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One of the most common methods of bringing in new business is to make your service or product more accessible to a wide variety of people. With the inclusion of social media, it’s never been easier to reach and attract more audiences – you just need to know the proper way to utilize your social media presence.

For starters, simply having a social media page won’t bring in a flood of likes, followers, or comments – even if you post on a regular basis. There is a level of personal investment that is required to receive the most from your business’ social media page, and it starts with engaging with the people you’re trying to attract. With these tips, you can increase your social media audiences.

Tip #1 – Use your current clients or customers
What’s better than a satisfied client or customer talking about the pleasant experience they had with your business? There’s nothing wrong with requesting “likes” or feedback on social media from people you’ve already serviced. No need to be nervous – you can ask through signs, a call-to-action on an invoice, or even email.

Tip #2 – Don’t flood with posts

You do want to post on a daily basis, but you should be mindful about how much you post in one day. Social media is exactly how it sounds – “social,” meaning its primary use is for people to interact with others instead of constantly being sold something. Surveys have shown that businesses posting only twice a day had 40% more user engagement than those posting three or more times. However, it’s more about what works for your particular situation – more posts may be necessary depending on the size of your business. But keep in mind the quality of your posts is more important the quantity.

Tip #3 – Ask questions
There’s no better way to start a conversation than to ask a question – even on social media. And the questions don’t necessarily have to be about the service or product your business provides. You can always mention what your business can offer based on the responses you receive. But have fun and be creative with your questions – have followers post a picture or share a story.

Tip #4 – Post shared content
With today’s social media sites, it’s easy to find out what is currently trending at the moment, and you can use that momentum to your advantage. You could post popular and funny memes, or interesting news articles or videos that are creating a buzz. It’s really all up to you on what you repost or share – just be sure it isn’t something that offends or alienates your audiences,

Tip #5 – Post at the right times
No point in posting anything if no one is available to see it, right? That is absolutely correct. There are certain times throughout the day when the majority of people check their social media; an Internet marketing company can help you pinpoint these “peak” times within your audience.

You might be thinking, “It’s social media, they’ll see it eventually if they keep scrolling.” While that may be right, you don’t know how many other stories may catch their attention before they ever get to your post. Posting at an optimum time will greatly increase the chances of having your post seen.

Remember that each situation is different, so get a feel for what works for you and what doesn’t. If you’re only posting announcements and news about your business, you may need to re-evaluate how you use social media. It’s meant to be social, and the goal is to start and engage in conversation.

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