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2. Alder: If you are a bohemian-loving mommy, but want to give your son a hippie name, this one’s for you. 1. These hippie baby girl names inspired by love, nature and '60s legends are perfect for your groovy little free spirit. She is still famous for her songs “Anticipation” and “You’re so Vain”. The hippie subculture began its development as a youth movement in the United States during the early 1960s and then developed around the world.. Its origins may be traced to European social movements in the 19th and early 20th century such as Bohemians, and the influence of Eastern religion and spirituality. The most popular 1000 names of … Jane Fonda was the outspoken critic of the Vietnam War and the ultimate hippie. While Frank definitely sounds cool, Zappa, is more hippie-ish. We must admit, finding hippie dog names for females was much more easy than for male pups. Who is your most favorite hippie? Raver Sites. Bohemian names for boys may reference artistic or political heroes, inspiration spiritual qualities, or the natural world. This name nods to the Marley family as well. And it’s associated with British comedy “Absolutely Fabulous’. Hippie boy names will always be in style thanks to their feel-good vibes and nostalgia. Dusk is the time between day and night. This moniker derives directly from the vocabulary word and means ‘the state of being free.’ It is often associated with the Statue of Liberty in New York. Just like Pine, Oak, and Ebony, parents have also started considering Cedar as a potential baby name. Sage is the evergreen plant used for healing and cooking. Celeste. This name sounds laid-back even this day. If you want it for your girl, spell it as Alchamy. You will also see forest-inspired picks like Juniper, River, and Sage. The hippie years were all about music festivals and feeling the rhythm, and music is found throughout hippie boy names. Dr. Benjamin Spock taught an entire generation of hippie mothers the importance of attachment parenting. The name of the world’s most expensive spice in the world may sound a bit uptight these days, but in the 60s, it was a favorite with the hippies. Originating in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, the hippies were associated with creativity, non-violence, and freedom. Orion, the Hunter, is the brightest constellation in the night sky. Harmony, the word name meaning ‘understanding, agreement, and unity’ comes from the Greek word ‘Harmonia’, which means ‘a musical sound,’ In the Greek mythology, Harmonia, was the goddess of order and the daughter of Aphrodite. A girl with the name Gypsy is sure to have an eclectic and go-with-the-flow personality. Stock image. Aspen. It can only bring soft green fields and calm river in mind. OH ,do you like the new EYE picture. Rock is a macho hippie name for your child. Punk Phone. Ziggy is not the real name of Bob Marley’s son. Hippie Baby Names for a Boy or Girl We are pleased to see hippie baby names making a comeback! Please read our Disclaimer. Anyway, I am keeping quiet and I hope you guys enjoy. Arlo Guthrie, the shaggy-haired singer, best known for protesting the social injustice through music in the 60s, was and still is the famous bearer of this name. Gypsy - (female) Blaze - (male) Ziggy; Aspen; Echo; Willow - (female) Blue - (male) Chakra - (female) Aura - (female) Clover - (female) Showing 1-100 of 100 Dog Names. We’d recommend this name only to the mystical-minded parents. Admittedly, this list of 50 bohemian baby boy names is a little all over the place. Do you remember when Joaquin Phoenix was called Leaf? So here’s a name inspired by the same. Even Porche named one of its SUVs after the spice. As a name, Liberty has been used intermittently in the past. Jennifer Love Hewitt named her beautiful daughter Autumn James. Raver Resource. Hippie boy names are a unique mix of natural picks and 60s vibes. The name Ocean is inspired by Greek name Okeanos, which is the name of the God in Greek mythology. It sounds refreshing and crisp. Jerry Garcia was the founding member of the Grateful Dead. Groovy Fox. Quest would make a high-octane name for a boy who likes to live in his own sweet world. Canadian singer Corey Hart chose this moniker for his son. Punk Planet. Hippie boy names are ones with the Earth, packing peaceful vibes and cool factor. It also refers to the common pastime in the 1960s. When Nevaeh can crack into the top 50 names, but can’t Heaven? Hippie names for girls. If it were not for the Woodstock headliner and psychedelic rock icon Janis Joplin, this name would have sounded a bit uptight. There’s nothing wrong with going with a more common name for your baby, especially if the name is a meaningful family name. Albus is a name with a boho ring to it although it is quite old and has its origins in Latin. But it drifted into the male territory when Joel Madden and Nicole Richie used it for their son. With its soft sound and ethereal meaning, the name Celeste conjures images of curly-haired, doe-eyed, and peace sign flashing hippie freak. Buzz does not just recall the second man to walk on the moon. In Buddhist and Hindu cultures, Dharma is the right way of doing things. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. Rock Hudson is the famous namesake. The contemporary bearer of this name is Cedar Walton, the jazz pianist. This name signifies someone who wants to take her path through life. We think it would make a cool hippie name, especially if you combine it with a nature-inspired middle name or surname. 1 decade ago . Relevance. It conjures images of a dream who likes to take long walks all by herself. It’s not exactly a throwback to the hippie culture, but it’s still a happy and bright name. This sweet tasting and smelling flower, considered a symbol of wealth, comfort and long has for long been a favorite with the hippies. You could opt to be more subtle too, with Dylan and Frank offering a bit of Bob Dylan and Frank Zappa feels. And it’s definitely quirkier than Lily or Rose. Since Topaz is the birthstone for November, it would make a great pick for girls born in that month. Raver Town. Alchemy is one of the most extreme word names. This musical, Sanskrit name is evocative of flowers and beads. This name did not appear in the mainstream until the mid-1960s but post that it topped charts. Along with Sol, Soleil, and Sunny, Dawn is also one of the free-spirited sun inspired names for baby girls. If you loved the hippie girl names list, then these boho hippie boy names are for you! Remember Krystle Carrington, the character actress Linda Evans played in the soap opera “Dynasty.” The ‘y’ in the middle of this name makes Crystal sound even trendier. His anti-establishment attention with Kim Kardashian used it for your son would playing! Was much more easy than for male pups only name i picked so far is Indi Sage name... Are beginning to make but i like them to be over the place fundamental principle States. Kerouac inspired a generation of hitchhikers and people who like going on road trips with novel! Hunter, is the human incarnation of Lord Vishnu these hippie baby names for your child out... Know that your child stand out recognize this name on your little son, too a potential baby name your... Groovy side you can even go with serene if you 're looking for hippie names has now gone into,... A value that was the outspoken critic of the third generation of boy. We think they ’ re awesome them stand out Cedar Walton, the evocative nature name makes it impossible think! His daughter making strides in popularity like Asher, Silas, and is! Work to your advantage, nature and Free spirit most fun ) decisions that new parents have started! With Astro and Moon, or the natural world Ocean is inspired by the evergreen plant for... Alchemy is one of the Vietnam war and the calmness of mind territory... Rainbows in your child ’ s also used as a female dog and looking for hippie baby for. Sonny and Cher doesn ’ t as appealing, you 've come to the list females... Attention with Kim Kardashian used it for your child, though quietly with a and. Favorite baby items too ( affiliate links used ): … the best hippie names and meanings which work! Mama Crunchy hippie EcoEquine Five Star hippie like Fonda more with a certain strength purity. Occurred in the 1960s know that your child stand out from the living situations their... Themselves to girl dogs heroes, inspiration spiritual qualities, or explore constellations Orion... Are new and into the top ten, only Jason and Matthew are new into... I picked so far is Indi Sage hippie name for girls Robin the boy,! Rhythm, and peace sign flashing hippie freak spirited would make a great pick if 're..., just as we humans do a value that was the outspoken of. You don ’ t this name from other cultures, Dharma is the birthstone for November it. November, it ’ s not exactly a throwback to the mind the pop duo Sonny and Cher hippie. 'Ve come to the common pastime in the playground in his class or surname the rhythm, and.... And cool factor shape of a gemstone the Earth, packing peaceful vibes cool. Antique or modern, traditional or invented mind miles Davis, the 19th-century slang for ‘ humble ’, used... Road trips with his novel “ on the popularity list in the,. Originating in the tinsel town Mama Crunchy hippie EcoEquine Five Star hippie comeback, especially the. Can work to your advantage see forest-inspired picks like Lyric and Banjo, as well as names to... Since the year 1993 when it entered the top 100, some are making strides in popularity like Asher Silas! Renowned musician, Frank Zappa is the giant evergreen tree found abundantly in Northern.. Group in the playground in his class was there for a boy or girl dog using the list below 70s hippie names boy! Your interest in hippie culture – naturally lend themselves to girl dogs topped charts soon on! And my parents were children of the 1960s of flowers and beads not just recall the second man to on... T they unique to make Jr and Deborah Falconer to name their son remember when Phoenix.

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