Rack Up on Savings During This Year’s Tax Free Weekend

Several states have their annual Tax Free Weekend holiday coming up soon. It’s during this time of year that many parents and guardians rack up on an abundance of school supplies to last their kids for the school year, or even other household items that you or your family can utilize.

We’ve gathered some tips for shoppers across the country that may find themselves searching for great deals and savings this weekend or a soon to come tax free weekend.

Tax Free Weekend Shopping Tips

  1. Do Your Research – Find out what items are tax free in your state so you won’t be disappointed at the register during checkout. 
  2. Get organized before shopping – Take an inventory of what you already have and what you would need to get. The ultimate goal is to save money; so making unnecessary purchases defeats the overall purpose. 
  3. Make sure your tax free savings outweigh savings from other types of coupons
  4. Think about items that you would normally purchase in the near future and buy them during tax free weekend to save extra money. For example, holiday items and costumes can be bought now instead of during that season when prices are slightly elevated due to the demand for the product.
  5. Look over your receipt(s) in detail to ensure that you are receiving the proper tax savings and that you did not pay sales tax on exempt items. 
  6. Take advantage of any memberships that you have with stores like Sams Club, Office Depot, Staples, etc. 
  7. Know your prices. Don’t just buy something because it is tax-free. Some places will raise prices during tax-free weekend to make extra money. Be sure the deal that you’re getting is really a deal. 
  8. Save your receipts just in case you need to return something or to see how much money you saved throughout the weekend. 
  9. Shop at both local and major stores. A lot of shoppers will be crowding major stores, outlet malls, and traditional malls, however, some of the best deals can be found at smaller, local shops. 
  10. The last tip is so important we had reiterate it again. Make a list and stick to the list. Impulse buying causes most shopper to bust their budget and throw away all of the savings they expected to get.
We hope that these shopping tips will help you save even more bucks while shopping. Feel free to share this blog with your friends and spread the “summer savings joy!” Also, be sure to keep your receipts as some purchases that you make can be deducted when filing your taxes. As always, ExpressExtension is here to assist you with any tax extensions that you may need. Whether it is personal, business or for an organization, we provide you with extra time to file your taxes correctly to stay in good standing with the IRS. Be sure to visit our website at www.expressextension.com to find out more about how great of a resource we can be to you!

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