ExpressExtension Summertime Review

Everyday that passes is another day we sadly get to the end of Summer. We, at ExpressExtension, are sure that you have created some fond memories of long, blissful days out in the sun, grilling with family and friends, chilling poolside, and taking trips to the beach. During this summer season, we also dropped a few tidbits of knowledge regarding tax extensions in the form of blogs. 

To keep you on top of the tax game before the Summer ends, ExpressExtension presents this small review. All you have to do is use the clues to solve for the correct Resource Center term that’s listed at the very bottom of this page.

Can you answer them all correctly? Let’s get started.

Resource Center Term #1

First Clue: This span of time (pun intended) can never be extended regardless of weekends, holidays, or end of year cutoffs.
Second Clue: Any re-transmission after the end of this length of time results in a late filing, but you can re-transmit multiple times during this length of time.
Third Clue: The IRS uses this time to look back ten days from the electronic postmark to see if there have been any rejections for the same Employer Identification Number (EIN) and tax period.

Resource Center Term #2

First Clue: This is a free service from the U.S. Department of Treasury in which all federal taxes can be paid.
Second Clue: You can make payments from its website, voice response system, or specific channels made for tax professionals, payroll services, and financial institutions.
Third Clue: You receive an Electronic Federal Tax (EFT) Acknowledgement Number that serves as a receipt of your payment.

Resource Center Term #3

First Clue: When you e-file, this is the date and the time that your return was filed based on your time zone.
Second Clue: If “this” is on or before the prescribed deadline for filing, but the IRS receives your return after the prescribed deadline for filing, the IRS will treat your return as timely filed.
Third Clue: When you e-file with ExpressExtension, this is generated in Eastern Standard Time.

How well did you do? You can check your answers with the following links:
Summer may be over soon, but tax awareness lasts throughout the year. By staying up on your knowledge, you’ll stay on top of your tax season. And remember - if you need to e-file an extension for business, personal, or even exempt organization taxes, you can quickly and easily do so with ExpressExtension. By working closely with the IRS, we provide a fast and secure service that will save you time and money.

For any assistance or questions about e-filing any of our available extensions, our live professionals are standing by. Contact us by phone Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm, Eastern Standard Time, at (803) 514-5155, by email at, or by live chat at

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Quick Tips About Filing Tax Extensions

Even though football games have started airing again on television, the fall season hasn’t quite gotten here yet. With less than five weeks left of summer, Autumn is quickly approaching. As the season changes, for the better because it just got way too hot at times, there are a few tax deadlines that come along with it. Based on the tax extension you filed earlier this year will determine which of the upcoming due dates you should be aware of. 
At this point in the year, it’s far too late for you to file any extensions. But if you’re thinking about taking advantage of extensions next year, here are a few tips that you should know.

#1 - Extensions need to be filed by the original due date.
If you find yourself not able to file your tax return on time, then file an extension as soon as possible. You can think of it as the extension taking the place of your actual tax return until you can file it; therefore, it’ll be due on the same date as your tax return.

#2 - Any taxes owed are still due by the original due date.
Extensions are only meant to increase the amount of time you have to file, not the time you have to pay. If you have any estimated tax liability to pay back to the IRS, you are required to pay even if your extension is approved. There are a number of options of how you can pay your estimated taxes including postal mail, Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS), direct debit, or Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW).

#3 - Your extension request could be denied.
Be sure that you’re entering the correct and current information needed in your extension form. If the IRS finds any errors or inaccuracies with your name, address, organization’s name, EIN number, or social security number, it can lead to an automatic rejection. And a rejected IRS form could lead to failure-to-file penalties.

#4 - A state extension may be required.
Along with filing a federal tax return, you also file a state tax return. The same goes for extensions; however, each state has it own requirements for filing. Some states may offer you an automatic extension without the need of any form, while others won’t offer anything unless you ask for it. You can find out how your particular state processes tax extensions by accessing your state’s tax authority website.

#5 - Your return will be due by the extended deadline.
You should write down or make some type of note of your extended tax return deadline. Those extra months will pass quickly, and your efforts will be for nothing if you’re still not prepared to file. Once your extended deadline is up, there may not be any other options, and you can incur penalties from the IRS.

Very Important: If you don’t remember anything else about tax extensions, you should always keep in mind that tax extensions can be e-filed. So even if something happens at the very last minute before your tax return is due… Don’t panic. You can e-file an extension and give yourself a few months of breathing space.

You don’t have to feel lost or be rushed during your next tax season. E-file your tax extension with ExpressExtension; we make it simple and quick to transmit to the IRS. And with ExpressExtension, you’ll find the best e-file service to request your extension, and we’re supported by the best in live, USA-based technical and support teams that are available to provide you with the most outstanding help experience.

For any questions or assistance with e-filing an extension, contact our expert professionals by phone at (803) 514-5155 (Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm EST), email at, or live chat at

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On-The-Go: Mobile E-Filing

With the extension deadline that was this past weekend, you might have been scrambling to get to a computer in order to e-file a Part II of the Extension Form 8868. If you weren’t able to gather all your information needed to file a Form 990 or 990-EZ, you can file a Part II of the extension form to receive an additional, non-automatic, 3-month extension. But that doesn’t mean you have to drop everything and rush home to your desktop computer. ExpressExtension supports e-filing on-the-go with our mobile apps and mobile website for iOS and Android devices.

Mobile Web
If you were in a mad rush to beat the August 15 deadline, you’ll never have to rush again with our mobile site, You can access it at anytime, from anywhere, on any mobile-web enabled smartphone or device. With our mobile site, you can e-file your Extension Form 8868 quickly and easily so you can get back to your life and be worry-free about that pesky tax deadline.

If you can’t make the due date for your personal tax return, and you have an iOS phone or tablet device, you can e-file your personal tax extension quickly and easily with the Express 4868 App. With our FREE app, you can
  • E-file multiple returns, if you’re a certified public accountant
  • Re-transmit a rejected return for free
  • E-file a joint return for both you and your spouse
  • View, download, or email your accepted Form 4868 return
If you’re an android user, there’s no reason to feel left out because we got you covered. You can also e-file your personal tax extension with ease from anywhere you happen to be. The FREE Express 4868 App for android sports the same easy-to-use and convenient features of the iOS version. All that’s need is some basic information including your
  • Name
  • Address
  • Social Security number 
You can complete the e-filing process in minutes and get back to the things that matter most.

Like with any tax extension, the mobile site and Express 4868 App are only for e-filing an extension of time to file, not an extension of time to pay any taxes due. You are still responsible for paying an estimated tax liability to the IRS on time. For more information about paying estimated taxes, check out the following blog:

3 Ways To Pay Your Estimated Tax

Never be pressured to drop everything and rush to a computer just to file your tax extension. As mentioned before, e-file from any location by downloading our FREE app for iOS and Android tablet devices, or visit our mobile site to e-file using any mobile browser. We also offer electronic funds withdrawals so that you can pay any taxes owed at the same time as e-filing your extension.

For assistance with e-filing your tax extension, contact our live professionals located in Rock Hill, South Carolina at (803) 514-5155 (Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm, EST), or email us at or live chat with us at

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Extend Your Exempt Organization Tax Deadline

Three months can happen in a blink of an eye. And if you filed an Exempt Organization Extension Form back in May, then your August 15 deadline is rapidly approaching. If you were able to spend the last three months getting your tax information together, and you’re prepared to file either your Form 990 or 990-EZ, then you’re golden. However, if you find yourself still unprepared to file your tax return by the deadline, you can breathe easy because all hope is not lost.

Quick Note: August 15 is the extended deadline if your tax-exempt organization operates on a Calendar Tax Year, which your original deadline being May 15. If it operates on a Fiscal Tax Year, your original deadline is the 15th day of the 5th month after your tax end date, and your extended deadline follows three months later.

If you’re not fully prepared this time around, you can apply for an additional, non-automatic, 3-month extension by filing Part II of the Exempt Organization Extension Form.

To successfully file a Part II, you must
  1. Have already been granted an automatic, 3-month extension from a previously filed Part I, and
  2. Provide reasonable cause for requesting additional time.
Unlike Part I, you have to explain a reason as to why you aren’t able to file again, and it has to be deemed valid by the IRS. So “fun in the sun” and summertime cookouts aren’t going to help at all. Hopefully, those are not the real reasons you’re requesting a second extension. But if you’re still needing more tax information to be sent to you, something like that serves as a better excuse.

If you’re approved for a second extension, your new deadline will take you well into the upcoming autumn season with your tax return due date on November 15. You’re probably still getting over the fact that these last three months flew by so quickly so don’t mistake the next three as a leisurely stroll.

Remember that with an extension you still have to pay your estimated tax liability. These extensions are only to lengthen your time to file - not time to pay. For more information about estimated tax liability, check out these blogs:
Enjoying the summer season is well and everything, but don’t forget about those taxes. Remain in good standing this year by e-filing your Part II extension form with ExpressExtension. You can pay your estimated taxes while also e-filing your tax extension; payment is done through Electronic Fund Withdrawals (EFW) using either your checking or savings account. You can also stay rapidly on the move, much like our this year has been, by e-filing your Extension Form 8868 from any mobile browser.

For assistance with e-filing your tax extension or electronically paying your estimated tax liability, contact our live professionals located at Rock Hill, South Carolina at (803) 514-5155 (Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm, EST), or email us at or live chat with us at

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SPAN Enterprises Ranks #1150 in 2015 Inc. 5000

Congratulations are in order!!!
ExpressExtension’s parent company, SPAN Enterprises, ranks #1150 in 2015 Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies. Along with its Inc. 5000 ranking, SPAN also ranks #11 in the Charlotte Metro Area and #1 in South Carolina for software in the entire state.

From our Rock Hill headquarters, SPAN has developed, launched, and supported over 20 cloud-based and mobile applications including the successful line of e-filing products - ExpressExtension, Express990, ExpressTaxFilings, ExpressTruckTax, and ExpressIFTA.
Our mission with ExpressExtension is to provide you with the #1 solution to e-filing and receiving instant approval on your exempt organization, business, or personal tax extension. With no need for any explanation when e-filing for a tax extension, all that’s required is a little information and then you can transmit directly to the IRS. Just a few clicks and you’ve got instant approval for an extended deadline for up to six months - no long waiting lines, no inconvenient paper filing.

Providing an easy-to-use product that users are proud to use is just one piece of the puzzle. The other half is supporting that product with expert help that’s well familiar with the in’s and out of the e-filing process. To accomplish that, we’ve dedicated a support team of live professionals that are more than happy to assist you whenever you contact us. Our live help specializes in assisting just about any e-filing situation you could possibly be in, while communicating with the utmost respect.

The aim of our service is to support our wide user-base as if we were all within one community. It’s the personal attention that we strive to give each of you that has taken us to the forefront of industry standards. The reason we’ve set up our base of operation in Rock Hill, South Carolina is because we believe that, even in small towns, big ideas are made and can grow into endless possibilities. Each time you use our service, the success is measured by the impact made in your lives.

We, at ExpressExtension, would like to thank you all for your continued use and support of our services. Feel free to us at (803) 514-5155, Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm EST. You can also either e-mail us at or chat with us at for any further assistance e-filing your extension forms.

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Review Your Taxes

Have you ever had a tax season when you received a bigger refund than expected, or you found out that you owe a lot more than you thought you would? Were you able to pinpoint the reason for the fluctuation… maybe you married, had a child, or perhaps a change in income? Life events can have major effects on your taxes; however, reviewing your previous and current tax situations regularly can make the tax you pay closer to the amount you actually owe. Here are some tips mentioned by the IRS.

New Job. When starting a new job, you’re required to fill out a Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate, and return it to your employer. This form is used by your employer in order to figure out the amount of federal income tax to withhold from your pay. The IRS offers a Withholding Calculator, which can help you fill out the form.

Estimated Tax. If you’re income is not subject to withholdings, you may need to pay an estimated tax. This can include income from self-employment, interest, dividends, or rent. If you’re expecting to pay more than $1,000 in taxes, and meet other criteria, you may need to pay this tax. And it’s normally paid about four times a year.

If you plan on filing an extension, you can also pay your estimated tax at the same time with ExpressExtension. Your payment is accepted online by Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) using your checking or savings account information.

Life Events. You should be aware of when you need to change your Form W-4 or the amount of estimated tax you pay when certain life events occur. For example, a change in marital status, a birth of a child, or buying a new home can change the amount of taxes you owe. In common cases, you can simply submit a new Form W-4 at anytime.

Changes in Circumstances. It is very important that you report any changes in circumstances, like a change in income or family size, to your Health Insurance Marketplace. You should also let Marketplace know if you’ve moved outside the area covered by your plan. Advance payments of the premium tax credit help you pay for the insurance you receive from the Health Insurance Marketplace. By reporting changes, you can help yourself get the proper type and amount of financial assistance so you can avoid getting too much or too little.

Stay on top of your tax season by looking over your current year, and your last year, taxes every so often. By doing so, you can become more prepared as the tax season becomes closer. As you practice proper tax preparations, you may realize other information that’s needed or that needs to be acquired. A situation such as that may call for an extension to be filed for even more time and preparation.

With ExpressExtension, we offer a safe, secure, and accurate e-filing process that will save you time and money, backed by a team of expert professionals ready to assist at any step of the way. As mentioned earlier, we also offer the option for you to pay your estimated taxes while e-filing your tax extension. You can also e-file quickly and easily by downloading the FREE Express 4868 App for both iOS and Android devices.

For assistance with e-filing your extension, contact our live professionals from our Rock Hill, South Carolina office. We are available by phone (803-514-5155, Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm EST), email (, or live chat (

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No Need To Wait

If you e-filed an extension this past tax season, then your due date is soon approaching in the upcoming months. But just because you still have a couple months left, it doesn’t mean you have to wait that long to file your tax return. If you have all of your required tax documents, you can, and are encouraged, to file as soon as you’re ready. As you prepare to file, here are some points from the IRS that you should be aware of.

E-File Your Return - By e-filing your tax return, you’re utilizing the most easy, safe, and accurate way to file your taxes. Nearly everyone can e-file their tax return and e-filing can also help you get all the tax benefits that you’re entitled to claim. We offer various products for your tax e-filing needs with Express990 and ExpressTaxFilings; each of our e-filing services notify you when your return has been successfully transmitted to the IRS.

Pending Refund - A “no-brainer” really, but you should file a return as soon as possible if you’re due a refund.

Available Easy-To-Use Tools - The IRS offers a variety of online tools to assist you, like the EITC Assistant to see if you’re eligible for credit, or the Interactive Tax Assistant tool for answers to common tax questions including the recent Health Care Law topics. There are also interactive tools to find out if you’re eligible to claim the premium tax credit, qualify for an exemption, or if you must make a payment.

Health Care Law - You should be aware of how the recent health care laws are affecting your taxes. Because of the Affordable Care Act, you are responsible for receiving health coverage for you, your spouse, and your dependents during the entire year. You also have the option of reporting a health coverage exemption, or a payment when you file.

If you health coverage is provided by the Marketplace, you may be eligible for the premium tax credit and need to use Form 8962, Premium Tax Credit, to reconcile any advance payments made on your behalf. According to the IRS, if you do not file a tax return for 2014, you will not be eligible for advance payments or cost-sharing reductions to help pay for your Marketplace health insurance coverage in 2016.

You should file as soon as possible, using your most current Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement, to greatly increase your chances of receiving a reduction.

No Extension/Missed Deadline - Even if you missed your original due date and failed to file an extension, you should still file a return and pay any taxes due as soon as you can. By doing so, you can cease the fees and penalties that are counted against you. According to the IRS, there is no penalty for filing a late return if you are due a refund. The sooner you file, the sooner you’ll get it.

Remember, if you aren’t ready to file yet, you have up until the due date of your extension. But if you are ready, don’t wait any longer; you can file right now. If you owe and can’t pay all of your taxes, pay as much as you can to reduce interest and penalties for late payment. Generally, the failure-to-file penalty is a lot more greater than the failure-to-pay penalty. The best advice is if you can’t pay in full, you should file your tax return as soon as you can and pay as much as you can.

With ExpressExtension, you can also pay your estimated tax at the same time you e-file your tax extension; payment is accepted online by Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) using your checking or savings account information.

For assistance with e-filing your tax extension or electronically paying your tax liability, contact our live professionals located at Rock Hill, South Carolina at (803) 514-5155 (Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm, EST), or email us at or live chat with us at

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