How To Get Started on The 2018 IRS Form 941

We have officially entered into the third quarter of the year which means the beloved second quarter 941 Form 2018 filing deadline is around the corner. If you like to stay ahead of the game and handle your tax filings early, we have the information you need to get started on the 2018 IRS Form 941 before the deadline. 

How To Get Started on The 2nd Quarter 941 Form 2018 Deadline

What is 2018 IRS Form 941 & When is it Due?

The Employer’s Quarterly Tax Return, commonly known as IRS Form 941, is used by business owners and employers to report employment taxes. Unlike other annual tax forms, Form 941 must be filed four times a year (quarterly).

The 2018 IRS Form 941 second quarter filing is due by midnight on Tuesday, July 31, 2018, and covers the months of April, May, and June.

What You Need to File Form 941 for 2018

Required Information & Details

To begin your 2nd quarter 941 Form 2018 filing, you will need to provide basic employer details, which includes your name, EIN, and address. You probably know two out of those three off the top of your head. 😆

Here’s the other information (Employment Details) you will need to complete your quarterly filing:

Online Signature PIN

Whenever you file Form 941 online, you are required to verify your identity through an online signature PIN or Form 8453-EMP. Using an online signature PIN allows you to instantly e-sign your form every time you file and makes the process much simpler. Here’s how you can apply for your FREE Online Signature PIn using our sister product, TaxBandits:

  • Click here to Apply Now for your 94x PIN
  • Enter your basic employer information, such as the business name, type, EIN, and address.
  • Enter the information required for a signing authority.
  • Authorize your PIN request and send it to the IRS.

Once you have been approved the IRS will send you a 10-digit PIN. To activate this PIN, you must sign and return a statement acknowledging that you received the PIN from the IRS within 10 days.

Note: If you do not receive your online signature PIN by the Form 941 deadline you can use Form 8453-EMP to e-sign and complete your 941 return.

How To File Form 941 Online

Filing 941 Form 2018 and meeting the second quarter deadline is much easier than you may think; especially when you file with TaxBandits. Here’s what you will need to do to file: 

  1. Sign in or Create your TaxBandits account
  2. Select “Form 941”
  3. Enter employer details
  4. Choose the appropriate tax year/quarter
  5. Follow Interview-Style Process
  6. Enter the deposit made to the IRS
  7. Enter your deposit schedule and tax liability
  8. Enter the online signature PIN or complete Form 8453-EMP
  9. Review, pay and transmit your form directly to the IRS. 

Ready, Set, GO!

The race to deadline day on July 31st has already begun. Use the information you’ve learned in today’s blog to get started on your second quarter 2018 IRS Form 941. There is no extension for quarterly tax filings so be sure to create a free account with our sister product TaxBandits and start filing today!

File Form 941 Online Today!

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