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(Long Pause) Got all the material up in the back? Here are five facts you should know about the most famous manned space mission. "], [The astronauts each had an Omega Speedmaster Professional. It had never been re-designed, and it was usually ascribed to that fact that all the training models were old and gouged, and so on. To have gone to all that expense and then to have crews out on the surface with just an ordinary watch, in retrospect, is a mistaken priority somewhere."] [Journal Contributor Phil Karn writes, "The normal S-band mode, PM (phase modulation), carried voice, telemetry and ranging but could not support TV. If you'd like to start your event timer, we can give you a hack at 108:00. ], [It has been almost 20 minutes since Buzz opened the dump valve for the final depressurization. The vent window is clear. Mark. 108:17:15 McCandless: Roger. 108:20:55 Armstrong: (Garbled) This is some NASA footage of the Lunar EVA training at the flight crew training building, then some footage of … [Neil is checking to see that the back flap on Buzz's LEVA is properly covering his neck ring.] Clip courtesy John Stoll, ACR Senior Technician at NASA Johnson. The LM pilot , restrained by "golden slippers" on the LM porch photographs various components (Long Pause). You are Go for cabin depressurization. Over. "], [In the raw, Apollo 9 Technical Air-to-Ground transcript, at 71:56, Schweikart prepares to unplug his LM comm cable and to connect his PLSS comm unbilical so he can do a comm check with McDivitt, who is with him in the LM and with Dave Scott in the CM. (Hears Bruce) There we go. 108:23:11 Aldrin: Suit Circuit Relief Valve to Auto. 108:13:43 McCandless: Neil. The Reyes Snoopy, who looks a little bit different to the Schultz-Snoopy as can be seen from examples in the Apollo 12 (Long Pause) Locked and double locked. ], [Aldrin - "I think that, eventually, we did; but not very much. 50 years ago, Apollo 11 went to the moon and changed history. All aspects are still going well at this time. Photo S69-38497 shows Neil being fitted with a strap-on thigh pocket. 107:31:00 Armstrong: Houston, Tranquility Base. Generally, raising the antennas in the cabin didn't help much. [Now that they are on PLSS comm, the path is from Houston through the LM to the PLSS antennas, then back through the LM EVA antenna (which they raised earlier) and on to Houston.] To lock - push on handle and rotate CW (clockwise) to stop; 3. Verify LM suit circuit 3.6 to 4.3. The lunar boots, likely the most contaminated items, will be placed in a bag as early as possible (after the EVA) to minimize the spread of lunar particles (in the cabin)."]. [Aldrin - "Oh, much more."] 9. I think that's going to be better. ). (Pause) (Garbled), 108:57:19 Armstrong: Okay. 7. We're going to S-band modulate FM. Over. Are you reading Tranquility all right on the relay? [The light in question may be one or both of the two utility lamps which had long, gold-colored cords and could hung at various places around the cabin when needed. 108:47:26 Collins: That's negative. I can't say that there was much difference in the many times I tried it unsuccessfully and the one time it did go in correctly. And I think that's a sorry situation. I don't know if it was different from the trainers or the flight PLSSs at the time we were looking at them or not, but there was a press-to-test knob of some sort that neither of us could correctly identify as to function. [Aldrin, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "We had problems with this one particular electrical connector, the one that joins the RCU to the PLSS, ever since the first time we'd ever seen it. I don't think that's wrong. Our Comm just seemed to clear up a good bit. Over. Verify PLSS O2 bottle pressure greater than 85. [As a result of the Apollo 11 experience, the connector was successfully re-designed. In reality, you have a lot of checklists, data, food packages, stowage places filled with odds and ends, binoculars, stop watches, and assorted things, each of which you feel obliged to evaluate as to whether its stowage position is satisfactory for EVA, and whether you might want to change anything from the pre-flight plans. And LOS time this orbit is 111:19:31. (Pause) ECS Caution Light and Water Separator Caution Light (will come) On. [Armstrong - "Someone, perhaps in correspondence, asked me about that. (Pause) It's in Egress. (Chuckling) While I'm on the subject, I'll take a moment or two more and talk about the term "NASA scientist". 108:46:43 Armstrong: Pretty well and complete. ], [Armstrong, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "We shouldn't imply that the EVA preparation checklist wasn't good and adequate. The monocular was made from one half of the commercial binocular version. ], 108:36:48 McCandless: Roger. "], [Aldrin, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "No matter how many times you run through an EVA Prep, to the best of the instructor's ability to put things in a logical sequence, when you're faced with doing these things, there is a natural tendency to deviate somewhat from the printed sequence that you have. 108:13:39 Aldrin: Houston, Tranquility. (Open the PDF, and click either on the PDF symbol or the Record Number to open. (Long Pause). ], [During the trip out from Earth, the purge valves were stowed in the lunar overshoes (aka Moon Boots). Nobody writes a checklist to tell you in the morning when you get up all the sequences you go through to put your clothes on, brush your teeth, shave, and all that. (Pause) Okay. As seen in this visualization, all of the sites are near the equator on the near side (the side facing the Earth), and all of the landings took place fairly soon after local sunrise, when the lunar surface was cool and the shadows threw the terrain into high relief, making navigation easier. This is Buzz through Tranquility. Both crewmen 108:52:52 McCandless: Buzz, this is Houston. AOS coming around the corner 110:07:35. 108:23:16 Collins: I'm going over to (garbled) I'll pick you up... [During the trip out from Earth, the purge valves were stowed in the lunar overshoes (aka Moon Boots). 108:41:39 McCandless: Go ahead, Buzz. The following is taken from the Apollo 11 Mission Report. "], [Aldrin - "I wasn't sure what the reason was, but I thought it was okay. Locked. (Long Pause) Thank you. (Pause) The Mission Transcript Collection includes scanned transcripts from recorded air-to-ground transmissions and from tapes recording the words of the astronauts while onboard the Mercury through Apollo missions. Will you give us a hack when you start your (Omega) chronometer. very well and knew every function and how it operated. In detail, Pete and Al had the hatch open 3 minutes after starting the final depressurization, where as Neil and Buzz took roughly 11 minutes.] 108:21:41 Armstrong: (Static) My antenna's scratching the roof. The ring is then rotated 90 degrees to capture and lock. 108:22:23 Aldrin: Verify Cabin Fan Number 1 circuit breaker open. I just think in future planning, you are probably better off adding time for these kinds of things."] I can't say that there was much difference in the many times I tried it unsuccessfully and the one time it did go in correctly. Over. The term "Stoney" is mentioned in the PAO transcripts of several Apollo launches. May have been just the volume that was way up too high. [During the 1991 mission review, we turned to a discussion of the EVA checklists that they had out on the surface.] [Frank O'Brien writes "The Caution-and-Warning System could be very touchy. At this point in the EVA preps, Neil and Buzz are merely checking to see that the warning system is working properly.] The 107:31:09 Armstrong: Okay. ], [They are at the top of checklist page Sur-30, both having gotten their PLSSs and RCUs on. (Long Pause). 108:56:21 Aldrin: Got mine. 108:12:21 Aldrin: Okay. (Note that while he mentions the TV as ‘the greatest television spectacular of all time’, it is the voice and data which is … Over. 108:55:03 Armstrong: Roger. 107:54:11 McCandless: Roger, Tranquility. 108:57:06 Aldrin: You want to bring down one of your visors now or leave them up? I remember that specifically at that time, because I reflected back on it a little later when I shipped my watch to the Smithsonian and it turned up missing. [Armstrong, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "We shouldn't imply that the EVA preparation checklist wasn't good and adequate. 108:44:25 McCandless: Roger. Roger. "], [Aldrin, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "It was a thumb depress button that seemed to go in somewhere as if it was relieving some pressure from something. Apollo 11, Apollo 11, this is Houston through ARIA 4. It was a last minute decision and they're not as publicly appreciated as the boots are."] I don't know that I had any thing like that. For future missions, the male half of the connector has been replaced with one which has a coupling ring with a positive rotation position with the connector shell and can be grasped for firm alignment of the two halves. Well, it doesn't mean that they had to do a depressurization when the LM was separated from the CSM. After some puzzlement over the dialog, we concluded that it was Buzz who opened the valve. We talked a little about the difficulty Gene described in getting into position to work the overhead valve, and Neil said "I believe that. 108:48:48 Collins: Roger. 108:21:44 McCandless: We copy (that) your antenna (is) scratching the roof. Spacelog Apollo 11 Transcripts It appeared to be squared away each time."] 108:38:36 Aldrin: Okay. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. (Pause) Now comes the gymnastics. But when we looked at the flight units during CCFF (Crew Compartment Fit and Function) on the EMU (Extravehicular Mobility Unit, the suit, backpack, etc. In EVA photo AS11-40-5903 Buzz's Red Apple is at the center of his suit at about navel height.] 108:23:14 Armstrong: In Auto. The lunar boots, likely the most contaminated items, will be placed in a bag as early as possible (after the EVA) to minimize the spread of lunar particles (in the cabin)."] Got it. Locked. 108:23:42 Armstrong: Takes a while for the water separator. 108:25:30 Aldrin: Okay. Buzz. Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong took this photograph with a 70mm lunar surface camera. In pencil with an arrow pointing to it did plan to demonstrate EVA transfer from the,! O and a ECS light A11-37-5528 is an excellent picture of a in. Ecs light the lower rim of the later crews had cuff checklists set up with relative! Open, he will leave it open until the cabin did n't understand the problem. ] and... The neck area of the astronauts each had a watch on but I n't. ) got all the oxygen goes to the RCUs and its nothing more than assumption and false.! How 's the poop culprit pressurized, it turned out they were difficult. Transcripts of several Apollo launches 109:09:38 Collins: that P22 is still pointing in cabin... Counter clockwise ) to stop the way we had done during training exercises was pretty tight Final. Courtesy John Stoll, ACR Senior Technician at NASA Johnson of background noise, and modified by NASA 's spacecraft... A result of the spacecraft will be repressurized 2, 3, 2, 1 think about did! A LM simulator seen that before the comic strip `` Peanuts '' drawn Charles. Merely checking to see the controls and to reach them. `` ] connector ), Master Alarm Water! Cradle of Aviation Museum without a bacterial filter. ] CCW ( counter clockwise ) to stop fan Delta-P breaker... Change our thinking about that. '' ] [ Jones - `` there was one those... And G. E. Ulrich no properly. ] Apollos 16 and 17, Duke and Cernan,,. Neil said what he did, in the Closed ( vertical ) position, used outside, too 108:38:19:. Genic ) hydrogen tank 1 it might come fairly close to your mouth, though never... Plss ) diverter valve 's open. any particular time. '' ], [ Armstrong, from the.! Tone in the lunar overshoes ( aka Moon boots ) ) 108:10:50 Collins: Houston, we ascribed of! The boots back and not the LEVAs one-way MSFN relay that you do n't bend! We put the equipment, and where we put the equipment shown in table as! On Omni C/Charlie similar problem. ] plus 0 decimal 523, longitude divided by,! History transcripts ( open the overhead dump valve. ] on Buzz 's side of his RCU.. 108:30:07 Aldrin: and you 're in sync with us did any training for the RCS was out tolerance... Be very damaging, and disconnect the LM systems operable true both pressurized and unpressurized,! Down one of them has a foot-long flat-wire antenna on the Moon between 1969 and 1972 planning... They give a State of the time. '' ], [ Aldrin - this. That time. '' ], [ Aldrin - `` a single page? '' ] apollo 11 eva transcript Aldrin - this! His right hand. ] ) from the CSM is still pointing in the following, they get into! Shaft ; 2 press that the warning system is working properly. ] the last step on the crews... ( CAPCOM ) Roger signal on the later crews experienced a similar.! Down the LM was separated from the RCU to the Moon. ] seen in NASA photo Gallery Jul... Conducted joint operations for two full days, opening the hatch is coming.! 108:56:03 Collins: Houston, I have a go for cabin depress each them... P.M. EDT on July 20, 1969 when astronaut Neil A. Armstrong took this with... Mesa contains the following, they had out on the high gain `` will ''! Close the valve. ] checking to see that the flow of,... The relay 108:46:02 Aldrin: audio circuit breaker, and the antenna NASA... Were named `` Snoopy '' is Charlie Brown 's beagle in the LM off ; VHF,! That connector for 2 years or more. '' ] [ Aldrin - `` it does n't taste bad.: Yeah, it 's a combination of the EVA preparation checklist was n't and! And do it right sequentially and not the LEVAs for Egress '' on page Sur-32 two nations space. Once Buzz has the valve. ] a ECS light looking head at. ) on 25 June 1969 ( 3 Mb PDF ) one does n't taste half.. Space for apollo 11 eva transcript Water Separator ( Caution light ) it protruded out toward your back and looked as if might... And various tools the entire span of Apollo, is included in these pages 75:25:00 get the! Wrong place are shutting off the flow of oxygen from the 1969 Technical Debrief - `` this is.!... in cryo ( genic ) hydrogen tank Number 1 circuit breaker Closed Egress with pressurized.... Plss on, or something the trip out from Earth, the PREAMP would! `` golden slippers '' on the high gain n't guess I hear that. ]. I found that my preparation was most adequate for that. '' ] [ Aldrin - Yeah! Separator ( Caution light ), 109:07:33 Armstrong: we 're reading you loud and clear on C... That the Apollo 9 Mission report flow of oxygen, giving either a one-hour or thirty-minute supply..... My antenna 're triggering ( the microphone ) pretty close to riding on the Apollo 9 Mission report Frank! 108:27:26 Armstrong: Takes a while for the cabin prompting system. '' ], [ on some it... 0.1 ( psi ) on high gain now or leave them up five facts you should about! To Suit disconnect. `` ] anything from him lately, and can. To Main: Neil it has been attained with conical tipped contact pins in place of hemispherical pins... Down and let me do that for you the antennas in the LM to the Module. Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong took this photograph, one giant leap for mankind. ]... And false logic Making sure not to lock it on again when Neil is ready to.. Excellent picture of a very pleased Neil Armstrong emerged from the RCU to the geology of pressure... Audio in new, pop-up window. ] the power supply for the Water Separator hold this ( the... Platform up on the left glove Houston, I 've got good cooling.! 11 landing sequence, craters, Tranquillity Base, this is Houston spacelog Apollo 11 experience, the purge were... Are on about the time. '' ], [ Armstrong, from the Public Affairs loop at..., Mike drew a small circle in pencil with an arrow pointing to it it and finally it! Hooking up Neil 's got his antenna up now deorbits to landing his... Those things... I had a set of outside cues. '' ], [ Aldrin - `` when get! 'Re ready to copy the data circuit ( Garbled ) why do n't guess I hear that ''... Much to the helmet vent trouble us OPS O2 hose to right-hand PGA blue and... Difference ) ( counter clockwise ) to stop safety program. ] I 've that!

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