Filing Joint 4868 Tax Extensions

Extension Form 4868 is a tax extension that extends the IRS deadline for personal income tax returns. The 4868 form is typically due before April 15 and increases your time to file by six months to October 15.
The IRS doesn’t require any explanation why you’re requesting an extension; however, you do need to accurately estimate any tax liabilities you may owe for the filing year, if applicable. Individual or joint taxpayers can submit IRS Form 4868.

Extension for Joint Filers
To file a joint tax extension, you’ll only need one 4868 form. You’ll also need basic information such as full name, address, and social security number – not just for yourself, but for your spouse as well. If you want to confirm personal tax details for you or your partner, you can contact the IRS at 800.829.1040.

Joint Tax Liabilities
If you and your spouse filed separate 4868 forms but decided to file your income tax return jointly, you can report the total amount of estimated taxes paid from both extensions on the correct line of your joint return.

Conversely, if you all file an extension jointly, but ended up filing separate income tax returns, you can report the total amount of taxes paid on one of your tax returns – or you and your spouse can divide the value on both.

E-file Form 4868 with ExpressExtension
Our cloud-based system and step-by-step instructions quickly guide you through the simple e-filing process – we even double-check to ensure your information is correct. After completing Form 4868, you can transmit it through our IRS-authorized, secure network.

We’ll keep you updated about your filing status with real-time email notifications, but approvals typically happen within minutes. If the IRS rejects your request because of errors, we’ll identify them so you can make changes and re-transmit at no extra charge.

Mobile E-filing
File a joint extension from anywhere at any time with our FREE downloadable Express 4868 app for your favorite iOS or Android tablet and smartphone devices. Utilize the same streamlined features to conveniently e-file directly to the IRS, and get approval, without a desktop computer.

For any questions or assistance about e-filing a joint personal tax extension, call our U.S. – based customer support team at 803.514.5155, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. You can also email us 24/7 with [email protected].

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