Tax Humor: Reasons To File A Tax Extension

Are you ready to laugh yourself right out of your office chair? ExpressExtension would love for you to join a game of naming the best reasons for a tax extension.

Let me be the first to welcome you to “What’s Your Reason?” where everything is a possibility and the points clearly don’t matter. A reason is never required to file an extension, but there are some interesting circumstances that come up in life that demand an extended deadline to file your taxes.

What is a good reason to file a tax extension? 

 – You bought or sold a house within the last year and the “tax box” has mysteriously relocated to the very back of the attic/storage space.

 – You believe your house is haunted because your tax documents are never where you left them, and Ghost Buster’s haven’t shown up yet.

 – Two-thirds of the U.S taxpayers file by the deadline, and you like to be different

 – Unemployment is harshing your mellow and your filing situation is in a suspended state of uncertainty

 – You are still getting over your ex breaking up with you on Valentine’s Day and filing your taxes would remind you of that one time…

 – Your amazingly gifted child decided to paint you a beautiful picture…on your tax documents

 – Your accountant relocated and didn’t leave you a reference

 – First it was the holidays, next the Superbowl, then – BAM – time to start spring cleaning, and that must be done before taxes.

 – Your secret joy in life is to watch everyone else stress out while you relax during the April deadline

 – You started doing your taxes the day before the deadline and realize why accountants are so important

 – You accountants rates go down after the deadline

 – It’s your first time filing, so your going to hang back and see what it’s all about

 – You forgot to inform your employer your address has changed when you moved out of your parents house

 – There is a Professional Bowling Tournament on, and Mike Fagan needs your support

 – You caught the flu and grown-up responsibilities are on hold until someone can bring you a bowl of chicken & stars soup

 – You booked a dream vacation to some tropical paradise and taxes don’t exist until you get back

 – You are the Procrastination World Champion and it’s your duty to defend your title

 – Because your accountant said to

 – An audit put you on the path of revenge and your evil plot is to file 6 months later…muahahaha

 – You just got married and your new spouse believes they are an honorary accountant

 – Long story short, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

 – Your team lost the final game of March Madness and it’s just too soon

There is an infinite list of reasons to file a tax extension, thank goodness a reason statement is not required by the IRS. Check out all the different extensions provided by ExpressExtension and spread the word that you don’t have to be chained to a deadline.

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