IRS Form 8868: Exempt Organizations Tax Extension

Are you an exempt organization needing more time to file your IRS income taxes? The deadline is May 15th, but if you know that isn’t enough time, you can e-file a tax extension with To be exact, you will e-file IRS Form 8868 – Exempt Organizations Tax Extension.

Exempt organization extensions have 2 parts. allows you to file either one. You can even e-file Part II through us, even if you didn’t file Part I with us.

Part I: Automatic 3-Month Extension of Time

Filing Part I will automatically extend the filing deadline for 3 months (or 6 months for From: 990-T)

Part II: Additional (Non-Automatic) Extension of Time
You would only e-file Part II if you have already been granted an automatic 3-month extension on a previously filed Form 8868.

Who can file Form 8868?

  • Charitable Organizations
  • Churches & Religious Organizations
  • Private Foundations
  • Other Non-Profits
What you will need to e-file Form 8868?
Before filing your extension, make sure to have your business/organization name, address, Employer Identification Number/(FEIN), estimated amount of tax owed to the IRS (if applicable), and the type of tax form that you normally file your income tax returns on (*ex. 990, 990 E-Z, 990-T, etc.) It is important that this information matches what the IRS has on record for you. If you are unsure of any of this information we recommend contacting the IRS Exempt organizations hotline at 1.877.829.5500.

Once you have everything you need and have created an account with ExpressExtension, all you have to do is follow the steps to e-file your extension with the IRS. If you need more information on tax-exempt returns, visit our sister product * where you can quickly e-file the 990-N at no cost for the current tax year.

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