Straight From The IRS: Extension of Time

Your request for a tax extension has to be filed by the original due date of your tax return, and an extension does not extend your time to pay. You know this already; it’s nothing new. According to the IRS, there are three ways in which you can request an automatic extension for your personal income tax return.
You can file your tax extension in any one of the three following ways:

  1. You can pay all or part of your estimated income tax, and indicate that the payment is for an extension using the IRS’ Direct Pay.
  2. You can e-file a Form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Tax Return, using your personal computer, through a tax professional, or… *trumpet fanfare* ExpressExtension!!!
  3. You can file a paper version of Form 4868, and enclose a payment of your tax due.

Straight from the IRS: If you’re a fiscal year taxpayer, you are required to file a paper Form 4868.

When you e-file your form, be sure to have a copy of your return from last year; you’ll be asked to submit your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) for verification purposes. Once you complete your e-file, the IRS will send an electronic agreement of accepting your filing. You should keep that agreement for your records.

There are special conditions for certain U.S. citizens and resident foreigners in which you’re allowed two extra months, roughly until June 15, to file your tax return and pay any taxes due without an extension. These conditions are if you’re…

  1. Living outside of the United States and Puerto Rico, and your main place of business or post of duty is outside of the United States and Puerto Rico, or
  2. In military or naval service on duty outside of the United States and Puerto Rico.

For more information about these special conditions, check out the following blogs:

The IRS also gives additional information with its Publication 54, Tax Guide for U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens Abroad. To use this automatic, 2-month extension, you have to attach a statement to your return stating which situation qualifies you for the extension.

Straight from the IRS: You will still have to pay interest on any tax not paid by the regular due date of your return.

You can receive an additional four months by filing a Form 4868 and checking the box on “Line 8” that indicates the additional extension. This also does not extend the time you have to pay your estimated taxes.

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