3 Good Reasons You Should File a Tax Extension

Business owner stressing about the impending 1099 deadline

April 2nd is coming up fast. For some of us, it is coming a little too fast. If your business needs more time to file 1099s, you can send the IRS Form 8809 to apply for an extension. Here are three good reasons you should file a tax extension.

3 Good Reasons You Should File a Tax Extension

Companies needing to file must fill out the taxpayer information and check the box for which time of 1099 form they need more time to file. The IRS does not require a reason for filing. Submit your Form 8809 with ExpressExtension today and avoid expensive IRS penalties.

1. More Time to Prepare Paperwork

No need to rush around the last two week of March if you don’t have to? With IRS Form 8809 you can take your time and ensure that your return is accurate. Many business owner file for tax extension 8809 every year just to ensure they have the time needed.

2. Lower Your Chance of an Audit

The federal government loves setting specific quotas and the IRS must audit a set number of business tax returns every year. However, they will typically fulfill their quota by the April deadline. Take your time and avoid a higher chance of an audit.

3. If the IRS Doesn’t Need a Reason, Why Do You?

The IRS automatically grants you a 30-day extension when you file IRS tax extensions Form 8809. So take your time with your tax return and file for your tax extension in a matter of minutes.

Small business owner celebrating after filing a 1099 tax extension

Extend Your 1099 Deadline

We are an IRS-authorized e-file provider of business information return extension forms. Our cloud-based software will transmit your IRS Form 8809 safely and securely to the IRS.

Step-by-step instructions help to quickly e-file and transmit the form. Then within a matter of minutes, you will be notified about the status of the IRS approval. Avoid hefty IRS penalties by filing your IRS 2017 extension Form 8809 today!

E-File IRS Extension Form 8809

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