Income Tax Extension

As the United States further progresses with equality and rights for all, there’s another entity that doesn’t discriminate… just as long as you need additional time to file your Federal Income Tax. 
You can file an IRS Income Tax Extension even if you’re just an individual, a business, or a tax-exempt organization. Yeah, you see? That’s unity.

Depending on the specific type of tax extension filed, you can extend the filing deadline by up to six months.

Anyone can file an Income Tax Extension with the IRS. Again, unity.

  • A Personal Tax Extension can be filed with IRS Form 4868 for Individuals, 1099 Contractors, Sole Proprietors, and Single Member LLCs to get a 6 month extension of time to file
  • A Business Tax Extension can be filed with IRS Form 7004 for Multi Member LLCs, C-Corporations, S-Corporations, Partnerships, Trusts, and Estates, to name a few
  • An Exempt Organization Tax Extension can be filed with IRS Form 8868 for Tax-Exempt Organizations

The Deadline to File an Income Tax Extension depends on which form you need to file:

  • The deadline for most Corporate tax returns (Form 7004) is March 16
  • The deadline for Personal Tax returns (Form 4868) is April 15
  • The deadline for Exempt Organizations (Form 8868) is May 15

What really binds these extensions together into the greatest of coalitions is that they can all be e-filed with ExpressExtension. And with ExpressExtension, you’ll receive an acknowledgement of the IRS acceptance or rejection of your extension. If your request is denied, you’ll receive a notification of the reason it was rejected, followed by the opportunity to correct your errors and resubmit with no additional cost. That’s a truth that needs no stretch.

And there you have it. Celebrate the equality of all mankind by e-filing your tax extension with ExpressExtension. Live professionals are available at our Rock Hill, South Carolina office. Feel free to call (803.514.5155, Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm EST), e-mail ([email protected]), or chat with us ( for any further assistance e-filing your extension.

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