How To Quickly Extend the September IRS 990 Tax Filing Deadline

In the wake of widespread attention on Hurricane Florence, you might have forgotten that the Form 990 tax deadline is quickly coming down the pipeline. Exempt organizations who operate on a fiscal tax year which runs from May 1 to April 30 were expected to complete a 990 tax return by the September 15 tax filing deadline. 😳  

Take a deep breath! Since September 15 fell on a Saturday this year, you have until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT to file IRS Form 990 or Extension Form 8868 to avoid costly IRS penalties. If you need extra time to file, we have a little trick up our sleeve for filing an extension for taxes which will grant you an additional 6 months time to file. Get ready to learn how to quickly extend the September IRS 990 tax filing deadline in 3…2…1

How To Quickly Extend the September IRS 990 Tax Filing Deadline

Trust us, we completely understand how busy and difficult it can be running a nonprofit organization. Adding an unwanted tax filing deadline to your to-do list isn’t the greatest feeling in the world. This is where filing an extension for taxes comes in handy.

If you have yet to file IRS Form 990 for your tax-exempt organization, you can quickly complete tax extension Form 8868 by midnight and extend your 990 tax deadline to March 15, 2019. Here are the steps you need to take to extend the tax filing deadline:

Steps To File Tax Extension Form 8868

  1. Add organization’s basic information such as name, EIN, address, and contact number
  2. Select the IRS form which you are applying for the tax extension
  3. Enter your organization’s tax year period
  4. Choose your tax extension type and provide information for signing authority
  5. Review your return and fix any errors
  6. Pay and transmit to the IRS

Not hard at all, right? It takes just a few minutes to file a tax extension with ExpressExtension! Eliminate an unnecessary IRS penalty expense by creating a free account and filing IRS Extension Form 8868 by midnight.

Extend My Form 990 Due Date

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