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Under the high altar of the Basilica, lie the relics of Titus Flavius Clemens or Saint Clemente. St. Clemente, Rome: interior perspectives, sections, plans and details Coronavirus update: Our printing service continues to operate as usual, with framed and unframed prints available for delivery in … Basilica di San Clemente (Basilica of St. Clement) is an early Christian basilica in Rome dedicated to Pope St. Clement (d. 99 AD). Clemente Basilica, Rome Colosseum St. Clemente 14. St. Clement was a Roman by birth, and we learn from his Epistle to the Corinthians that he was of Jewish descent. Travel back in time to explore the Basilica of the fourth century and then descend into the world of Rome in the first century where there is still a pagan temple. Steps lead down to the 4th-century basilica inferiore, mostly destroyed by Norman invaders in 1084, but with some faded 11th-century frescoes illustrating the life of St Clement, a 1st-century bishop who became the fourth pope in AD 88. ST. CLEMENTE, ROME First Basilica - Dedicated to Pope St. Clemente I. Dimensions: 45.0 m x 25.0 m with width of nave as 13.0 m. Most interesting example of the continued Roman use of early basilican plan until well into Romanesque period. Rome is a city built upon layers and layers of history, and in few places is that more evident than at the Basilica di San Clemente, located near the Colosseum.A somber-looking church and residence for priests studying in Rome, San Clemente is surrounded by a tall, nondescript wall and bears a … Basilica di San Clemente - Official Website. Hence, you will still discover much about the history of Rome in the field of architecture. 2002 photos Basilica of San Clemente (St. Clement) Via Labicana, Rome, Italy. Admire the spectacular mosaics and frescoes. The Tree of Life painting in the apse above the baptismal font is a replica of the twelfth-century mosaic in the apse of San Clemente in Rome. Discover 2000 years of history when you visit the Basilica of San Clemente. Art & Architecture › The Tree of Life; The Tree of Life. Architecture Around the World. The centerpiece of the Tree of Life is the glorious cross, the throne from which Christ reigns and from which springs a vast acanthus vine. Saint Clement was a Roman bishop who was one of the first to convert to the Catholic … Exclusive Rome Underground San Clemente Basilica Small-Group Tour - VIP Entrance (From $85.02) Private tour Basilica San Clemente, Roman Houses and Colosseum (From $61.26) Rome Underground Walking Tour (From $61.26) See all Basilica of San Clemente experiences on Tripadvisor

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