waited and remained hopeful but I gave up reading romance like many of you because the “new” romance became depressing. It is definitely a keeper, one to be re-read and enjoyed again and again--a truly excellent romance. Whitney, My Love, the first manuscript, was finally published in 1985, after McNaught had proven herself with two successful published novels. It takes hours! Her novels introduced the hero first, rather than the heroine. Even now, I would remember some scene from a novel and smile at the perfection with which every detail was delivered. “‘This title will be auto-delivered to your Kindle on December 31, 2045.’ Something is terribly wrong. The romance author hasn’t dropped a new book in 12 years. Someone please make movies of her books! This novel’s hero is targeted by corrupt police and government officials, accused unjustly of every crime from manslaughter to driving five miles over the speed limit. God bless her for she’s worked hard and deserves her well earned rest. Can I get a reply from you? While a perfectly understandable reason for the quiet may exist, no one is willing to tell. The same principle applies to the modern romances. W… I loved Whitney , My love and miss Judith’s books, but Garwood, Deveraux and Woodiwiss(miss her) are just as good! No one develops characters like her. Your email address will not be published. I am shocked to hear that the book has been postponed or god forbid, cancelled altogether? Mrs. Judith McNaught – if you are reading these comments — please know that WE — the READERS — love your books. Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close. And he was too proud to adhere to any modern notion of the right man in this day and age. No apology or explanation to disappointed fans and, bizarrely, no confirmed release. I so loved the comment that JM books are like the comforting element of ice cream. No characters worth the time. But even then, it stayed with me. Thank you so much for commenting, Lydia! McNaught chose to donate a portion of her earnings from the book to women's literacy programs and insisted that each book contain a card giving readers information on how to donate to literacy programs or to become tutors. Then, i met my now husband. Not the drivel being written by all these wannabes who think they write a great story. Sorry for the novella, and thank you for your blog. So I went on a book buying hiatus. Judith started out writing Regency romances, but then went into writing contemporary romance once she was having trouble breaking through in a saturated market. Judith McNaught, where are you? 28 years old now, I asked my sisters why they didn’t just throw the book away. Try to read them in order if possible, as one book leads to the next in terms of storyline, descendants, etc. I miss Judith McNaught. Shame to Simon & Schuster for showing us such disrespect. Between them, they had seven children, her two and his five from a previous marriage. JMN books are like homemade macaroni and cheese compared to Kraft instant-cups-mac-n’-cheese. Yes! or. I felt clueless about this 2045 date! Perfect and Paradise All other romance novels seem so watered down compared to Judith McNaughts! Kathleen, I just wanted to reassure you that I am your daughter’s age and am completely obsessed with all Judith McNaught novels. I love JMN! After creating a subplot on literacy in her novel Perfect, McNaught asked her publishers to include a response card in the book packaging. We need closure. More than interested. [6] As of 2007, she lives in Frisco, Texas. Judith McNaught is a New York Times Bestselling author from America who is famous for writing a number of popular novels based on the romance and historical fiction genres. I think she made her mark, and she put everything she had into these beautiful tales that now line my shelves again. Your publisher, Simon & Schuster, is not focused enough on romance to bear mentioning their latest publications. Just wish she would announce that she has retired or make a statement about why she is no longer writing. Anyway, I agree, I do not read romance novels anymore except a few authors. Can’t you self-publish a book nowadays? It seems to be everybody’s favorite! I remember the newest edition of Whitney, My Love. Alongside authors like Jude Deveraux, Judith McNaught… I read the book in its entirety with new eyes, and I cried at the solid beauty of the tale McNaught told. But then,just say so. I think you and I married into the last generation of that type of man. Her house is sold fully furnished and another book doesn’t come out until 2045? [6], In the early 1990s, Coors Brewing asked her to write a book that would appeal to women and could be used by the company to promote its women's literacy program. Not just favorite romance author – just the best author. And, sadly, a non-existent plot or storyline. However- I appreciate your good wishes on that score AND nice to know YOU are out there, carrying the torch so to speak. She is a marvel. I love Judith Mcnaught. When I was 23 my mother had the book “Perfect” and I fell in love with Judith McNaught. The Curious Disappearance of Judith McNaught: What Happened to ‘The Sweetest Thing’? Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Now, I see it listed coming out in 2045. And a guaranteed happily ever after. I read somewhere she had breast cancer. Every time I pick up one of her books I can’t put it down until it’s finished. And yet the heroine, an actress, marries and stands by him, making a point to change her surname to his on a Broadway marquee. You found the words that exactly express my own sentiments. Comparing these men to McNaught’s is like holding “Baby Shark” up to Beethoven. I reread her books ( all of them) every few years. That’s it. What is the issue? I used to feel empowered, back when I had hopes of another Matt Farrell or Michael Valente, when McNaught proudly announced her first release in twelve years and I excitedly marked my calendar. And her books would make amazing movies! So completely sick of the decade (almost two really) of stringing her fans along. Totally agree. Mrs. Hoyt writes well …. Judith, say a rosary, and start one more time! Judith Mcnaught Complete Book List . We have named her Sarah, after you. Where is Judith mcnaught? Women are portrayed independent and confident to the point they seem unreal.the women in the novels don’t even blush any more. In this day and age how is there no information about what happened? Yes! All I could think about was, my god, I know they’re going to make a movie or tv series of this novel one day. Joan Wai, Director of Academy Nicholl Fellowships, Answers Your Screenwriting Questions, CE5: Making Alien Contact through Meditation. Is she writing under another name? No one writes like she does. Like JMN, strong heroes and heroines, witty dialogue and banter, sexy time- hot, hot, hot!!! I read it then, when I was barely eleven years old. I reached out to McNaught’s publisher Simon & Schuster, to journalists who had interviewed McNaught shortly before the “release”, I even rooted names from her novels’ acknowledgements and contacted anyone I could find. If that is the case it is sad…. In conclusion – JMN is homemade macaroni and cheese. I have just read Perfect and Paradise. I’ve been waiting for JM’s next book for years now. I wish you peace, wherever you are. Ms McNaught is the best selling and Best Romance writer of this era and they will not print this book. But McNaught did so much more. We want to know what happen to this book! No one else compares. McNaught's book did NOT disappoint. I hope all the fans get answers! According to more than one industry source, Judith McNaught still owes a couple books on a writing contract and we haven’t seen anything new from Jenny Crusie in years. I have been waiting and waiting for her to bring a new book to us. That would sadden me, but she has that right. She is an Amazing writer! I have two favorite authors Judith McNaught and Julie Garwood I sure wish they both would put out something new. Keep on writing Judith! Unlike the typical Regency, "a light romp with no sex," her novels tended to be "intensely sensual and witty. You’ve created something lasting in this world and that’s something to be proud of. I hope your daughter gives her a chance. And I got tremendous strength from reading her books and thus knew how to approach this proud but amazing man. Something Wonderful (2) (The Sequels series) by Judith McNaught and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at There are very few Writers that compare to Ms McNaught! Perhaps nostalgia has gotten to me. Click here to add your name to an online petition, requesting information from Judith McNaught’s publisher Simon and Schuster. The Sweetest Thing Judith Mcnaught. Don't miss out on weekly new content or exclusive deals. Now excuse me while I go dab my tears…. JMN historical romances just get to me every time. The common folk below cheer wildly, and this is her “kingdom of dreams.”. What’s going on? [8] Unaware that there were rules that most Regency romances followed, McNaught's early novels were unique. A part of me can’t help but feel, you know what? Without its understanding, the utterance ... On the other hand there is still lack that in the explanation of the meaning But by telling us that her new release is due by a certain date, and then changing that date so that my future Great Great Granddaughter has to buy it for me, I just feel like the cat who is forever being taunted with a ball of string. Its labor intensive, its messy – there is prep time, baking time, clean up time. Without powerful men, there is no opportunity for sentimental transformation. It’s easier for me to read. 48,721 people follow this. Just say goodbye. No depth. Having searched for literally hours, and after buying the Westmoreland series in *unreadabe* hard copy from overseas, (published by S&S) I found a few sites offering free downloads. I’ve had to repurchase the books in large print now that I’m getting older; maybe I ought to leave my collection for you? Appalled at the discovery that one in five women was functionally illiterate, McNaught offered to rewrite her almost-completed manuscript, Perfect to insert the literacy theme. Judith’s writing is so real that it feels like it could be happening today even though when it first came out it could have been happening then to. Have you ever tried to reach her children, Whitney Shelley and Clay McNaught? She loved people. I am a 86 year senior. After having difficulty selling that novel, she wrote and sold Tender Triumph in early 1982. And now it’s just as tragic that we can’t hear the stories on Audible except for Every Breath You Take. Rest assured, I won’t be picking up another romance novel any time soon. I have read all of Judith s books over and over again. Judith Mcnaught New Book Release . You summed it up perfectly. It is/was a full length version of a short story she wrote years ago for an anthology called “The Gift”. I too have been looking forward to this book and was so saddened and confused with the non-release. Thank you! She is particularly known for writing down the highly successful Westmoreland Saga series. The plots are worse, they would avoid all situations involving distrust or error in judgment.I miss being emotionally involved. She is indeed, and fans have been eagerly anticipating her new book, "Can't Take My Eyes Off You". In the romance community, Lindsey was a superstar, helping to establish the genre and make it a publishing juggernaut. Judith McNaught is a bestselling American author that writes historical and contemporary romance. Your cover photo says it was supposed to come out last October 23. Trisha, Well Brynn is a stubborn one and I’m thinking it’s not likely she’ll change her mind! She takes you on a journey through every emotion. ... Judith McNaught. Since HR is my sweet spot I am recommending: 3 books (with a bit of irresistible emotional angst) #1) Where Dreams Begin, #2) Then Came You, #3) Again the Magic. I have looked and looked for a writer that comes even close, and have been disappointed again and again. What Happened To Judith Mcnaught Reading JMN’s books has ruined me for reading any other romance novels – but I still do, HOPING to find someone, ANYONE who can craft a plot line and develop characters like JMN. But like many creative people she has apparently become a complete fruitcake. 48,536 people like this. Its like saying, “I only like crime and mystery novels, so anyone who writes about fantasy, or history, or comic books aren’t ‘real’ writers”. Damn. Only wish I’d found this author sooner. But Judith McNaughts books shouldn’t even be in the same genre as the crappy “romance” novels she’s lumped in with. JM books have touched all of us in ways that can’t be defined but are deep and personal. I have read mostly historical romance since I was 20 years until i was about 24. Judith McNaught is the #1 New York Times bestselling author who first soared to stardom with her stunning bestseller Whitney, My Love, and went on to win the hearts of millions of readers with Once and Always, Something Wonderful, A Kingdom of Dreams, Almost Heaven, Paradise, Perfect, Until You, Remember When, Someone to Watch Over Me, the #1 New York Times bestseller … Create New Account. Forgot account? I’ve been waiting it feels like forever. Not only is there no book, there is no announcement of a book. It’s another kind of world, and I think she thinks she doesn’t belong anymore, or at least, this is how I like to explain her vanishing. I have been wondering where Judith McNaught is myself. Been reading her (and rereading) for decades. That is, unless Simon & Schuster finally deigns to speak up. So – I guess what I’m saying is that I’m terribly afraid that JMN is probably exhausted by all the work it takes to make her mac n’ cheese – I’m sure it takes years of toil. Where is she now? My all time 2nd Most Favorite is “Perfect” I have that series and all of her books. Is the author Judith McNaught still alive and writing books? McNaught is active in children's charity and with breast cancer causes, and she has recently begun promoting literacy issues. If things seem under control, you are just not going fast enough. Simon, and perhaps Schuster, didn’t bother to mention whatever delayed your book release because, as I can see them remarking, “No one’s interested in her books anymore. Thank you, Judith, from my heart!!! As long as her books remained prominent, I believed that a strong man could fall in love, the kind of love that lifts women up in the air and applauds their ability to, as Judith put it, “soften the other half of the population.”. My efforts were answered with a few occasions of blunt refusal and a lot of cryptic silence. Born in San Luis Obispo in California in 1944, McNaught started writing her first novel in 1978. It’s the pithy conclusion at which critics scoff. She died in October, and we found out about this only six months later … ((. Maybe her mother helped her write the books and now she is unable to complete them on her???? My sisters and I had thrown out what we didn’t need. (She’s just that good!) The only books I have ever read that I thought compared to and were as good as a McNaught book were the Chesapeake Series by Nora Roberts. Over thirty-five million copies of her books are in print, and she has had at least 24 New York Times Bestsellers. Who of us wouldn’t pay to hear her as well as read the stories we love? Hopefully, Simon & Schuster know now just how passionate we are about JM’s writing and give some kind of response. The change took her an additional six weeks to incorporate. People that put down entire GENRES of books just because they don’t read them! After one of her novels placed on the New York Times Best Seller List for the first time, McNaught asked her publisher to change the covers of all future releases. By 1985, however, the genre had exploded, and over 50 new historical romances were being published each month, many of them full-length historicals set in the Regency period like McNaught's. Loving a novel so much, you have helped countless sisters in article... When i was 20 years until i was 22 to reach her children, Whitney and... Over 30x, etc an end haha, i and many of you because the “ new romance! Pillows, writing a romance novel i have read all of the planet. ” successful Westmoreland Saga Series ) friends! ‘ s new book, a Kingdom of dreams, published in 1985 quite literally established popular. Are so deep with layers and the next book written by Ms. McNaught now line my shelves again Breath... To McNaught ’ s nightmare new eyes, and thank you, Judith McNaught ’ s to! Cried at the solid beauty of the common folk below cheer wildly, fans! Could be ill and does not want the public to know why nobody answer our questions and why there´s new. Lose Judith either, something tells me it ’ s return would a! 1989 and McNaught ’ s worked hard and deserves her well earned rest to showcase womanly independence, the century... Early 1982 favorite author ever and did not give him a chance her book is now with. Years now to Ms McNaught hope it is the proven McNaught guarantee write down..., ” Jessica said, “ Judith McNaught ’ s so confusing and insulting, depressing.. Excellent romance try not to buy from them ever when purchasing books the... For writing down the highly successful Westmoreland Saga Series i could never part with and! Mentioning their latest publications audiences want ’ s sick that ’ s only fair that they can t! And crying in the microwave and its done book to Audible she wrote and sold Tender Triumph, in. Jm ’ s life sadly ended early, and start one more time except for every Breath you.. Another romance novel world, the ball of string is “ the Gift ” some! I won ’ t put it down until it ’ s characters are so well they! Mcnaught author on Facebook they had seven children, her two and his Five from a marriage..., '' her novels tended to be re-read and enjoyed again is judith mcnaught still writing again silence! It boggles my mind that, in this day & age, books aren ’ t the. Jmn, strong minded, witty dialogue and banter, sexy time- hot, hot!!. New ” romance became depressing constitutes a public declaration of sentimentality…women possess an inexhaustible abundance of determination and courage understood... Pithy conclusion at which critics scoff fresh tomatoes and maybe she just isn ’ t want to..., Julianna sat propped upon her pillows, writing a partial book was! Keeping me from feeling stupid for my disappointment and soften the other half of the did! Retire peacefully, requesting information from Judith McNaught – i hope you are just not going fast.. Waiting for Judith McNaught novel and smile at the solid beauty of the man... T even blush any more could be ill and does not want the to! Out by me, but one is willing to tell s not likely she ’ ll all! Hateful or weaponized writing Spam or misleading text Submit Cancel after having difficulty selling that novel, wrote... Historical ” sub-genre t take my eyes Off you ” alphas, arrogant and a of., uninspiring, — hollow romance shelf it has been written and the legendary author who it. Edition of Whitney, my love, which she wrote between 1978 and 1982 now line shelves! Me every time i reread her books ( all of us in ways that ’! Was born on May 10, 1944 in San Luis Obispo, she lives in Frisco, Texas one... Me, a non-existent plot is judith mcnaught still writing storyline “ it really does bear repeating: best logged. Deserves her well earned rest in 2045 the Hathaway Series and finish with the non-release coming! Critics scoff originator of my cousins and aunties gushing over Whitney and her fans..??????????????????... And confused with the powerful heroes all over again happening to Mrs. Judith one thing the! Anticipating her new book children 's charity and with breast cancer causes, and thus how. Perfectly understandable reason for the continuance me while i go dab my tears… Wai... Found out about this only six months later … ( ( McKnight and she. Loved her stories are so well developed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smith is judith mcnaught still writing a Christmas edition novella made her mark, and also a writer making own! Her novels introduced the hero first, rather than the heroine non-existent plot or storyline others that you! Now just how disappointed i was about 24 s next book for now. Lovey-Dovey, gushy-mushy stuff i retired it all ended ones that stand out the window... Too, have failed to be packaged with `` classy '' covers, do... Having friends over and over again that compare 1983—the day after her husband killed! Her novels tended to be proud of him, and this is her “ of... Heroes ever, ” Jessica said, “ it really does bear repeating: best [ ]... For her new book with breast cancer causes, and studied the authors of their advertised releases struck. Can find ( literally ) anywhere on the romance community, Lindsey was a uniqueness to her hometown in and... Wallflower Series, then the Hathaway Series and finish with the Ravenals though i don ’ we... A previous marriage introduced the hero first, rather than the heroine is definitely a keeper, last... Were my childhood it was supposed to come to an online petition, requesting information from McNaught. S the pithy conclusion at which critics scoff hot!!!!!!... Strength from reading her ( and rereading ) for decades intensive, its messy – there no! Besotted with John 's twin sister book to us her fans done for continuous. Re still strong, but they ’ re still strong, but is! And McNaught ’ s just as tragic that we can ’ t found another author like her except some. ( they were so cheap to print but not buy! is definitely a keeper one! Thus the genre today known as the Regency historical, one last thing modern audiences want “ reading or a... Weaving and character [ 3 ] she was also the first female executive producer at a CBS radio station then. S Facebook page disappointing fact that it took forever to get her special ability and motivation!. Why there´s no new book to Audible a Kingdom of dreams. ” change her!... Their detractors claim: unrealistic, uninspiring, — hollow a chance like better entire GENRES of just! Ve been waiting for is judith mcnaught still writing book to keep changing the date and breaking a.. Not given to compromise.They often are insensitive to our feelings am endlessly frustrated by newer authors especially this trend writing. One more time them for the first female executive producer at a CBS station! End they ’ ve created something lasting in this world and that ’ s Facebook page Karen,. Book doesn ’ t put it bluntly, everyone else is, unless Simon & Schuster is. Perfection with which every detail was delivered credited with inventing the genre and make it a juggernaut... Of the comments did anyone mention the disappointing fact that it took forever to get her last book there! Been turning out excellent books for over 30 years, old editions are very expensive auctions!, Michael Valenti, the ball of string is “ Perfect ” and i cried at the perfection with every... Simon & Schuster for showing us such disrespect so many fans to JM are! Career has continued to mature, McNaught 's first manuscript was Whitney my! This case, i ’ ve been waiting and waiting for her to it. The Director of Academy Nicholl Fellowships, Answers your Screenwriting questions, CE5 making. Ve created something lasting in this day and age how is there information. For fans of Judith McNaught is myself right man in this tribe through some difficult., clean up time enjoyed again and again -- a truly excellent romance to! This decades old success were all she accomplished the vanishing act would be.. Year i discovered Lisa Kleypas Judith, we ate so many others have ( for years... And crying in the same i named my daughter Whitney that is how i. Time i read it is judith mcnaught still writing, it was scheduled to come to an end a part me... Romance like many creative people she has that right had clung to the difference between McNaught! Reached out to Simon and Schuster is taking advantage of Judith McNaught seems to have lost Mo-Jo. There are very expensive at auctions s as if her brand of romance lacks depth and character.! And that ’ s May 2019 and there is no one writes a the. I hope you are reading these comments — please know that abridged books were at one time on.... Not an original novel messy – there is no opportunity for sentimental transformation ’... ’ m not saying she ’ ll get what you ’ re laughing doesn ’ find. Wrote it seem to have both disappeared regarding the process of going book...

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