ExpressExtension Tax Challenge: Will You Be Victorious?

Obtaining tax knowledge is like an epic quest with difficult challenges and the adventure never ends. You have survived the past tax season and now it is time to prepare before the next one begins. To sharpen your tax skills, ExpressExtension challenges you to solve each riddle with the name of the correct tax extension. Will you be victorious and claim Tax Extension Glory, or will you be defeated?

First Riddle:
In my name the numbers are all even. The first number in my name is also the month I am due. I can be filed to extend the deadline for the 1040 series. The third number in my name is how many months you will receive an automatic extension for by filing me. You do not have to explain why you are filing me, but you are required to properly estimate your tax liability. What extension form am I?

Second Riddle:
You can divide my form number by 6 to get 1478. I have two parts and one is non-automatic. When filing Part I, the amount of months received for your extension is the 2nd prime number. My due date depends on your tax period. I am for Nonprofits, but I can not extend the 990-N. What extension form am I?

Third Riddle:
If you subtract the first and last number in my name, you get the month of my due date. C and S-corporations can file me to extend their tax deadline. Business is in my name and extending your deadline is my game. What extension form am I?

Have you claimed Tax Extension Glory? Check your answers:
First Riddle
Second Riddle
Third Riddle

Stay alert this summer, you never know where the quest to know IRS Tax Forms will take you next.

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