The Best Way to Get More Time to File for Tax Day Deadline?

Spring is here, and the April 17th tax deadline will be here before we know it. But many of us will not be ready to file our federal tax returns on Tuesday. Thankfully, the IRS allows you to request an extension of time to file your income tax return.

Do You Need More Time to File Your Tax Return?

It is understandable that you have a lot on your plate and meeting deadlines is often difficult. If you are unable to file your federal income tax return by the April 17 deadline, don’t worry about the IRS taking your down. Well, as long as you file an income tax extension.

What is IRS Extension Form 4868?

IRS Form 4868 is the 1040 extension formally titled the Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. If you need to file tax extension Form 4868, you will need to e-file by midnight on April 17th, 2018. If you file by the tax extension deadline, you will receive an additional six months to file your tax return without incurring IRS penalties.

Where Can You File a Tax Extension Online?

You can file tax extension Form 4868 with ExpressExension quickly and easily. Their step-by-step interview-style process is equipped with built-in audits to ensure error-free filing. When you file your tax extension online, you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours notifying you that your IRS extension was accepted.

What You Need To File An Income Tax Extension

  • Sign-up for a free account with
  • Gather the following information: 
    • Name and Address (Spouse’s name if filing jointly)
    • Social Security Number (SSN) (Spouse’s SSN if filing jointly)
    • Estimated total tax liability for 2017 tax year
    • Total 2017 tax withholdings and tax payments
    • Estimated tax payment owed to the IRS (if any)
IRS extension Form 4868 is an extension of time to file and not an extension of time to pay taxes. If you owe the IRS, you will need to pay this amount when you file tax extension Form 4868.

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