E-file Tax Forms (2016)

There are some methods that are difficult to break from, and old habits that die hard, or never leave at all. But if you’re still paper filing your tax returns, for whatever reason, it may be time to catch up with the current trends.

As with trying anything for the first time, we understand that there is some reluctance, and even some concerns. But we’re here to help you get off the fence about e-filing in 2016 with these reasons.

Quick & Accurate
E-filing allows you to quickly and easily enter your filing information from screen to screen instead of having to flip back and forth through paper forms. And with ExpressExtension, our service automatically checks your tax form for any possible errors so that you transmit the most accurate information the first time around.

Safe & Secure
The IRS e-filing system follows strict security protocols and guidelines that must be met every year. To date, 1.5 billion e-filed tax returns have been processed electronically with the Internal Revenue Service, and the IRS continues to work with the state and tax industry to keep your precious information protected.

With ExpressExtension, our site is encrypted, McAfee secure certified and protected by 1286H SSL (Secure Sockets Layer); your information goes directly to the IRS/SSA and no one else.

Within the parameters of tax deadlines, e-filing allows you to complete forms at your own pace, and electronically transmit at your own time. For even more convenience and simplicity, ExpressExtension also supports mobile apps for iOS/Android devices – download for FREE to e-file forms 7004, 4868, & 8868 on-the-go, or visit our mobile site.

Faster Response Time
Typically, e-filing can get your forms approved faster and refunds sent sooner; the IRS recommends you add your bank account details and select direct deposit for a fast approval and refund. Your tax extensions can be completed and accepted by the IRS in minutes with ExpressExtension. If your form was rejected, you can quickly make corrections to your form and send it again at no extra charge.

Payment Options
If you owe taxes, you can easily pay them at the same time you e-file your tax form. The IRS supports a number of payment options including their Direct Pay service, Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS), and debit/credit card accounts. ExpressExtension also supports electronic fund withdrawals (EFWs), in which payment is accepted online using your checking or savings account information.

For more information about paying taxes while e-filing, give these helpful blogs a look.

And for any questions or assistance needed with e-filing our available tax extensions, our live team of e-filing professionals are more than happy to help you transmit your form quickly and easily. Call us at (803) 514-5155, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. You can also send us an email 24/7 at [email protected].

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