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Honestly, this was a minimum effort maximum output kind of class. For the debate, in a team of 3 or 4, you will have to do a research by the 2nd tutorial, and come up with a few topics. NTU Modules/Electives Review by denise. There will be a midterm quiz that is MCQ and closed book (20% if I’m not wrong). Videos will also be shown during lectures to enhance understanding. There are content in the lecture slides that are not covered in textbook, so you do have to read both for your exams. Examples given in the textbook will help in reinforcing the theories and you can try to relate it to your daily experiences. Each question corresponds to one chapter, so you only need to work on one chapter for the test. Reading through the notes beforehand will be beneficial because despite it being open-book, many people do not have the time to flip through. This module is about the employment relations landscape in Singapore. Main Campus; 50 Nanyang Avenue; Singapore 639798; Tel: (65) 67911744; NOVENA CAMPUS This module was offered both as a GER-PE (STS) and UE. However, the short answers and short essays, which formed the bulk of the grade, are quite evenly spread, so you should not neglect the front topics! Online recorded lectures available. For the course participation component, it mostly comprises of your participation in discussion board on NTULearn. Since it is content-heavy, do keep up with the lecture pace! hour lectures, a midterm quiz (implemented this year), and finals (100% MCQ, a few multi-answer MCQ) I think it's a STS for non-SBS students, and SBS students can take it as a UE. It was a simple interview as i have worked with them during my internship and projects. For the finals, the format and question styles are very similar to mid-terms, just that there is the addition of T/F questions. Some of the lectures can be a bit long and content-filled so it is good to watch it consistently. A short post about my NTU's medical checkup, with JM! it shld be quite managable to get a B+ if u memorize and understand the … There are a total of 3 discussion cycles, each worth 4 marks. NTU houses a number of different schools and faculties and because of this, the school provides a large amount of different modules. 40% Mid Terms (40 MCQs, Closed book), 60% Finals (2 hours, Closed book, MCQs, Short Structured Questions and Essay) This course is about managing crisis (think: who are the affected parties/how are they affected if Singapore is hit by a Tsunami). Same thing, do take note of the guidelines for the essays and do not overwrite. Individual marks will also be given based on presentation skills. It is a pre-requisite to CM8022 (Applications of Forensic Science, 1AU). However, good news is that it is a pass/fail module. Remember is that you MUST sign up for signature track if you want the credit transfer. Alumni, Professors and Admin folks are welcome too! As the course title suggests, it is about astrology. Well, this is not my type. *Note: What I've written here is from our own experiences and the school may change how they conduct the course (e.g. Discussions should be of quality and comprise of some research about the topic and your opinions and experiences related to it. In addition, because there are 4 sets of MCQs spread across the 8 weeks, you will have to watch the lectures in pace. If you are shortlisted, you will be informed of the details on the date, papers you will be taking, recommended requirements on the devices and physical environment to sit for the entrance examination separately. Question . However, in general, I feel that the quiz is quite tricky. Assessment: Class Participation (10%), Online Assignments (15%), Project and Presentation (20%), Finals Open-Book (55%) Comment(s): This is a very content-heavy module. I’m trying for spanish and I already see 14 people on the waitlist. You may bring any paper (printed) materials in. Lastly, are language mods hard to get? This is a MOOC online course, and offered during the first special term. It's a 4000-word essay (or 6000-word if you are in a group of 3). Assessment - CA1: 30% + CA2: 40% + CA3: 30% = 100% - Week 6, Week 10, Week 13. It was easy for the first few weeks and then it gets harder. Lectures are recorded. Content taught in the lecture slides are very good for knowing what will be covered in exams. For instance, how did sexual selection arise, why females prefer certain traits in males and vice versa, why mental disorders still exist despite being disadvantageous, etc. There is only one lecture per week, no recorded lecture. Yes, even though the exam questions are all in MCQ, they can be really tricky too ... Nanyang Technological University, School. It is roughly 50% on calculations and 50% on ethics. The final topic will be discussed between your team and your opponent team, and also decide on your stands. This module is about mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder, depression, etc. unless maybe if the demand is super high? Assessment: 2 Midterms (Closed Book MCQ) + 1 Finals (Closed book MCQ) “One of the overly subscribed modules in NTU. Important to score well on that to secure a decent score! An easy module to score if you read your assigned readings regularly. Lectures are recorded. Mental Health in Singapore, HP0201 Employment Relations for Work and Careers in Singapore, MS800M Beauty, Form and Function: An Exploration of Symmetry. There would be weekly assignments on Coursera (just 15 MCQ questions based on the topic covered that week) and 3 graded assignments (short-answer questions) over the course of 8 weeks. Hearsay this is a difficult mod in NTU, so I didn't take it in Year 2 and pushed till exchange to take it. we only had around 6 tutorials in the semester. Mid-terms - MCQs, fill-in-the-blanks and short essays Finals - MCQs, fill-in-the-blanks, T/F qns, essays Description: This is a GER Core for HSS students, and the content covered includes environmental principles, and various aspects of how psychology affects how we treat the environment, e.g. how many million years ago). A content-heavy module, but interesting if you like to know more about mental illnesses! The quiz test mostly on the concepts covered in the documentaries, even though there are some questions that are quite specific. Personally, this module is the least enjoyed modules I've taken, mostly because of my lack of interest and the heavy content. Also, do take note of the scientific names, year mentioned (e.g. But the exam covers main concepts and not really the in-depth details, so it makes readings less tedious. You still need to read the content that are not included in the hints. I took it as an UE as initially, I thought that the course format was simple. So, people who wants to study forensic, but does not want so many AUs to be graded can take this course first. More emphasis will be placed on the later half of the course which was not covered in the mid-terms. The process took 3+ months. The lectures can be watched at your own pace. More instructions will be given on how to sign up for signature track. The format of the debate will be explained in the 1st tutorial (it's quite complicated so I shall not elaborate). exam-wise, there were 2 mcq midterms and a final (mcq + a case-study short ans qns). Examples will be given and you just have to follow. It's probably one of the better Environmental mods to take. For the MCQs, emphasis is on the later half of the syllabus. The discussion forum will be easy to score. Content in the lecture slides are actually adequate for the final exams, but reading the textbook will allow easier understanding of the content. - All MCQ, 10 questions for CA1 & CA3, 13 questions for CA2. It is also involves an 25 mcq test (around mid sem, if I'm not wrong) and a final open book exam (essay kind). The assignment will have to be uploaded on Coursera. but the mcq exam is very nerve wrecking because the answers are kinda similar, and the question is kinda vague exam all mcq. Very interesting mod. 1 2-hr tutorial per week (only for certain weeks), Mid-terms and finals - MCQs, Fill in the blanks, Short-answer questions, Matching, Short essays, Long essays. "How fair is it for a mod that have mcq as assessment all along (mcq... throughout the weeks and finals, UE mod) to switch to peer-reviewed essay? In heat exchanger analysis, if the fluid inlet and outlet temperatures are specified or can be determined by simple energy balance, the … By the end of the NTU LK9001 course, you will be able to talk, write, and read about everyday topics in basic Korean. It's up to you to decide how useful the lecture is. The essay question will be provided in the first lecture and you will have to utilise information from the lecture and your own research. To me, it is an interesting module and can be quite intuitive. Each set of MCQs cover the topics in the previous weeks, for example, MCQ Set A cover content from Lecture 1 to 3, Set B covers Lecture 4 and 5, etc. CS8800 Media and Society In The Digital Age [UE] Can clear as GERPE-LA I think. Note: Core, GER Core and major Prescribed Elective (PE) courses are listed together under the respective programme in the class schedule. Each episode is 1-hr. NTU Entrance Examinations will be conducted online due to COVID-19 pandemic. The important thing is not to stop _____.’ Fill in the blank to complete this quotation by Albert Einstein. Another problem I faced was understanding the article. Hi, I would like to add a UE during course registration and I have a few possibly dumb questions. HP8003 “Are You OK: Mental Health in Singapore” Course Description and Scope . For the finals, it's purely essay questions and they are application-based. For the essay assignment, you have to do it either in groups of 2 or 3. In addition, you get to choose 3 out of 5 short essays and 2 out of 5 long essays. For the 4 quizzes, each of them comprise of 20 MCQs, and they are based on evolution-related documentaries. NTU Unrestricted Electives (UE) Review Posted on December 8, 2018 June 30, 2019 by TheBeautifulSotong I know that this is a beauty blog, so a post like this would seem kinda out of place…but since I am in my final year, I figured it’s a good time to share my reviews on the electives I’ve taken in NTU. 3 sets of MCQ, 2 case studies, and 5 opinions polls spread out across 8 weeks. Mid terms includes MCQ and fill-in-the-blanks. You will be learning about the causes, symptoms and treatment aspects of every illness. i think 50% project, 50% exam. =D Initially, Tean was actually with us, but since he had a change of heart and decided to pursue his course at NUS, thus we were the only 2 left. Cannot really comment much but overall was easy. If ever you need an excuse to watch and re-watch your favourite romance movies — preferably with a tub of ice-cream and a box of tissues on standby — this module is it. I still did use my laptop tho and sat really far away. However, it is advised to study at least 2 or 3 chapters in case the questions are hard. Also, the lecturer kinda has a thing for people not using their laptops but only using paper and pen? It is a simple course but still you need the determination to complete each online lectures in order to complete the assignments. Elective Type: Ger Pe - STS or UE Assessment: 2 CA 25% each (all MCQ) 1 Final Exam 50% (all MCQ) Comment: I took this course because of all the assessments are in MCQ format which I believe easy to score. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Contents covered include Tripartism, trade unions, maintaining healthy employment relations, the work of MOM, SNEF, NTUC, WDA, etc, psychological contract, and the various laws in Singapore such as Employment Act, Workplace Safety and Health Act. if you didn’t get it, you can wait during add/drop until they allocate it to you (do check the vacancy tho). A+ UE 3(?) Mid-terms - MCQs Finals - MCQs, T/F questions, Short-answer questions, Essays Description: This module is about crisis management, mainly what will happen during a crisis, the behaviours of affected personnels, PTSD, the types and forms of interventions to be taken, communication systems during crisis, etc. However, you must be careful not to plagiarize the examples, as you may unintentionally "copy" parts of them if you read it as reference. In conclusion, I find this module quite manageable and straightforward. 1. And do we add them during our course’s specific star wars date or during the add/drop period? Readings are relatively heavy for a 3AU module. in my experience language courses are not really hard to get? For the finals, you have to complete 4 questions (each question has 2 parts) within 2 hours. Firstly are UEs (and ger pe) on a first come first basis or random allocation? Submitting your UE on Star War day sort of give you some "early advantage" since Add/Drop is more for choosing something else which you didn't get during the first round. Syllabus 1. Finals also has MCQ but this time with short essay questions. Subreddit for the NTU Singapore Community. The positive thing about this module is probably that the lecturer provides hints about finals. Firstly are UEs (and ger pe) on a first come first basis or random allocation? most of the lectures were online except for a few where guest speakers came to talk. There is only one lecture per week, no recorded lecture. For the finals, they consist of just short-answer questions. In addition, the lecturer does not like to reply questions via emails and expects you to consult him during lecture breaks, so if you have questions, you need to attend the lecture. Memory work is needed but not that tedious. However, it is VERY VERY VERY content heavy. According to the professor, lectures are split into 1-hr sessions to allow better absorption of content. An average of 3 chapters will be cleared per week. Each question (containing many sub-parts) corresponds to one chapter, except one or two questions that may combine 2 closely-related chapters together. Overview of Energy Scenario (3 hrs) Units for measurement of energy and power. All these form your e-learning activity, which constitutes 5% of the total grade. You will waste precious seconds in the process. Syllabus Part 1: Introduction to Technology Management; Venture Formation and Planning; Risk and Returns I will not recommend this module unless you have an interest in the employment landscape in Singapore, and have the time and capacity to cope with the readings and content load. It's open-book as well, and you need to elaborate your answers beyond what is given in the lecture notes. A very content-heavy module! For me, I commented/created around 4 posts per cycle to get the full 4 marks. Feel free to ask us questions if you have any. This module was offered both as a GER-PE (STS) and UE. Even though the notes is easily understandable, some of the sections are very simplified. =/ ~~~~~ The short week is made even shorter with the half day off due to the afternoon checkup. However, I did not really read the textbook as I find them quite outdated. Use this essay test as an opportunity to strengthen your memory for those chapters so you do not have to study as hard for them for finals. 3 of them are for debate discussions and lectures (because there are times when the lectures cannot be completed on time). It is advisable to attend the lecture as the lecturer gives hints about assignment and finals during the lectures. For tutorials. Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Korean language level 1 module will cover basic topics related to the Korean language, their work-life study, and culture patterns. which i doubt spanish is, but i could be wrong. The essay questions are quite straightforward, and it is good to look at PYP as reference. :) Tempted? Press J to jump to the feed. Be prepared for heavy reading. For those of you who are science / reasonably strong in science, take this to get good grades and pull up your GPA. Other than the prescribed textbook, you have to read lecture slides (which are really lengthy), articles which the lecturer will state in the course outline or lecture slides, and your own research (yes, you are expected to do research on top of everything). APPENDIX 1. Category: GER-PE (BM)/UE Pass/Fail mod: No No tutorial classes. Basically the new assessment have students write one essay, this essay will then be reviewed by four random peers (online mod all the way, about 500 ppl, never met one another). From Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to Suzanne Collin’s The Hunger Games, this English Literature … I took it as an UE as initially, I thought that the course format was simple. Questions given can be something like, state and explain to which symmetry group does this structure belong to, and your opinions on a certain aspect (I can't exactly remember). HP8003 Are you ok? The jellyfish is back! u can add them during stars, and if you’re lucky you’ll get it before add/drop. We will be posting information regarding the modules we have taken every semester. Thus, it is advisable to attend the lecture as the lecturer provides extra information which will be beneficial for your essays. The content for this module was rather heavy as compared to the other electives that I have taken so far. Online recorded lectures available. The notes are almost useless so you will definitely need the textbook, and the readings will come from there. You have to reap for what you sow. It is based on a situation and you will have a list of questions to choose from. Lecture style: Videos + reading Slightly beneficial for people with biology background. Settle your MPE first on Star Wars day. ... [UE] Can clear as GERPE-LA I think. Honestly, this was a minimum effort maximum output kind of class. Hi, I would like to add a UE during course registration and I have a few possibly dumb questions. Interview. Once you settle your MPE, you can take the remaining time to submit your UEs since it will be random allocation based on the level of demand. i took this mod in 2019 sem 1 and i would say that it's a vv interesting mod tho it's quite content heavy and technical. This course aims to teach students the concept of mental health and will cover aspects of Basically, for each round, you can choose to comment on your peers' or professor's thread, or create your own thread. General Knowledge MCQ – GK Multiple Choice Quiz Questions Answers Part 1 . more essays) and cover more topics. 100 General Knowledge MCQ – GK Multiple Choice Quiz Questions Answers . It's open-book, so as expected, understanding is more important, although it is beneficial if you know where to find information from the notes. It's not purely regurgitation, you have to "discuss" for some of the questions. You got to really memorise a lot of stuff and must have interest in IT. This module is rather heavy because it is a 3AU module! This blog is dedicated to those who wish to find out about NTU modules. Category: UE Pass/Fail mod: No No tutorial classes. But since it's open-book, the bell-curve may be steep. This module is about the evolutionary aspects of psychology. New syllabus and we were the guinea pigs. UE Questions. A lot of practice needed to get used to doing the problems cause got a lot different kinds -.- I did all the homework, never get full marks but at least get some marks. BU8501 Marketing for the 21st Century (UE) This is a business elective, it involves 2 group presentations (with Q&A afterwards) and a marketing activity around half way through the semester. MPE - Immediate results on whether you get it, UE/GERPE - submit for random allocation, NO IMMEDIATE RESULTS. motivation, personality and social factors For the learning log, it is basically a reflection of what you have learnt in the lessons. Historical energy demand. There is only one lecture per week, no recorded lecture. Lastly, are language mods hard to get? To me, it is quite hard and does not interest me alot, maybe because I'm just not cut out for engineering and math stuff. As for readings, you just need to read the textbook.. For the mid-terms, the MCQs and essays are pretty straightforward, some are also quite intuitive given the nature of the module. The Number of Transfer Units (NTU) Method is used to calculate the rate of heat transfer in heat exchangers (especially counter current exchangers) when there is insufficient information to calculate the Log-Mean Temperature Difference (LMTD). It is truly a free 3AU UE, just that I find it boring to continue. GER-Unrestricted Electives (or just UE) are ANY courses around NTU, ... Mid-term has a weightage of 25% and the final one 50% with 100 MCQs. Assessment - MCQ quiz (40%, 40 qns - closed book) - Final Exam (60%, 4 essay qns - open book). If you combine your MPEs and UEs together, the system will prompt you to declare UE choice ranking. Your debate will take place in one of the last 3 tutorials and the winner is decided via voting among your peers and the profs (but the profs have higher influence, of course). Lectures will cover content in the textbook, but the lecturer will summarise what is in the textbook. In addition, you have to use a software for a part of the essay, which can be quite a hassle. In addition, quizzes take place during tutorials so you have to come for it. For the writing exercise, you will have to complete a 1500-word essay, based on a journal article that will be given. The question can be quite vague and dubious, so in order to prevent yourself from misunderstanding the essay question and what the lecturer wants, I would advise you to consult him whether your essay is in the right direction. New syllabus and we were the guinea pigs. There is also a midterm (15%) and a closed-book final exam (80%). Lectures are recorded. But it also means you have to come back for more days so it may not help in getting a "nice" timetable. Time management is important as you have to complete quite a number of essays within 2 hours. For the lovestruck Image Credit: www.eonline.com 6. The remaining 30% are MCQ – 30 MCQ and remaining 20% – 20 fill in the blanks. A MOOC online module which teaches you about symmetrical elements, qualitatively and quantitatively. X-Rated Linguistics: Language, Sexuality And Desire (HG2024) What it’s about: Analysing the … This module is about the biological aspects of psychology. hi!! This is a AHSS/LA GER-PE, and the content covered includes various aspects of Psychology such as development, sexuality, learning, psychosis, substance abuse, etc. Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. My first non- 100% final mcq elective. Class is conducted in a lecture style; once a week for 3 hours. I do find this module interesting because it was something different from the accounting/business modules. Finals - MCQs, Short-answer questions, Short essays. Number of AUs: 1 Type of mod: GER PE (BM) / UE. The lecturer always end the lecture way before time, sometimes even 1.5 hours ahead, so no need to worry about lessons ending too late. For the in-class essay, it will take place a few weeks after recess week. There is a lot of memory work for 50% of the final are essay type. Specific guidelines and examples of essay will be given to you. Mid-terms - MCQs, fill-in-the-blanks and short essays, This is a GER Core for HSS students, and the content covered includes environmental principles, and various aspects of how psychology affects how we treat the environment, e.g. The field exercises are not hard to do, as the explanation are quite easy, the only difficulty I faced is finding an example for symmetry around. For the mid-terms, it's purely True/False MCQs (I think there are 40 of them). There are a total of 3 tries given for each MCQs, so it is very likely to get full marks for all of them. Questions may require you to use information from your own research, such as recent changes made, the work of NTUC, etc. Emphasis is on the later half of the syllabus. you can also not add it during stars, and only add during add/drop. notes is not difficult to understand cause i'm from EEE. The reason I took this was because I read the review somewhere else saying this was an easy elective to score. There were 2 mid terms with 30 MCQs each and a final exam of 60 MCQs. Do take notes of statistics, and some specific details such as the neurotransmitters involved for each disease, etc. The other 3 tutorials are for debates. Let's make this a civil and vibrant place for open discussion! motivation, personality and social factors. For the finals, the whole syllabus will be covered. Guiding questions will be given, and you just have to post/comment twice on each of the 5 forums. There were 2 mid terms with 30 MCQs each and a final exam of 60 MCQs. format of exams, etc). However, from personal experience, simply following the hints for exam revision is not recommended. The content for this module was rather heavy as compared to the other electives that I have taken so far. For the field exercises, you are required to look for symmetrical elements in your daily life, such as floor tiles, logos, etc, take a selfie with the item, and describe it. There are a bit of regurgitation (or rather, "copy-and-paste") here and there but understanding of the content is more important. it's passable i think. Some of the questions may require information that the lecture verbally provide during lecture, so do attend lectures. The essays is 2 questions with many parts, ranging from 3 marks to 8 marks. We had to choose 10 questions out of 11. I would find this module quite enjoyable and easy to understand. I interviewed at Nanyang Technological University (Jurong West, West (Singapore)). In other words, you have to complete 8 essays in 2 hours, so time management is important. The textbook might be a bit lengthy with alot of examples so it will be helpful to write the main points on your own and read from there. There are 3 open-book MCQ assessment tests, 3 tutorial assignments for online submission, and 1 written test. HL8021: Fictions of Love: Film and Literature. Share Article. Reading the textbook and understanding it will be enough. Seems alot but its manageable if you manage your time properly. Readings are relatively light as you just have to read the lecture notes. bm ; ue 3 n y - ee8067 ceramics in history, arts, gemstones, environment, and modern life ls ; ue 3 y: n - ee8084 cyber security sts ; ue 3 y: y -ee8085 electrification for the built environment sts ; ue 3 y: n - ee8086 astronomy - stars, galaxies and cosmology sts ; ue 3 y: y - ee8087 LK9001 Korean language level 1 NTU Assessment. And do we add them during our course’s specific star wars date or during the add/drop period? Conducted by: UC San Diego . Some content in the videos are related to what is given in your textbook, so it makes things easier in a way. but it's alot of memory work. For the finals, it's the same format as your mid-terms, but just more lengthy (e.g. However I found out that this course is very tough and content based. You have to complete 4 sets of MCQs, each varies in weightage. UPDATE 22/9/2020: of course NTU flipped prata again and changed some of the AUs and pre-approved listings so here i am changing it Total AUs = 1+1+1+1+3+3 = 10 (6 courses) (info is correct as at 18 August 2020) Drug Commercialization. It is advised to use the lecture slides as framework to know what to study. Content taught in the lecture can help you to estimate what will be tested for exams. Each quiz comprise of 2 episodes of documentaries, except the last quiz which comprise of 3 episodes.

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