5 Summer Tips for Nonprofit Fundraising

The summer season is in full swing – the weather is already becoming warmer, schools are letting out for summer vacation, and it’s one of most opportune times of the year for you to sponsor your nonprofit or charity cause and draw in contributions.
Shake things up this Summer by breaking away from conventional means of asking for donations – take advantage of these gorgeous days and interact with the community. Here are five quick ways you can make the best use of this season to bring in donations towards your exempt organization.

Set Up Outdoors
Lately, the weather has been way too nice just to be confined indoors, and most people aim to spend summertime leisurely outside. It’ll be perfect to set up a fundraising campaign with outdoor activities. You can hand out cups of lemonade or scoops of ice-cream for donations – even something as simple as giving out ice-cold water bottles on a hot, busy day at the park can generate funds for your cause.

Have a Specific Request
Whether you’re asking for contributions, volunteers, or whatever, make sure that your “call-to-action” is as clear as sunny, blue skies. The key is to be transparent with the people you are getting involved – let them know the use of their donation, what your organization’s goals are, and how they can volunteer their time if they choose.

Collaborate with Your Community
To help the people, you have to be out with the people. When you think summertime, you naturally think of summer gatherings like barbecues, pool parties, or even sporting events. Why not put together a summer event with all proceeds going directly to your nonprofit’s mission? Or if there are other city-sponsored festivities in the area, inquire how your organization can get involved, and inform attendees how they can donate towards a great cause.

Let the Creativity Flow
The limits are within your imagination – even activities considered as a summer chore can flip into a fundraising opportunity. Get a small team together to wash cars or offer to mow lawns for donations. If you have the proper resources, organize an afternoon program throughout the week for children; the parents can contribute for each hour their child is there. If you can think it, try it – some ideas my work surprisingly well than others.

Remember to Have Fun
Even though you’re working to bring in revenue to your organization, the overall goal is to get outside and have fun with the community. You would be amazed at how much just one fun activity can accomplish – even a water balloon fight can serve as a fundraiser.

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