IRS Online Security

Similar to how programs and systems need to be regularly updated, the security of these digital institutions also needs to be upgraded to counter the ever evolving threat of identity thieves and criminal syndicates.

To continue to successfully combat these threats, an unprecedented cooperation between the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), state revenue departments, and the tax industry has been established to make a safer, more secure filing season for taxpayers choosing to e-file.

On The Backend
There are security changes that you won’t be able to see, but are installed to efficiently verify the taxpayer and the authenticity of the tax return way before it enters the IRS’ processing system. Software providers will share information such as how long it took to create a return, which can help pinpoint computer-generated returns that are filed fraudulently and in bulk.

With this new cooperation, the IRS, state revenue departments, and the tax industry will also share details of fraudulent tricks that are seen regularly so that actions to increase taxpayers protection can be made accordingly.

At The Forefront
The visible security changes will be apparent to taxpayers utilizing tax software or online products to file tax returns.These new procedures are to prevent online predators from overtaking taxpayers’ accounts and will include

  • The inclusion of three security questions
  • Specialized verification for email addresses
  • A timed lockout function for a number of unsuccessful login attempts
  • New standards for passwords such as a requirement for eight characters including upper and lower case letters, and special, alpha, or numerical characters

Along with updating security measures, this partnership has become more proactive by making sure that taxpayers are aware and understand the dangers to personal and financial data. Protection of online and physical data from taxpayers is important, and people are encouraged to use security software on their computers along with encrypting files containing tax information, or keep physical files under lock and key.

With ExpressExtension, and any other products from our Express Tax Zone family, your information is of utmost importance. That is why we have taken the highest safety measures to ensure your information stays safe within your account. Our site is encrypted, McAfee secure certified, and protected by 1286H SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) – your information is never shared with anyone except the IRS.

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