E-File IRS Tax Extension Forms

Filing tax returns is unavoidable, however it is possible to delay when you file.  Express Extension offers a quick and easy way for taxpayers, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to E-File a tax extension with the IRS in just a few minutes.  Using Express Extension is much easier than the traditional paper filing process and it is also much quicker.
There are several popular myths about filing a tax extension that need to be addressed:

  • Myth: A Tax Extension will delay the time you have to pay taxes.
  • Fact: Taxes Must Be Paid on Time!  A Tax Extension extends the amount of time to file a tax return. This means that you have more time to prepare all of your tax-related documents and get the most out of your credits and refunds.
  • Myth: The IRS will impose penalties for filing a tax extension.
  • Fact: The IRS will not penalize you as long as your application for extension is not late and your taxes are paid on time.
  • Myth: The IRS requires a reason to file a tax extension.
  • Fact: Form 4868 and 7004 contains no questions inquiring why a tax extension is necessary. The form is very straightforward and easy to figure out.

Like our other tax products, Express Extension is written in plain English.  There is no confusing tax jargon, just a few straightforward questions.  The program is very self-explanatory and is easy to navigate through.

On top of all that, Express Extension also offers top notch customer support from our US Based Customer Support center in Rock Hill, SC.  For any questions you can email [email protected] or call us at 704.234.6000.

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