SPF? Great! Now Protect Yourself from Pesky IRS Penalties

Okay, so maybe SPF 85 is a little aggressive. Honestly, we didn’t know Sun Protection Factor comes that high. And we see you’ve got your mosquito nets and citronella candles and…is that bug spray?…all lined up. Kudos on the allergy medication and nose sprays. Yep, we’d say you’re totally prepared for the new Spring season. Vacations, travel, enjoying the weather. But aren’t you forgetting something? Form 1040, maybe?

Don’t cancel your plans just yet! Even if you haven’t yet filed Form 1040, there’s something you can do! You can still avoid penalties when you file a Form 1040 extension!

Yes! An extension. The Form 1040 extension is kind of like SPF for your taxes. It prevents the IRS from burning you with penalties because you didn’t file Form 1040 on time.

Don’t get burned.

Sunburns can happen in less than ten minutes, but the pain lasts much longer. So it is with missing your deadline to file Form 1040. Without filing a Form 1040 extension, you could risk getting burned by the IRS with penalties that pack a punch. That stings.

There’s aloe for sunburns, but if you get burned by the IRS for failing to file Form 1040, there isn’t much remedy other than paying the fine. That’s on top of what you owed initially. Why pay more? Especially if you don’t have to.

Just like you take the time to apply sunscreen so that you don’t suffer later, you can take just a few minutes and delay the IRS deadline to file Form 1040. Actually, you can get a Form 1040 extension in less time than it takes to put on sunscreen. Just a few moments to request an extension and you’ve got protection from needless IRS penalties.

Easier than a day at the beach.

A day at the beach sounds nice until you realize what all you’ll be carrying back with you, and where you’ll be carrying it. That includes the 2 cups of sand you’ll pour out of your shoes, your shorts, and all those nooks and crevices. By the way, horseshoe crabs live at the beach and they love nooks and crevices.

Still, you’ll probably want to go have your fun rather than stay stuck at the office trying to figure out Form 1040. You want the wind in your hair, not a pen in one hand and a calculator in the other. So, at ExpressExtension.com, we want to get you to the beach, or any other destination of your choice, as quickly as possible.

That’s why we’ve found a quick, easy, accessible way to file Form 1040 extension. File the extension for Form 1040 with us, and you won’t have to worry about inaccuracies, or that the IRS didn’t get your form. We have measures to ensure accurate and secure completion of your Form 1040 extension, and we send you an email notification when your form is approved.

Unfold your chair under an umbrella, pull up your cooler, and rest easy. You don’t even need to give a reason for filing a Form 1040 extension! As long as you pay the taxes that are due, you won’t face any penalties for the delay in sending in Form 1040.

Just before you pack your travel bag, log in to ExpressExtension.com. There, we take you through the simple process to fill out your Form 1040 extension and transmit it to the IRS. Next, be sure to calculate your tentative tax amount and send that to the IRS. There! You’re done! SPF, check! Form 1040 Extension, check! Hermit crabs, here we come!

Business Tax Extension Form 7004 – Now You’re Ready.

Protect your finances like you protect anything else in your life. Avoid the burn of missing the April 15 Form 1040 deadline by using ExpressExtension.com to get a Form 1040 Extension!

ExpressExtension is an e-file provider that’s IRS authorized. You can quickly e-file Business Tax Extension Form 7004 to extend your Form 1040 deadline in a matter of minutes.

If you can apply sunscreen, you can file a tax extension. Create your free account then follow our step-by-step instruction guide to quickly and correctly fill out Extension Form 7004. We’ll send you an email letting you know when your form has been approved!

If you have any questions about the e-filing process please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated support team. We’re available via live chat, over the phone at 803.514.5155 Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM EST, and we also offer 24/7 email support at [email protected]

File your Form 1040 Extension with ExpressExtension today. It’s easier than shaking the sand out of your shirt.

Protect me!

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