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Again undescribable pain... Frieza beating Vegeta to death. Browse more videos. Gohan’s move disgruntles Cell so much that he later says that Gohan is not a boy, but a monster. The one that doesn't lose to every major antagonist in their series. It is also precisely due to his nature to care deeply and ‘cherish life’ that he is compelled to fight. He boxes and kicks a couple of Cell Juniors, and breaks them in half. He boxes and kicks a couple of Cell Juniors, and breaks them in half. How is power relevant to who is more badass? Every other Saiyan that we have seen don't really like to fight, They like to dominate their opponent in combat, the second that they began to lose, they lose their shit. It is endearing to see the gruff, “big green Uncle” Piccolo become a mentor, and to a certain extent, father –figure, to the son of his one-time enemy. This may be the reason why Gohan is actually more of a badass, in my opinion, than the other Z fighters. On top of that he is the least likable Dragon Ball character. Vegeta kicks Ginyu's ass. ;Smug reassurance." A Quick Cost-Benefit Analysis, The 12 Best Gohan Action Figures You Can Buy in 2019, 7 Of The Best Krillin Action Figures That You Can Buy Right Now, 11 Definitive Tien Shinhan Action Figures For Dragon Ball Fans, The 13 Best Bulma Action Figures of All Time Ranked From Worst to Best, Hugh Jackman Loses It Over Sir Patrick Stewart’s Ridiculous Circumcision Story, 6 Unmissable Replicas of Jerry Seinfeld’s Apartment, Jean-Ralphio Saperstein’s Top 26 Funniest Quotes From Parks and Rec, Hulu Wants to Make Mindy Kaling your BFF. This was not just about Gohan defeating Cell with an awesome energy blast. I will never understand the Vegeta hype. Early on, the Dragon Ball series hints at Gohan’s immense power, one that is always just lurking below a simmering surface waiting to let loose. Gohan’s 11 Most Badass Moments In “Dragon Ball Z”, 13 Must-Have Piccolo Action Figures for Your Dragon Ball Z Collection, This Symphony Plays The Original DBZ Soundtrack for Live Audiences, The 12 Best Dragon Ball Z Action Figures You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now, Why Is Gohan So Weak? But at this moment, Vegeta has struck back being as powerful as he was never before, all because of the mass training. Goku on the other hand, the stronger his opponent is the more excited he gets even if he thinks he won't win. Library. We find Gohan compelling and relatable because underneath all that power, he’s just a human (ok, half-human) who wants peace. Gohan is badass in many ways. At least he was in dragonball z. He’s not what I’d call badass. Funny how you mention it. Beating up Jiren. I mentioned decades cause we pretty much watched him grow. He's unjustly labeled as someone who always loses when in reality, he's got one of the better records in Dragon Ball, it's just not as good as Goku.Some people act like he loses as much as Piccolo. I'll provide a few examples. The Prince of Saiyans. This line struck a chord in many a fan’s heart as it captures the swagger and bravado of the entire Dragon Ball universe. Browse more videos. As long as Vegeta stomps that fool then I’m ready for it. Here’s Why You Should Let Them…. He has powers that defy comprehension. 1 . 1 year ago Dragon Ball - General This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. All Might. yThe Tournament of Power did him justice. During DBZ, Vegeta was the opposite of badass, always crying or moping the moment he faced an opponent stronger than he was. Did we miss any moments? That Gohan was just a child during the training, and he comes out of it on whole new level (and less of a crybaby), is a testament to how tough and strong he really is. Gohan is no longer that whiny child with anger issues and uncontrolled bursts of power. He's so unbelievably stupid and arrogant that I find it hard to respect any of his badass moments. Your email address will not be published. 2 years ago | 10 views. @kgb725: So either way All Might is more heroic? Is Vegeta a badass? Daddy you are as badass as Vegeta as strong as Goku. Over time, we've gotten glimpses of his internal evolution not just through his actions, but also through his words.Voicing Vegeta in Funimation English dubs of the series, voice … Vegeta always came across as a jaded and petty character to me. Did Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad Actually Get His Freedom? Bones shattering, joints dislocating...and pride and soul suffering their greatest humiliation. When the guy who drinks people calls you the monster, you know you’re a badass for all seasons. 2:59. Follow. On Dragon Ball - General, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Piccolo's most badass moment" - Page 3. Report. It seems a trifle bit silly to be named after rice but we think Gohan chose his name well and wisely. Piccolo hurls him at a mountain on the very first day. What is the use of having awesome powers if you aren’t able to show it off, right? Vegeta the Badass. Vegeta was a beast on Namek, and that was the last time I truly liked the character a lot, so compared to that, I think Zoro has him beat. I have no idea who All Might is, but I know Vegeta is one of the most poorly written, annoying, useless, and just generally terrible characters ever written in all of fiction. Android 16 tells him “it is not a sin to fight for the right cause”, Gohan, by nature, is a gentle person who dislikes fighting and hurting others. Also, I always found it funny how Goku love for fighting was explained in DBZ by him being a Saiyan, yet none of the other saiyans on the series like to fight the same way Goku does. Super butchered him even more, making him completely 1-dimensional (as Super always does with everything). Encouraged by Goku to stare at the artificial moon created by Vegeta, Gohan goes full ape and starts rampaging. Gohan had this even as a baby, when he chose his own name. Vegeta in DBZ was more badass than 10 All Mights put together especially Majin Vegeta. In Dragon Ball Z: Summer Vacation Special, one of the many Dragon Ball specials that never saw release outside of Japan, features both Goku and Gohan looking particularly dashing in formal fancy tuxedos. I always have had a soft spot for the relationship between Piccolo and Gohan. Theirs is a relationship that is born out of necessity to prepare for the arrival of the Saiyan invasion of Earth that began with Raditz, but it is nurtured out of mutual respect – and I would like to believe, fondness – for each other. There are a lot of awesome moments in the Gohan versus Cell saga, but this one is particularly memorable because it straddles the line between genius and crazy ass weird. Vegeta is more badass. Gohan takes quite a verbal lashing from his mother when Chichi protests his decision to go with Bulma to Planet Namek. Vegeta vs Toppo, Vegeta Surpased Gods, Vegeta's Self Destruct Eliminated Toppo God Of Destruction. Dodoria snapping Moori's neck. As a result they are indeed more badass overall compared to someone like All Might, but they'd be terrible heroes whether or not they considered themselves as such based on their actions. And apparently, it is Hebert’s favorite line, too! They both have their awesome moments, although if I had to choose I'd pick All Might personally. His compassion in this scene runs deep, and here we see one of the defining characteristics of Gohan – and possibly, the most powerful weapon in his arsenal: he cares too much. Chichi is tres formidable, so much so that even Goku runs away when she gets angry. @doofasa: That doesnt answer the question. He wants to be a scholar. Jiren made a huge mistake at the Tournament Of Power by trying to hurt Goku’s friends. He is more like a good ass, lol. Cell witnessed this first hand when Gohan’s anger at the brutal execution of Android 16 sets off his transformation to Super Saiyan Level 2. Anyone who can maintain a super-secret identity and survive the rollercoaster that is adolescence and high school at the same time is a badass. A particularly badass scene here is when Vegeta starts pummeling Gohan in a desperate bid to stave off his transformation. Why Vegeta is so badass? And speaking of berserker, some of Gohan’s most memorable moments stem from him losing control and getting carried away by powerful emotions such as when his power levels surge to 3000 in his fight with Nappa after Piccolo dies for him to his rage when Videl is crushed. Just because Vegeta's been around longer doesn't make him more badass. They were never trying to be, so naturally the guy that spends his life being the best hero in the world is going to be considered more heroic than a group of individuals that focus on being warriors more than anything else. He brings depth and emotional traction to his development as a warrior, a hero, and a leader. And even while he is on berserker mode, Gohan retains enough of his humanity to understand Krillin, and focuses his destructive attention on Vegeta, instead of engaging in randomly throwing rocks at everything he sees. This moment is a turning point for Gohan because this is where he accepts the melding of who he is as a person and his desire to uphold his duty as a protector of earth. A half-saiyan, half-earthling with barely controlled powers is a dangerous thing, a powerful deterrent that can put even otherworldly powerful invaders in check. Yet he sets all these aside to step up as one of Earth’s heroes. We see him dream of playing hooky from studying, and of having his family complete. I feel that being the Great Saiyaman is one of those rare moments where Gohan gets to do things for himself, as opposed to being forced into it by his parents or his mentors. He even grabbed Goku’s black hair showing that he could do everything with his dominant badass side. And all these happen with the most kick-ass background music since Charles Bronson played the harmonica in the opening sequence of Once Upon A Time in the West. Vegeta's badass scene montage. Paul is the founder and editor of JustPlainTV. This makes him a wildcard in battle, but then volatility in itself is pretty spectacular. just kidding. Does Gohan cower and cry in fear? Dragon Ball 5 years ago | 11 views. Here’s 11 of Gohan’s most badass moments in Dragon Ball Z. And this describes Gohan perfectly. The humble rice is highly regarded in Japanese culture, and it is believed to have great powers. He emphatically turns down Chichi’s choice of Einstein and the host of awful – yet strangely catchy – names listed by Ox-King, his grandfather. 2 years ago | 10 views. No, Gohan is not a perfect person, but he genuinely tries to be good and to do good. Nursing a broken arm, he does a one-handed Kamehameha with the spirit of Goku urging him on. He continues to protect and defend the world, as he is compelled to do, but here, he is less intense, and gets comfortable with what Kyle Herbert, Gohan’s voice actor dubs as his ‘dorktitude’. But when the universe doesn’t want peace, he brings ruckus more than any other character in the Z series. Top 10 Badass Wonder Woman Moments. Most badass assassination. In recent interview director of the movie called Goku and Brolly "pure saiyans" while for Vegeta he said his pride interferes a bit on his saiyan nature. It is about him facing his doubts and demons, and emerging victorious. surge to 3000 in his fight with Nappa after Piccolo dies for him. Share more in the comments! In DBS not so much, his character got downgraded to an unlikeable tsundere, atleast in the anime. Vegeta Vs. Android 18 Full Fight (720p HD)-0. Vegeta's Most Badass Moment Vs Kid Buu-0. Trained by the very best, Gohan is in tip-top shape. He pummels another through two mountains before crushing it to oblivion. He beheads another with a powerful right hook. Vegeta is kind of a bitch. Not to say All Might isn't also incredible. Vegeta's badass scene montage. What a joy in a blessing to watch these beautiful little babies. He has his moments of weakness and major struggles but he's also had some amazing moments as well. Genuinely curious. Does what he can to develop further. as opposed to being forced into it by his parents or his mentors. VEGETA'S MOST BADASS MOMENT. I Love seeing the Daddy’s enjoying spending time and, playing with their Babies, those special moments are so memorable. 4 . Vegeta's Most Badass Moment Vs Kid Buu. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Things Vegeta could never get. Just pure hubris, and arguably the most badass line in the series. All 30 Dragon Ball Z Villains Ranked from Scummy to Sublime. DB world. In the manga he's much more likeable and actually remain all of his DBZ development. What exactly makes a character bad ass in your opinion? Anime war episode 13 Gogeta vs Archon. Vegeta's "badass moment" is also a tragic one, where the prince of the Saiyans still recognizes the sins that he committed in the past, and sees … Android 18 snapping Vegeta's arms. Playing next. Having Goku as a father must have been tough. Sign up. FYI, I don't consider Vegeta beating anyone in Super as relevant to his character, considering how awful Super is. Top 10 Badass Moments in Naruto. But in this context, you can’t help but be awestruck at the person – the hero figure – he has become. While Allmight is cool, he isn't the type of character I consider to be a "bad ass". 12:06. Everyone else is exhausted, and it’s a do or die moment. [Video] Seth Meyers and Leslie Jones Watched ‘Game of Thrones’ Together,…, 5 Reasons an All-Girls School is Like Jail: My experience watching Orange is the New…, This “Friends-Style” Battle Star Galactica Intro Will Make You Rethink…, This 3-Minute Scene Definitively Proves that Dr. Who is the Greatest Show Ever. Vegeta is one of Dragon Ball's most complicated characters. mentor, and to a certain extent, father –figure. This makes his transformation here more powerful. But Gohan, being the badass that he is, just takes this in stride and delivers all his lines in the two-minute TV special confidently. Log in. I'll pick the dude I don't know just because he's not Vegeta. What do you guys think is the most badass moments in all of dragon ball? 1 . Cool, because I never said Saiyans were heroes in the first place, they're warriors. Its interesting how Vegeta is winning the poll but all these comments are shitting on him. Vegeta for me. Terrible things, but great. My favorite kind of cool people are the type of people who could overcome all overwhelming odds against them (an army of villains and a villain who has a counter to one's abilities) and still come out on a top with a smile on their face. And that is what truly makes him a badass. Here, we see a culmination of sorts of his journey. Video Facts [edit | edit source] Vegeta's badass entrance. It is easy to stand up to enemies but it’s a different matter to stand up to people you love. He is able to withstand Cell’s beat downs and gives him a run for his money. Take this Vegeta, Prince of no-one, you filthy monkey!!! Yes. We see him, time and again, demonstrate a willingness to sacrifice his own desire and preferences for the greater good. Watch Vegeta's Most Badass Moment Vs Kid Buu - DB world on Dailymotion. Goku on the other hand, the stonger his opponent is the more excited he gets even if he thinks he won't win. 1 . Backed by top-notched visuals and animations, this has become one of the most iconic moments of the Dragon Ball franchise. Vegeta isn’t badass. The Great Saiyaman gives us a peek into what Gohan is when in his natural element and left to his own devices. 198 likes. Quite possibly the most badass fucking character ever known. So I guess All Might wins by default. He beheads another with a powerful right hook. Here’s Why…, What are Digital TV Antennas? Gohan knows he is all that is left to protect Earth, and he is plagued with self-doubts. Daddy you are as badass as Vegeta as strong as Goku as fearless as Gohan you are the best super Saiyan, sweater, hoodie and ladies tee Ladies tee. Gohan does not get any more badass than when he drops a kick on Cell, a kick that is so powerful that it forces Cell to actually cough Android 18 back out!

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