What To Do When You Receive a Notice From the IRS

IRS Letter.jpgMillions of letters and notices from the IRS are mailed to taxpayers every year. While the initial reaction to opening your mailbox and seeing a letter from the IRS may be that of a shocking or nervous state, all letters from the IRS are not detrimental with many being able to resolve easily.

Here’s what you should do if you just so happen to receive that unexpected envelope in the mail:

The Next Steps 

  • BREATHE. Don’t panic when you see the letter; simply follow the instructions that are listed.

  • Read the letter thoroughly and determine why the IRS has contacted you. The notice that you receive usually will cover a specific issue about your tax return or account. Topics such as tax payments or notifying you of a change to your account can also be covered as well.  

  • Notices regarding a correction to your tax return should be reviewed carefully and most likely will need to be compared to the information that was entered on your tax return.
    • A reply to an IRS notice is usually not necessary if you agree with the correction. However, if payment is due, you need to respond.

    • If you are not in agreeance to a correction that the IRS has made, it is very important that you respond as soon as possible in writing. In your response, be sure to include any documentation and information that you would like for the IRS to take into consideration.
  • Correspond with the IRS properly
    • If you decide to respond to the IRS in writing there are a few things you should do while corresponding:
      • Attach the bottom tear-off portion of the IRS notice to your response
      • Mail the information to the IRS address provided in the lower left corner of the notice.
      • Allow at least one month (30 days) for the IRS to respond.
  • Be prepared and organized if you decide to call the IRS
    • The number to contact the IRS will be listed in the upper right corner of the notice that you received. To receive a direct answer to your question(s), review both the IRS notice and your tax return carefully prior to calling.
  • Keep copies of any and all correspondence that will coincide with your tax records.

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