E-file Form 8809 with ExpressExtension

Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow – because the IRS tax deadline is tomorrow! And if your business has yet to e-file its 1099s or W2s with the IRS, you have until midnight local time to successfully e-file on time. But if you need more time to file, you should go ahead and e-file a tax extension for IRS information forms RIGHT NOW!
ExpressExtension is your perfect online solution for e-filing tax extension forms directly to the IRS. And it’s so simple – you can literally be done in minutes, and have your approval and extended time. We’re the best in the e-filing industry, and here’s how we make e-filing tax forms easy for you.

We are officially authorized and recognized by the IRS as a trusted e-file provider. We work close with the IRS in order to offer you a safe, secure, and accurate e-filing experience that will save you time and money.

Professional, US-based Support
You never have to tackle e-filing with the IRS alone – our technical and support teams know the e-filing process better than anyone in the industry. And best of all, there are no extension numbers or phone menus to stress over – simply call us, and speak with a live person.

Peace of Mind
In this digital era, we understand how imperative it is to keep your information safe and secure online. With ExpressExtension, our site is encrypted, Comodo HackerSafe certified, and protected by SSL/TLS AES 256 bit Encryption. The only entity that receives your information is the IRS, and no one else.

Tax Pro Assistance

We support tax professionals, the competition doesn’t – simple as that. ExpressExtension can be used for multiple clients – all under one account! And you can also take advantage of our discounts for tax professionals.

Expert Knowledge
ExpressExtension is e-filing made simple, and that’s because we guide you through the e-filing process step by step with contextual help bubbles and support text. We also offer helpful, yet entertaining, guide videos if you need further assistance – or give our live support team a call.

Yeah, you probably can find e-filing services all throughout the Internet. But you’ll be hard pressed to find a better combination of tax savvy professionalism and value-based pricing elsewhere. With this level of quality and price, ExpressExtension is always the answer!

After you’ve got your extended time to file, visit our affiliate site, ExpressIRSForms, to e-file your 1099s and W2s as easily as you just filed your extension. Remember, Form 8809 can only grant you 30 extra days – you must file your information forms with the IRS before the extended deadline to avoid penalties.

Our live, US-based support team is ready to assist when needed. Contact us at (803) 514-5155, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m to 6 p.m. EST. You can also utilize our 24/7 email assistance at [email protected].

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