Now File Form 7004 on Your Tablet or iPad

Express70044 appWhy go through the trouble of turning on your computer, opening your internet browser, typing in, sign into your account, choose the form you need to file, and I could go on but who wants read to that. You can skip all that and entertain your love for apps with the latest Express7004 App. There really is an app for everything.

This nifty app will definitely come in handy when you need to file on the go. Before we get into all the app details, here is a little information on Form 7004.
Form 7004
Business Tax Extension Form 7004 is used to extend the deadline for when you need to file your business taxes. When you file Form 7004, you will recieve an automatic extension for 5 to 6 months. This form can be used by C-Corporations, Multi-Member LLCs, S-Corporations, Trusts, Estates, and Partnerships. The deadline to have this extension form filed is March 16th. 
Express7004 App
The app is free to download for Apple and Android devices. Once you have downloaded the app, you will sign in using your exsiting login information, or create a new account. The entire filing process on the app is really simple; there are only four steps:
Step 1
Add your business details ( name, EIN, address)
Step 2
Choose the tax year (calendar or fiscal)
Step 3
We run a diagnostic check to make sure there isn’t any missing information
Step 4
Transmit to the IRS
The Express7004 app is perfect when you need to file a business tax extension in a hurry. It provides you with everything you need to transmit your form to the IRS. If you have any questions, our ExpressExtension Support Pros are available to assist you via phone: 803-514-5155 or  email: [email protected]

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